This month's edition of Foster Care Footnotes  is one that we encourage you to share with your Foster Parent Champions or others who help support your recruitment and retention efforts.

Foster Parents are always on the lookout for new information, as well as a sense of community found by connecting with other people’s stories. In today’s busy world, much of this connection happens through social media and other technology, like blogs and podcasts.

There are many podcasts that cover personal stories of foster and adoptive parents, those who are now adults but who spent time in the foster care system, or those who were adopted. Each blog or podcast is written or recorded to share the personal experiences and beliefs of the individual author or narrator. Below are a list of some podcasts and blogs that share interesting stories and experiences. Some are more faith-based, some include LGBT families, and there are some that are based around being a transracial home.

  • The Forgotten Podcast: “Whether you are a part of the foster care community, passionate about serving, or simply interested in learning more, we are here for you!” This podcast contains many stories of folks who are fostering all ages of youth, through challenging situations, trying types of therapies, and doing their best to maintain relationships with birth parents.

  • Foster Adoption Podcast: “What is it like to go through the foster-to-adopt process? The Foster Adoption Podcast is a resource for people who are interested in growing their family by adopting children from foster care.” On this podcast, you'll hear very honest conversations and stories from Adam and Matt on how they have navigated their journey through foster care and adoption. 

  • Foster Movement Podcast: The Foster Movement Podcast, featuring former foster youth and national leaders in foster care advocacy, provides powerful insights and practical tools to help you work with others to provide More Than Enough for kids and families in foster care where you live.” A podcast that interviews and shares stories from former foster youth and their experiences in foster care.

The list of options is extensive and these are just a small sample. There are far too many podcasts and blogs to be listed here, but they are easily found by a simple Google search. If you'd like some guidance in finding a podcast or blog, please reach out to the Resource Team at the Coalition --we'd be happy to help!