Blockchain Technology and AI in Healthcare
November 8, 2017 Vol. I No. 7
Blockchain Technology and AI in Healthcare

Blockchain technology is a game-changer with the potential to impact not one or two industries, but the complete landscape of how business is done. When 200 healthcare executives were surveyed by IBM, 16 percent expect to have a commercial blockchain solution at scale sometime this year.

And artificial intelligence (AI) and robots that support, diagnose and treat people are already in homes, workplaces and clinical environments all over the world, according to PWC.

Still in their infancy, early adopters of these technologies are starting to report promising results.
  1. Blockchain in Healthcare: Patient Benefits and More
  2. Five Trends Converge To Determine How Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Define Health
  3. Kaiser Permanente Research Confirms ColonFlag's Effectiveness in Identifying High Risk CRC Patients
  4. Trends Shaping the Healthcare Industry in 2018
  5. AllazoHealth and Large Regional Payer Validate Use of Artificial Intelligence in Improving Medication Adherence with Randomized Controlled Study
  6. Humana Launches Innovation Challenge to Make Digital Health Records More Useful
  7. MintHealth Launches a Self-Sovereign Personal Health Record Using Blockchain Technology
  8. Health Analytics in Accountable Care: Leveraging Data to Transform ACO Performance and Results
  9. Illinois Opens Blockchain Development Partnership with Hashed Health To Improve Medical Credentialing Efficiency and Accuracy
  10. Distance Health, Centralized Patient Monitoring Among 2018 Healthcare Innovations
  11. Is Technology the Answer to Patient Engagement? The Intermountain Healthcare Experience
  12. 5 Tenets for Successful Robotic Process Automation Deployment
  13. Infographic: The Future of Blockchain Technology in Healthcare
  14. Digital Health: Benchmarks and Metrics
  15. Infographic: How Is Artificial Intelligence Disrupting Healthcare?
  16. EHRs, Artificial Intelligence and Empathy

2018 Healthcare Trends

Uncertainty regarding the future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), combined with industry market forces, caused a lot of disruption in the healthcare industry in 2017. What was your healthcare organization's 2017 experience?

Please tell us about the last 12 months and how your organization is preparing for 2018 by completing HIN's 13th annual survey on Healthcare Trends: 

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