Upcoming Classes In March, 2019
Blood Loss Control Class
Friday March 8th, 2019
Time 5:30
Learn how to effectively respond to gunshot wounds, knife wounds, motor vehicle crashes, hunting accidents and all other life threatening bleeding emergencies. Our blood Loss Control Class is a necessity for all CCW permit holders, law enforcement, security, EMS, and civilians.
Class Topics
  • Principles of Trauma
  • Care Response
  • Emergency Planning/Preparation
  • Chest Seal Application
  • Legal Liabilities
  • Tourniquet Application
  • Olaes Bandage Application
  • Israel Bandage Application
  • Hemostatic Agent Application
  • Packing A Wound And Direct Pressure

For Questions Contact:
Travis Napier (559) 537-5000
Pulse Training

March 13, 2019

Class Fee $200.00

Time: 1PM-5PM
(559) 276-9800

CCW Modification
Have you purchased a new gun recently and want to add it to your your CCW permit? A CCW modification requires you to fire the new gun with a CCW instructor.

Times for instructor availability will vary, this is not a walk-in service. Call and make an appointment. (559) 276-9800

Fee: $20.00 or Free for Range Members.
A Message From
The Sheriff's Office/CCW Unit
Bob Moore from the Fresno County Sheriff's CCW Unit has a message for those who hold a CCW permit from their agency. His message is regarding their office move, where to pick up your permits, and where to go for the initial interview.

Read all the details by clicking the link below:

Attention Security Officers
Federal Qualification
-Course Of Fire Training-
With Ray Zarate
Interested in applying for a federal security position? Here is your chance to learn and practice the federal qualification course.

Class, Sunday, March 3rd 2019 @1pm
View More information on the class by clicking the link below.

FREE Amateur Radio Technician Class
Utah CCW Class
Saturday, March 9th
This permit is ideal for someone who travels often. A Utah CCW permit honors over 30 different states. To view the full list click below

Class Fee: $65.00
Ink Prints: $30.00
$95 total

Time: 9AM-1PM Register (559) 276-9800
Women's CCW & Basic Handgun
Safety Course
Upcoming Classes
Saturday, March 2nd 9AM-5PM (3 Spots Left)
Saturday, April 6th 9AM-5PM
Class Fee: $130.00

Our women's only CCW & Handgun Safety class is designed for beginners.

To find out more about this class and how to register click below.
Police Science Institute's
New Website Has Launched!
Our new website has some new features, you can now pay online for some of our classes, we have a blog site that features news and classes, and you can now contact us directly from our websites with any questions or concerns.
Jim Erwin
Jim Erwin is a veteran of the U.S. Special Operations Forces, including service in the 75th Ranger Regiment and then as a 1st SFOD-D (Delta) Operator.

Mr. Erwin was recently here at Police Science Institute and held a development training for our staff and instructors. We want to open the training to the public and bring him back for one day.
You can find our more about Jim Erwin's training and background on his website, https://www.krakenultimus.com/
Would you be interested in taking an "Intermediate Defensive Handgun" with Jim Erwin?