Dear Bloom at St. Petersburg Residents, Families & Friends:

As you know from our prior communications, Bloom Senior Living has been been working tirelessly to ensure not only that your loved ones at Bloom at St. Petersburg are safe and healthy, but continuing to live a fulfilled life during this unprecedented time.

As we informed you in prior communications, per the State of Florida's Agency for Health Care Administration's recent orders, we were asked to test all associates and residents given the rising number of cases throughout the area and local communities/facilities.

Since March, we've been tracking all residents and associates in the community. While no-one experienced symptoms, nor did we have specific reason to believe anyone had been infected by the virus, we reported that it was conceivable, given the high asymptomatic rate around the Country (and in the community), that we could have some positive cases. We reported on June 2, 2020, after testing all associates, that we received over 50 negative tests and all associates tested negative. We also reported, at that time, that we started testing residents.

We wanted to provide an update, but remind our Bloomers that there are a lot of moving parts and the data could change daily . We currently have only 1 asymptomatic positive resident that is at the hospital (not in the community). She's been retested and we're awaiting results. We have 5 positive associates who are self-quarantined at home (not in the community). One associates already had her first negative test result come back. We require 2 negative tests to be COVID-free. We'll be retesting her, along with the other 4 associates, again tomorrow. Consistent with our process, we pro-actively isolated the hallway (where the first associate and positive resident were located).

We've called all our families. Please know we're prepared to handle this situation, and keep our residents safe. Indeed, our protocols have been working and while even one infected Bloom associate or resident is too much under our high standards, our infection rate is significantly below what's been reported in the St. Petersburg area and at other communities. That said, our barometer and baseline to measure against is being COVID-free in perpetuity.


Scott and Tony Kantor, Bradley Dubin & Dustin Isabell
Bloom Owners & Bloom at St. Petersburg Executive Director