Blockchain Technology and Artificial Intelligence in Real Estate
The Future is coming to Real Estate.
Implementing Blockchain Into Real Estate

As part of the  Legal League 100  webinar series, Michelle Garcia Gilbert, President, and CEO, of the  Gilbert Garcia Group  and Katie Jo Keeling, Managing Partner at  McCarthy & Holthus  addressed how this technology may be adapted to serve the real estate industry.

This Company Can Turn Your Backyard Into A Beach

It gives "staycation" a whole new meaning!
Who hasn’t dreamed of having a beachfront property? If the allure of living just steps from a beach paradise is something that appeals to you, but you can’t quite swing the price tag that comes along with it (or you happen to live in a completely land-locked area), you might still have an option.

Artificial Intelligence in Real Estate: “Maybe one day they’ll need-homes too.”

In 2018, it seems the most promising, and yet most horrifying frontier is artificial intelligence, or (AI). The potentials for computing ability, in short increments of time, are almost unfathomable, while the ethical implications in creating an entity with such a supreme nature are grounds for insomnia. Regardless, even if its potentiality keeps you up at night, artificial intelligence is being incorporated into almost every sector of the market, including real estate; it's the biggest thing since sliced bread. 

There’s nothing I hate more than people doing the wrong thing “just because” they’ve always done it. In this case, blasting movies, games, or music on their smartphones to eat up all the battery until the device shuts off, because that’s the only “safe” way to charge it.


We are happy to announce that we were able to donate over $600 worth of school supplies to the foster children of  HillsboroughCounty  through  Directions for Living .