Eight Things to Know about the COVID-19 Vaccine:

Adapted from 8 Things to Know about the US COVID-19 Vaccination Program ´╗┐found on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website:

1.    The safety of COVID-19 vaccines is a top government priority.

2.    COVID-19 vaccination, 2 doses, will help protect you from getting COVID-19. 

3.    There is currently a limited supply of COVID-19 vaccine in the United States, but supply will increase in the weeks and months to come.

4.    The CDC recommend COVID-19 vaccine be offered to healthcare personnel and residents of communities like Bloom Senior Living!

5.    Similar to other vaccines, you may experience some side effects after receiving the injection. This is a normal sign that your body is building protection.

6.    The cost of the vaccine is covered by the government.

7.    The first and second COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna are being used under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Many other vaccines are still being developed and tested.

8.    COVID-19 vaccines are one of many important tools to help us stop this pandemic.

If you're an associate or resident of Bloom Senior Living, you have receieved priority status to get vaccinated as soon as this week. Bloom strongly encourages its community to GET VACCINATED. We have upcoming clinics scheduled this Wednesday, Friday and Sunday in South Carolina and Ohio; with Indiana, Florida, and Louisiana coming soon!

Bloom has been an industry leader in fighting this virus and keeping our residents safe. It will now be an industry leader in getting our community vaccinated and returning to normal!
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