Bloom Senior Living's number one priority is company culture. We believe that if the culture is right, then everything else -- including delivering upon our brand promise, aspirational mission and providing great customer service and care -- will happen naturally on its own. In other words, Bloom believes that a team of happy associates, operating as one cohesive unit, will lead to happy families and residents, as well as, create a positive environment throughout our nine Bloom communities!

In that vein, Bloom recently announced the completion of its multi-year, multi-step and multi-million dollar plan focused upon developing industry leading culture and education.

As part of our focus upon culture, Bloom recently partnered with Activated Insights to check in with our team of Bloom associates; see how we’re doing by conducting anonymous surveys and hear feedback; and determine if we're a Great Place To Work. Gaining objective insight from our team of professionals is an essential component of measuring Bloom’s culture. The results are now in!

We thought it was true, but we're happy to hear that Bloom will now be certified as a Great Place To Work based upon the high response rate and substance and score of responses by Bloom associates.

Bloom associates participated in a comprehensive survey consisting of 60 trust index questions on topics like pride, credibility, fairness, respect and camaraderie. Overwhelmingly, Bloom associates responded most favorably to the statement "my work has special meaning: this is not just a job."

This certification is an incredible culmination of our cultural initiatives over the last five years, especially given that we're in the middle of one of the most difficult times in healthcare history! Bloom's Director of Education and Development, Melissa Campbell, stated that "I'm so proud to hear that we're doing right by our associates and have made such an impact on their professional lives. As we always say at Bloom, 'your starting a life-long career and joining a family, not just taking a job.' I, along with the Bloom owners, are committed to building upon this certification and making our culture even better!"