This issue has two stories both related to Blockchains and Reno. The first is about Blockchain for marriage licenses in Washoe County, Nevada.
First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a certificate in a blockchain carriage. Well, a digital block to be more exact. At least that's how the classic song has played out in Washoe for the better part of 2018 as the Nevada county started using blockchain technology - a digital ledger for securing information - to create digital versions of its marriage licenses for hundreds of couples.

Most people think of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum when they hear about the Blockchain. But in case you haven't noticed, Blockchain technology has moved far beyond cryptocurrencies over the past few years. Along with Artificial Intelligence, the Blockchain has now established itself as the next big thing in the realm of technology. From helping create a decentralized internet to simplifying cross-border payments, blockchain technology is setting up the platform for a whole new series of innovations across sectors. One of the the more interesting and unforeseen of these innovations are smart contracts for marriage.  

It officially came out of its pilot phase sometime in June, according to Washoe County, allowing anyone who ties the knot in the area to view and send a secure digital version of their marriage license via their home computer or even their smartphone. After serving about 950 customers by early December, the success of the digital marriage license program is causing the county to look at other ways that it could use blockchain technology with other records. Driver's licenses next?

Washoe County Nevada (home of Reno + Sparks) is not alone.
Elko County Nevada recently started a trial phase for using blockchain technology to create certified digital copies of birth certificates. Most of the positive feedback about the digital marriage licenses come from how fast they can be ready. Instead of having to wait seven to 10 business days, the digital marriage license can be e-mailed to a customer in less than 24 hours.

Part Two - Blockchains LLC gets-approval to operate as a telecom provider near Reno. Blockchains, LLC, has been given the go-ahead to move forward with building a proposed 102-mile fiber optic ring that spans Innovation Park, Reno and Carson City.

Upon completion of the fiber ring construction, Blockchains Communications will have the ability to offer fully managed lit services at the 1G, 10G and possibly 40G level, transforming the entire data communications landscape for the companies that operate at TRIC (Tahoe Reno Industrial Center)." The Public Utilities Commission of Nevada has approved the company's application to become a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC). Blockchains will have the ability to provide high-speed internet connectivity to homeowners, schools and businesses in Storey County.

Innovation Park (High-tech city proposed for Storey County) aims to be a Smart City Utopia in Nevada. They spent $170 million in cash last year on 68,000 acres of land near Reno.
This step for the proposed multi-million-dollar infrastructure plan is a step to laying the foundation for all Blockchains, LLC's digital transactions. "Blockchains' plans for Innovation Park require top speed, net neutrality and a commitment to privacy," says President David Berns.
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