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Dear Jung Society of Utah guest,
We are planning an event on May 5th with Aaron Kipnis on Psychopathology, and make sure to mark your calendars for our exciting Season Finale with the African shaman Malidoma Some in June. Here is a short YouTube clip of Malidoma Some.

African Spirituality

Lecture: June 24th, 2016
7:00 - 9:00 pm
Publik Coffee shop 

Workshop: June 25th/26th, 2016
Location (same as two years ago)--stay tuned for details!

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The Jung Society of Utah Team 

Meet a Jung Society of Utah member
Healer, visionary, evolutionary priestess and prolific creator,  Sylvia Nibley  has channeled her passion for awakening into helping thousands of people transform their lives and tap into their own wisdom.

With a background in practicing and teaching bodywork, spiritual awakening, spontaneous movement, and heart-centered business skills, her depth of expertise has developed over 25 years of passionate commitment and service.

Sylvia is a big fan of the Jung Society and our mission, and she happily volunteers her time even though she runs three businesses and serves thousands of people.

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There's still time to join the Jung Society of Utah's Think Tank, which provides a forum for thoughtful individuals to collaborate on and enhance ideas. The next gathering is on Tuesday, April 5th.

The Jung Society Think Tank is a small group - think a book club without the book - that meets monthly and discusses a topic of current events or ancient fundamental thought, that works to understand new science, or assists an advocate in finding her individual voice that unites a community. Each of the members are like you, working hard on something they care deeply about BOTH during working hours and in their after hours, even if they are very different topics.

There is no charge (a small donation for snacks and beverages is appreciated). We are excited to investigate different types of forums, listen to different speakers from different disciplines, and enjoy a community of thought. Each Think Tank includes a small supper and drinks to ensure intellectual fuel, fun, and friendliness throughout the night.

For more details from Jung Society Think Tank founder, Justin Harnish, feel free to call him at 208-761-6316 or email him at
Read an  interview with Justin Harnish for more information about this new initiative and to find out how you can join. 

Dream Work Group
Dream Group

A spot has become available in the Dream Group hosted by Machiel Klerk. There are still 7 weeks to go, if you want to join every Wednesday morning between 8-10am. Cost is $299 for 7 classes and a free one-on-one dream work hour.

Interested? Then contact Machiel Klerk either via email: or phone: 801-656-8806

From the Jung Society of Utah blog

Love and Individuation 
"Nothing is possible without love...for love puts one in a mood to risk everything."

(C.G. Jung)

Carl Jung used the term  individuation to describe the "process of  integrating the conscious with the unconscious for the purpose of realizing or fulfilling one's talents and potentialities." Individuation usually  begins with a crisis, often death or some other loss. "The shattering, emotional power of such crises breaks down our ego identification, causing us to question our sense of self and our life's meaning."

Read this blog on LOVE HERE.

Psychology of the Psychopath 
Psychopathy is one of the most chilling and morally perplexing mental disorders we face. Much has been researched, but we are left with very little recourse that is of any help. Psychopaths are individuals who have no conscience and no remorse. They are intelligent and know how to work any system to their advantage. Therefore, there is little we can do to support those with the disorder in overcoming their disturbing, destructive, oftentimes violent tendencies. However, if we take a closer look, there is much that we can learn from the mental disorder of the psychopath.

Read more  HERE.

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Love Unleashed
Volunteer Positions
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A Journey Into the Magic of  You

Workshops and classes can create breakthroughs, but often the deepest change comes from inspired play--that arises in the moment. Love Unleashed is simply about fully experiencing your direct connection to love and expanding that connection into every aspect of your life. A deep dive into the presence of the divine feminine, each Love Unleashed event is unique to the moment, to you and to the group that gathers.
Come explore spontaneous experiences that may include:
  • breathwork
  • ecstatic dance
  • meditation
  • sacred sound
  • insightful inquiry
...and a few divine surprises, because some things can't be predicted or described.
They must be experienced in the moment.

Sometimes love is so big, it can't be contained. Want to play?
Every event is different. No preparation necessary. Come as you are.
Offered every 3 weeks by Sylvia Nibley: mystic, wild woman and healer/facilitator of 25 years.
The next one is Sunday, April 3rd from 10:00am-3:00pm.

We're all in this together, and volunteering is a great way to meet and get to know others in your community. 
  • Website Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Event Manager
  • Membership Mechanics Manager
  • Meetup Manager
Contact Machiel Klerk for these five positions:

Other positions:
  • Blog Team Members
Contact Amanda Butler at

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