Bloom Senior Living Can Help New South Carolina Families

Knowing that COVID-19 is a marathon and not a sprint, Bloom Senior Living's three South Carolina communities, Bloom at Belfair, Bloom at Bluffton and Bloom at Hilton Head, have developed a well thought out and comprehensive plan to not only protect our current residents and associates, but accommodate you (our new families throughout Bluffton and Hilton Head) who have been calling us asking for help while ensuring you're able to move into our communities feeling safe and comfortable.

Join Our Family Communities

Knowing we've been able to keep our residents safe and safely move in new residents, our suites are going fast. If you'd like to reserve your suite, please contact our Community Relations Directors by calling, emailing or clicking below:
Bloom at Belfair:
Briggitta Lewis
Bloom at Bluffton:
Derek Douglas
Bloom at Hilton Head:
Brian Houlihan
Just Some Of The Many Things We're Doing:

For starters, part of Bloom's success is that we know nothing is more important than consistent and reliable communication. Bloom has been communicating with families and prospects substantively and transparently through video and writings since February 28, 2020 with over 20 detailed reports, as well as, sharing relevant news reports, press releases and briefings, press coverages, and educational materials. You can read Bloom's latest update, which consolidates all of Bloom's prior updates, videos and other information put out during COVID-19, by clicking our July 1, 2020 update below:

When you're part of the Bloom community, you'll know our thinking in real time and have access to all relevant data. Our reports have been described as informative, reassuring, substantive, honest, heart warming and even, at times, entertaining. We invite you to read our current (and prior) reports.
Bloom Senior Living Health Alert: Coronavirus Update #20

We wanted to touch base again before the holiday weekend and wish everyone a safe and happy 4th of July! We also wanted to share...

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Bloom Pandemic Rapid Response Plan During COVID-19

Second, as you can see from these updates, in response to the urgent need to protect Bloomers from the virus, Bloom pro-actively and aggressively initiated its Bloom Pandemic Rapid Response Plan in early March and implemented a variety of protocols including, among other things, restricting access to its communities, screening essential visitors and associates, cancelling group activities and dining, limiting resident movement / rooming-in-place within the community, tracking anyone experiencing symptoms, isolating residents, testing through Bloom's partnership with an FDA approved laboratory and practicing social distancing. At the same time, Bloom rolled out a variety of new clinical and operational programs in order to keep our residents safely aging in place at Bloom as opposed to transitioning to higher levels of care.

Being first to restrict access to our community and policing our community over the past 4 months has paid dividends. We are keeping residents safe. Our team is committed to keeping it that way and continues to vigilantly follow our plan!

We Don't Just Live, We Bloom! It's All About The Culture!

Third, as you can also see from our updates, we don't just ensure our residents live safely at Bloom, but continue to flourish (in a safe and socially distant way) at Bloom consistent with our Bloom Mission and Bloom Beliefs. We know that our residents emotional wellbeing is as important as our residents physical wellbeing. You can't read about Bloom's actions during COVID-19 without hearing that our Bloom Beliefs drive our decision making; our aspirational mission of helping seniors bloom is at the forefront of our daily routine; and our culture is contagious and stronger than ever! It's these little things that have keep our residents' spirits high and feeling happy!

Bloom "Back On Track Plan" During COVID-19

Fourth, we've heard about other providers who jumped the gun on reopening or talk about reopening without a real concrete plan. Not Bloom!

As you can read about, Bloom has laid out a detailed roadmap for reopening and developed a strategic and balanced approach. As part of the Bloom Back On Track Plan, Bloom will take a gradual and three phased approach.

Our three South Carolina communities have moved into Phase I of our phased plan consistent with our other Bloom communities, and Bloom at Belfair's Independent Living community has been the first Bloom community to move into Phase II.

Staying Connected: Skype Or Memory Making Stations Anyone?

Fifth, as you see from our updates, we're continuing to keep our families and residents connected throughout the Country both virtually through our new Skype Program and physically (in a safe/socially distant way) though our new Memory Making Stations. We even set up a new electronic scheduling system to make it as easy as pressing 1, 2, 3 from your computer, phone or tablet. Once we receive approval from the State of South Carolina, Bloom is ready to implement its Memory Making Stations again consistent with Bloom's other communities.

Before fully re-opening, we're doing those little things in the interim to get our residents back to a new normal routine within the communities and remain connected to their families and friends.

Testing On-Site, On-Line/Telephone Assessments & Telemedicine To Allow For Safe Move-Ins

Sixth, as you can read about, Bloom was one of the first senior care providers in the Country to partner with an FDA approved commercial lab to perform COVID-19 testing. This allowed Bloom to not only efficiently and safely test residents and associates inside our controlled environment (as opposed to sending them to high-risk environments such as hospitals) in order to mitigate any potential issues, but also allows us to move you in safely. That's been one of the driving forces behind Bloom's success of keeping our communities safe.

In that vein, we not only offer testing, but on-line or telephone assessments and telemedicine physician evaluations for a safe and low risk move-in process. We can also help you facilitate physically moving in your personal items and furniture in a convenient and safe manner.

Live Video Tours / Virtual Tours & Window Shopping Tours

Seventh, we know you want to see the community and meet our team before moving in. You can still do that safely. While we're continuing to restrict visitor access out of an abundance of caution, which has proved effective, Bloom continues to offer Live Video Tours / Virtual Tours and Window Shopping tours, which have been a big hit. Between these tours and talking with our caring and experienced Community Relations Directors, you'll be able to get a great feel for the special Bloom lifestyle, our community, our people and your private suite!

We Can Take Care Of You Safely.

We know that many of you in your own homes, at skilled nursing, in the hospital or being cared for by a loved one have an urgent need to move into our family owned and operated senior living communities offering Independent Living, Assisted Living or Memory Care. We appreciate the calls and inquiries and have done the things mentioned above (and much, much more) to make that possible!

We also know that our senior population is best served in a safe, controlled environment like Bloom that can provide, through trained associates, our services and access to medical care, meals and socialization as opposed to home settings (that do not have the infrastructure, protocols nor staffing), acute care hospitals or other environments where seniors need to procure supplies from the greater community. We're here for you now and in the future.
Join Bloom's Virtual Family Support Group Hosted by...

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Making Memories During COVID-19 - Celebrating 90 Years!

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Bloom at Bluffton launches 'memory-making stations' for...

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Bloom Senior Living Announces Memory Making Stations...

As our Bloomers know, from new programs like Telehealth to Live Video / Virtual and Window Tours to our Skype Communication Center, Bloom Senior Living has been at the forefront of finding ways to keep our Bloom community virtually safe and...

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Bloom Senior Living Featured on WJCL ABC-22

We hope you enjoy a clip from local news WJCL ABC-22 featuring Bloom Senior Living's (and its three communities, Bloom at Bluffton, Bloom at Belfair and Bloom at Hilton Head) handling of COVID-19...

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Bloom Senior Living's Plan To Help New Families!

Bloom Senior Living in South Carolina can safely move in new residents using...

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Bloom Senior Living Tour Program During COVID-19

Bloom Senior Living continues to offer Live Video Tours / Virtual Tours and Window Shopping tours, which have been a big hit! Between these tours and talking with our caring and experienced Community Relations Directors, you'll be able to get a...

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Bloom Senior Living Partners With Scientific Lab To...

Bloom Senior Living has partnered with an FDA approved Alabama lab to provide safe testing to Bloom residents for COVID-19...

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Bloom Senior Living Offers Live Video Tours

Bloom Senior Living in South Carolina is showing families its communities through live video and window tours...

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Bloom Senior Living Adds The Skype Program!

Bloom keeps families virtually connected through its new Skype Program at its communication centers...

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Bloom at Belfair
Bloom at Belfair is a family-owned and operated Independent Living and Memory Care residence located in the heart of Bluffton, SC.
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Bloom at Bluffton
Bloom at Bluffton is a family-owned and operated Assisted Living and Memory Care residence located in the heart of Bluffton, SC.
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Bloom at Hilton Head
Bloom at Hilton Head is a family-owned and operated Assisted Living and Memory Care residence located in the heart of Hilton Head, SC.
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