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Savor the Taste of Summer at Tomato Day!

In this world of uncertainty and woe, one thing remains unchanged: Fresh, canned, pureed, dried, salted, sliced, and served with sugar and cream, or pressed into juice, the tomato is reliable, friendly, and delicious. We would be nothing without it. 

-- Laurie Colwin

Jenna's Last Day in the POP Tent

Be sure to stop by and say goodbye to Jenna Galvin, this season's POP Coordinator. Jenna did a fabulous job keeping kids engaged all summer long and we will surely miss her creative energy and joyful spirit. We wish Jenna all the best as she heads back to New York City for her second year at Pace University.

This week kids can plant a pot of wildflower seeds. When the flowers bloom they'll be a sweet remembrance of Miss Jenna and all the fun they had this season!

Note: We are seeking a volunteer to coordinate the POP Tent throughout the Fall season. Must be 18 yearsor older. If interested, please email:
Heirloom Tomato Tasting
and Tomatoes Four Ways with Chef Ada. 10am - Noon
Sample a dozen varieties of heirloom tomatoes grown by our farmers, the Easton Community Gardens, and even the fine folks from Fieldstone Coffee Roasters. If you're a gardener and discover a variety that really tickles your taste buds you can save the seeds and plant them next season. So what really is an heirloom tomato? Bon Appetit explains...

Looking for some new recipes or cooking techniques for your tomatoes? Chef Ada will be on site answering questions and showcasing her oven-dried tomatoes, tomato hummus, garden tomato sauce, and easy taco-stuffed tomatoes. Recipes available.
Tomato Mini Golf
Only in Easton...

A long time ago... when the Easton Farmers' Market wasn't the bustling, bountiful gathering place that it is today we developed some rather... umm... 'unique' activities to garner attention and lure folks to the Circle. Many of those activities not only caught on, but became weird, wacky, and cherished traditions at EFM. Tomato Mini Golf is one of them.

So grab a putter (we have adult and kid size clubs) and come take a swing at a roly poly red tomato. They're surprisingly good substitutes for golf balls!

Tomatoes compliments of Scholl Orchards. Thanks Ben!

Bloody Mary Bar & Demo
with Social Still
Start your Saturday morning market stroll will an heirloom tomato Bloody Mary from Social Still featuring their jalapeno-infused vodka. And at 10:30 am, check out their Bloody Mary Demo. Let the expert mixologists at Social Still show you how to create the freshest, most delicious Bloody Mary ever, with fresh heirlooms and just-picked herbs, fresh horseradish and more.

Social Still will donate 10% of all Bloody Mary sales to the Easton Compost Program
Roasted Tomato Soup with Broiled Cheddar
From the Smitten Kitchen
"’s only fair and honest that I tell you that I’ve spent a significant portion of the last year considering ways to merge grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup in a single vessel.

-Deb Perelman, The Smitten Kitchen

This luscious recipe calls for plum tomatoes which you'll find at Scholl Orchards and Salvaterra's Gardens. And you can grab the sourdough bread from Apple Ridge Farm or Flour Shop Bakery.
Phillips Farm offers garlic.

Scalloped Tomatoes with Croutons
And because we could resist another cheesey, bready, tomato masterpiece, here's a second recipe for the week. Bon Appetito!

Phillips Farms
Make Way for the Heirlooms (and don't miss those white nectarines)!
Celebrate Tomato Day with Heirloom Tomatoes from Phillips Farms. A mixed variety of small, medium and large Heirloom Tomatoes will include Brandywine, Cherokee Purple, Green Zebra, Ox Heart, Pineapple, and Black Velvet. Phillips Farms will also be bringing in those extra-sweet Sun Gold cherry tomatoes, which has been a customer favorite for years. And what goes best with these delicious tomatoes?.... … fresh-picked basil of course, and Phillips Farms will be bringing in bunches of those also. 

Other items from Phillips Farms this week: Raspberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, Plums, Peaches, Nectarines (have you tried the white nectarines? - they're to die for - super sweet with amazing floral notes) , Seedless Watermelon, Sugar Baby Watermelon, Cantaloupe (regular and the super-sweet Sugar Cubes), Garlic Scapes, Garlic, Kirby Cucumbers and Hot Peppers. And coming soon… new crop Apples!

Cabbage Throw Farm
It's Time for Fried Green Tomatoes!
Tomato Day is here and Cabbage Throw Farm is feeling saucy! Heirloom tomato sauce has been Dean and Emily’s go to meal this summer, either with pasta or for eggplant Parmesan! Simply cut up tomatoes, add garlic, salt and pepper and boil pasta right into the sauce, top with basil. Limited supply available until the next batch ripens up!
Tomato Day special: Green tomatoes for $2 a pound. Perfect for fried green tomatoes or to roast with onion, garlic and peppers for a farm fresh salsa verde. 
Cherry tomatoes will also still be available along with lots of cucumbers, both pickling and slicing, eggplant, basil, scallions, lettuce, spring mix, arugula and more. 
Scholl Orchards
Bubble Gum Plums, Peaches a Plenty and the Arrival of Apples!
Peaches are at their peak folks so savory them while you still can! But don't miss the Bubble Gum plums as they make their first appearance this week. Cantaloupes and melons are coming on strong thanks top the heat and humidity and and there will be plenty of tomatoes for Tomato Day. Choose from Mountain Fresh Red Beefsteaks and Carolina Gold Beefsteaks, along with Sweet 100 Red Cherry tomatoes and yellow and red grape tomatoes. Look for plum tomatoes available in bulk prices for canning. And be sure to try Scholl's NEW tomato spread!

And here's a sure sign that Fall is not far away... Zestar, Honeycrisp and Ginger Gold apples come on the scene this Saturday!
Twin Maple Farms
How SWEET it is!
Folks can't stop raving about Twin Maple Farms' sweet corn this year. Bicolor seems to be the crowd pleaser but we have to say that the yellow delivers a surprising nuttiness that makes your taste buds really say, "wow!" And Farmer Stephen says the yellow is the recommended corm for freezing for the winter. But seriously, DO NOT MISS OUT on this corn. It's what summer is all about!

Holy Cow Farm
Treat yourself to a Farm Fresh Bouquet
Check out these Rudebeckia triloba from Holy Cow Farm! A variety of Brown Eyed Susan, they will be plentiful for the next couple weeks. There's nothing quite like a few stems of this bright airy bloom to add a dash of happiness to a bouquet! Come make yours this Saturday! 
Pheasant Hill Farm
and PorTch Tea
Pheasant Hill Farm and Don’s PorTch Tea will be back from vacation this week with lots of blooms and flavors. The later summer flowers are in, and Don has some great kombucha on tap this week. Happy summer!
Teels Hill Soapworks
Summer is not over yet! So Susan is focusing on her tropical soaps this week.

Coconut Chamomile - take a tropical voyage with this blend of enriching nut oils (kukui, hazelnut, and macadamia) and coconut milk. This bar is super fatted with virgin coconut oil and scented with chamomile essential oil.

Island Earth is a pale olive color with sandlewood swirl. This soap is a blend of vetiver, lime and nutmeg essential oils and has has a rich earthy aroma.

Vitamin Seaweed is a true spa experience with vitamin enriched oils, carrot, avocado, wheat germ Vitamin E. and Norwegian kelp. This healthful soap is scented with cypress, juniper, fennel and grapefruit essential oils.

Sycamore Grille
Sycamore Grille has been stockpiling green tomatoes from local farmers in preparation for their favorite festival food of the season - fried green tomatoes! Don't miss this southern delicacy -
juicy green tomatoes fried to a golden brown, and served with their signature aioli - it doesn't get much more summery than that. Wash 'em down with an ice cold lemonade and you'll be ready for more shopping!

And psst... have your tried Sycamore's coconut shrimp with sweet and spicy chile sauce? It's a favorite among the market staff and vendors!
Tomblers Bakery
Tomato Quiche and Tomato Pie!
The Tomblers Crew is featuring Tomato Quiche and Tomato pie this Saturday! They'll also have a limited supply of mini Shepard's Pie pasties, plus nine other varieties of pasties, and perogies too.
On the sweet side of the table you'll find scrumptious PEACH PIES (call ahead to guarantee you'll get one: 484-515-9968), Shoo fly pies, cookies and more!
Doughnut Love
Did somebody say Smores?
Doughnut Love is bringing back their SOLD OUT Peaches 'n' Cream Special, made with fresh peaches from Scholl Orchards, AND they'll have a limited number of GLUTEN FREE available! They will also have their Vegan Zucchini doughnut and S'mores! And as always, their signature doughnut cookies will be for sale too.
Flour Shop Bakery
For Tomato Day, Mary will be featuring flaky tomato & brie tarts, and savory roasted tomato and spinach crostini and focaccia.
Breakaway Farms
It's BLT Time Baby!
Tomatoes are in season & Team Breakaway has over 35 varieties of bacon to choose from! Don’t miss out on the best BLT’s of the year! Whether you prefer sweet, savory, or spicy, you’re sure to find more than one favorite! They even have keto bacon... they have everyone covered!

Furthermore, don’t forget to check out their featured sausage of the month: Italian Summer Grillers! Made with Garlic, Fennel, Lemon Zest, & White Wine... sautéd with your favorite peppers & onions this is to die for!
Raspberry Ridge Sheep Creamery
This week Rob is featuring a Collaborative Feta Cheese that he made with Stefanie from Valley Milk House (check out Stef's pairing suggestions below)! Raspberry Ridge will also have their beloved Sheep Milk yogurt as well as Camelbah and other cheeses.
Valley Milkhouse
Taste the team-made feta by Rob and Stef! Raspberry Ridge and Valley Milkhouse have teamed up to bring you a special collaborate feta that is tart, tangy and creamy. The perfect pairing for your watermelon mint salads! 

Back by popular demand, Halloumi also returns to market. AND, be sure to pick up a cup of special Honey-Chamomile Fromage Blanc made with locally grown chamomile from Crooked Row Farm and Pete’s honey! This fragrant, perfumed creamy goodness tastes like summer in a dish - don’t miss out!
Farmstand Recipes
Tomatoes, tomatoes everywhere! The Farmstand's favorite way to eat em'? In the form of salsa of course! Specifically Chef Ada's world-famous Spicy Gallo. Enjoy it with chips, over rice n' beans, or in tacos! The full line-up of house-made salads and energy bites will also be available as usual. 
Tolino Vineyards
Next Generation

This week Tolino Vineyards is featuring a new fruit-forward rosé with notes of candied strawberry and raspberry. This delicious wine is lovingly named 'Next' for the nine Tolino grandchildren who are already making their mark in the tradition of this wine-making family.
Printmaking with Kathleen Lang Metaxas

TOMATO DAY brings Printmaker, paper maker, eco-artist ACE Artist on Call Kathleen Lang Metaxas. Kathleen will be demonstrating her woodblock and linocut process at the ACE Tent.

“Relief” printmaking - the discipline of carving into wood or linoleum, is one Kathleen’s favorite art forms to teach and make. Come see as she will carve a block and show the process of inking and transferring the image to paper from the printing plate. For this demo her inspiration will be Tomatoes! Come see the tomato block in action! Items for sale as well!
Bloody Marys at Social Still!
Visit Social Still on Tomato Day - for delicious Bloody Marys (10% of Bloody Mary sales will be donated to the Easton Compost Project). AND be one of the first people to purchase a bottle of their re-released Jalapeño Vodka. This is the first day it will be back in stock! Social Still will also be offering their regular Vodka, Smooch, Vault Bourbon, Gin, Sasquatch Bourbon, and Deep Cut Rye.

Scratch & Shawnee Craft Brewing

Stop by and see the ladies of Scratch for two refreshing Shawnee Craft beers available on draft. Biere Blanche is their Belgian style wit beer, with an American twist. Shawnee designed this recipe to be dry and drinkable, bursting with flavors and aromas of bubblegum, citrus, and lemon-lime. Or maybe their Mosaic IPA is more your style... This East Coast IPA is hazy, fluffy, and juicy - bursting with mango, tropical fruit, and citrus.

And what goes better with a cold beer than a freshly baked, Bavarian style soft pretzel? Stop by Apple Ridge Farm for one of those!

The Friends of Tom (ato)
The Friends of Tom band has been performing in and around the Lehigh Valley since 2005 and made their debut at EFM last year to a resounding 'Encore! Encore!' So we are bringing them back for you to again enjoy their high energy mix of rock, blues, and country  Liz Younger provides powerful soulful vocals while Chris Younger furnishes a steady groove on guitar, adding harmonica and mandolin as well.  Steve Foreman adds the bottom end on bass, Bill Weisbach bangs the skins, and Jeff Huff adds the second guitar. The band is honored that vocalist Liz Younger is a 2018 Lehigh Valley Music Award recipient. So pull up a chair in the North Lawn of the Circle and enjoy the Friends of Tom In the EFM Music Tent from 10 am to 12 noon.
Staying Healthy with
Easton Hospital
Easton Hospital will be on site this week offering free blood pressure screenings and also handing out vouchers for free glucose/cholesterol screenings at the Hospital or their Forks Township location.

Vendor Absences: August 17th
Peace Tree Farm
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