Dear Bloom Residents, Families & Friends:

We've switched to a new, modernized communication format for your convenience and its better compatibility with mobile.

You've heard from our Bloom Senior Living Owners, Director of Education & Development, Executive Directors, Residents and Nurses / Caregivers, now hear from the rest of our exceptional and heroic Associates -- our Housekeeping, Maintenance, Dining, Activity, Community Relations, Concierge and Office teams (a/k/a Bloom Warriors)!

If you know Bloom, then you know that we've worked hard to bring together a team of people who understand the Bloom mission and have a desire to be part of something bigger than themselves. This means maintaining the highest level of commitment and respect for the Bloom Beliefs and Culture, supporting each other, and standing together as one company. It is because of this special, indescribable Bloom Culture that our entire team has been working as "one" to successfully fight this virus head-on and keep our residents safe, flourishing, laughing and loved.

Accordingly, we continue to have no known cases of COVID-19 in our 9 Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care communities serving over 750 residents. Our team continues to restrict community access, screen vigilantly, track anyone experiencing symptoms, isolate, test anyone experience symptoms (on-site at Bloom), social distance and provide the continuity of care and services our residents expect. On the testing front, Bloom, through its good relationships and ability to procure a partnership with an FDA approved laboratory, has administered 25 negative Assisted Living and Memory Care Resident tests, and 18 negative Associate tests. With States starting to re-open in phases, we'll continue to diligently, now more than ever, fight this virus consistent with Bloom's Pandemic Rapid Response Plan.

We hope you enjoyed the video last week from our Nurses / Caregivers. We invite you to watch a video this week from the rest of our Bloom Warriors: