Let The Trainings Begin at "Bloom U Education Center" in Bluffton, South Carolina at Bloom At Belfair
We told you a few weeks ago that Bloom Senior Living turned the "Bloom U Education Center" from a really cool concept into a reality with the opening of its first training center at Bloom at Belfair in Bluffton, SC.

Now we're happy to share that we've started conducting incredible week long trainings in our new center! This is how we not only have the best trained associates to care for our residents, but the very best culture and people who truly understand the Bloom mission, story, core values and expectations!

We just wrapped up another Bloom U general orientation and our third day of training is dementia day, which is a real crowd pleaser with a simulation to sensitize new associates to what residents with dementia experience on a day to day basis. The more we know, the better we become! 

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Release: The First "Bloom U Education Center" At Bloom At Belfair In Bluffton, South Carolina!
Video: Release: The First "Bloom U Education Center" At Bloom At Belfair In Bluffton, South Carolina!
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