Enabling secure and PCI-compliant payments via webchat

There's been a big rise in consumers using online chat to interact with organisations recently. As many as  41% of consumers  now expect live chat to be offered on an organisation's website. 
But once you've decided to roll out an online chat platform on your website you then need to decide how you're going to use it. One of the most critical decisions you'll make is whether to enable orders and payments via online chat. 
In this blog post Syntec's Sales Support Executive, Georgia Woods, explains why it's important to enable payment across all online channels and how Syntec's CardEasy Digital solution can help. 


De-scoping contact centres and remote workers in the era of COVID-19

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A guide to PCI DSS in contact centres

This newly updated 3rd edition of our eBook is a collection of blogs from Syntec's website which provides a comprehensive guide to all aspects of PCI DSS management in contact centres. 

From implementing a PCI project and first thinking about PCI compliance, all the way through to the specifics of what compliance involves for different aspects of your contact centre operation, this ebook provides you with everything you need. 

This newly updated 3rd edition includes advice on security in multichannel contact centres, maintaining PCI DSS compliance when working remotely and effectively maintaining security and compliance in an omni-channel environment. 

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