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Blogs Work!  

We are very proud of the Next-Mark blog!  Not only does it highlight our leadership team's insight and experience, it also provides an important point of contact for our colleagues, clients and friends.  We invite you to take a few minutes to read each of our favorite blogs highlighted in this issue.  


It's been an exciting year for Next-Mark including new growth and opportunities to share our expertise. One high point was winning a Florida Public Relations Association award for our client campaign, "Destination: Best" developed for Nuance Communications.     


If you are considering launching a blog, we can assist! Call me directly at 941.544.2765 or email me at josephgrano@next-mark.com.   

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Next-Mark Wins Image Award for Nuance 'Destination: Best' Campaign


The Next-Mark team was recently awarded an Image Award of Distinction for Promotional Marketing by the Florida Public Relations Association of Florida for its work on Nuance Healthcare's ˜Destination:Best" campaign.  



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Our LookBook showcases just a few of our recent client success stories and highlights the diversity of our client base and the services we offer. Request your copy today.  


We Love to Blog!
We frequently tell our clients that blogging is good for business. Featuring a blog on your organization's web site helps with search engine optimization, showcases your staff's talent and expertise, and keeps the content on your web site fresh and interesting. In the spirit of practicing what we preach, in this edition of our newsletter, we're highlighting our favorite posts from the Next-Mark blog. Whether you're thinking of creating a new blog or need someone to help maintain your existing one, Next-Mark can help.

What can business leaders learn from great sports teams? 
My favorite blog is one I wrote about Butler University's basketball team and how their phenomenal success can be attributed to their reliance on teamwork, or what they call "The Butler Way."

It strikes me that what works on the court will work in business as well. (Disclaimer: Small bias here, my son just finished his freshman year as a business major at Butler.) Read more...


Group(on) Hug

From the perspective of personal enjoyment, my favorite blog was an entry called "Group(on) Hug," about an etailer and its writers' clever use of language. Not only did I get to pass on some of the many humorous product descriptions, but I also had the opportunity to make a point about real people writing for real people. In the time since that blog was published, Groupon struggled with its business model, and some things had to change, including its leadership.    




My favorite blog was the very first one I wrote for Next-Mark. It focused on the pros and cons of intellectual property rights protections then being planned in the U.S. Congress. Competing federal bills were being drafted in 2012- one in the House and one in the Senate - and they inspired a firestorm of online antipathy from Internet search engines and bloggers defending their access to "free" downloads, principally of music. 

Read more...   




Buyer Personas Help Brands Create Content that Matters 

My favorite blog is one I wrote on Buyer Personas. User Interface Designers and Information Architects have long been using personas as a way to build web sites that easily drive users to content and products. Now, marketers are using buyer personas - detailed descriptions of who buys your product or service - to find out more about their customers

Defining Your Business:
The Three Elements of
Brand Design
My favorite blog breaks down the components of successful brands and argues that a simple, well-thought-out message is essential in order for your customers to understand your company. While, day-to-day, I focus on the visual aspects of brands, I'm interested in how the visual aspects contribute to the brand as a whole and our client's business success.