Dear Bloom Residents, Families & Friends:

We last wrote to you regarding COVID-19 in our 37th (and final) report dated March 12, 2021. While Bloom Senior Living was one of the first senior care providers to shut our doors to keep the residents safe, we were also one of the first providers to reopen our doors for visitation, get our residents vaccinated and call the end of the pandemic -- after our high vaccination rates --  less than one year later.

It wasn’t that Bloom thought the virus would be eradicated; rather we suspected it would likely reemerge in different variants, but we felt confident that we had the appropriate tools to keep the residents safe and wanted to focus more on ensuring our residents flourish (consistent with Bloom’s aspirational mission) than talking about COVID-19. In essence, it was time to put COVID behind us at Bloom.

We’re happy to report that this was a good decision: not only have we kept our residents physically safe, but we have seen them emotionally bloom like never before! While this continues to be Bloom’s thinking and we don’t intend to restart reporting about the virus, we nonetheless wanted to reach out to our Bloomers with a brief update and reassure our Bloom community that we’re on it! If you know Bloom, then you know we like to over communicate!   

As most know, COVID-19 cases are on the rise in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The Delta and other variants, per the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”), accounts for a majority of rising cases. The variant is aggressive and highly contagious, largely because people infected with the strain can carry up to 1,000 times more virus in their nasal passages than those infected with the original strain. One Bloom state in particular, Louisiana, is among those reporting the highest daily average of new cases per capita over the past week. The recent surge throughout the nation is most concentrated in unvaccinated areas.  

The good news is the United States has the tools to blunt the spread and vaccines are not only the best method for halting the variant's spread, but are highly effective against Delta at preventing severe illness and death in those fully inoculated. The World Health Organization has indicated that most vaccinated people infected with the Delta variant are asymptomatic and the CDC has confirmed that almost 100% of recent COVID-19 deaths are in unvaccinated people. Given the high vaccination rates among seniors, we don’t anticipate clinical outcomes resembling 2020.

Indeed, Bloom communities have high vaccination rates, especially among its residents (over 95%).  Additionally, Bloom continues to follow CDC guidelines and its own effective and tight internal infection controls and protocols. Our licensed communities and staff are also still following mask mandates. 

While we have four isolated cases at our Louisiana community (but zero cases at any of our nine communities for the six preceding months), they should be resolved without spread or incident as of July 28, 2021. Our seniors housing communities continue to be a safe and happy environment for our dear residents; in fact, we continue to believe they are a much safer alternative than our resident’s home. We do not anticipate any future broad restrictions like 2020.

We will continue to keep you apprised of any developments.


Scott and Tony Kantor, and Bradley Dubin 
Bloom Owners

Please feel free to reach out by e-mail or telephone.

Bloom Director of Education & Development
Melissa Campbell
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Bloom Senior Living is a family-owned and operated company.
For nearly 50 years, our goal has been simple yet aspirational: to help our residents flourish. Entering a Bloom community does not mean checking your lifestyle or personality at the door. Residents continue to live life to its fullest potential, enjoying their favorite activities while discovering new ones, and blooming into their best selves through growth and discovery. Our family-owned and operated communities provide a continuum of senior living services, concentrating on independent living, assisted living and memory care. For more information, please see our website:
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Bloom Senior Living is a family-owned and operated company. For nearly 50 years, our goal has been simple yet aspirational: to help our residents flourish. Entering a Bloom community does not mean checking your lifestyle or personality at the door.

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