It's another season of change... change is constant, and with it many opportunities to blossom our Soul !

As part of the wonderful phenomenon of life in all of nature, we can embrace the many life changes that are a natural part of the human experience. Existence and being are all about change, transitions, transformations...  alchemy.  When we enter this physical form, we're transitioning from another reality. When we leave this physical form, we experience yet another transformation. And, everything in the middle is living a life full of change; it's not a part of life; but life itself.

Change is good. Since we live on a planet of free will, when the doors of change open, they give us opportunities to exercise our free will. It's also a chance to stretch ourselves, to discover who we are in different situations, and with different people, it's another step towards aligning with our higher self.  We can discover our connection to nature, our world family, and the Universe that supports us.  Change can also help us release the things in our lives that no longer serve us; opening us to new and exciting possibilities. The key is to perceive life changes, not as negative challenges, but as tools for our growth.  Life is how we perceive it.  As Taoist philosophy states, "When you change the way you loo k at things, the things you loo k at change." 

Each moment we live and breathe, change is occurring all around us, within us and through us.  Revolutions and transitions occur within us all the time. We define, and redefine ourselves over and over again. And, as we do so, there is always an open door that invites us to evolve to a higher level of our Being, where we can discover and live our purpose in joy on Gaia.

We are evolving into divine manifestations of the Soul.  In the face of change be open to the gift of life with a happy heart.  Allow all that you desire to come into your life with a happy heart.  Don't wait for change to be happy. Your "Happy" vibration may very well bring the change that you desire. Blossom your Soul with the knowledge that on the other side of change there is a new level of victory that God has waiting for us all. Be open to God's gifts and Divine guidance with a happy heart as these can be the catalysts for another level of Being!  

 May you always have Angels by your side!
Rev. Barbara

Rev. Barbara
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June 21st
P eak healing frequencies of the Summer Solstice  

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 Big changes are coming!!


Angel Message 
Listen to your intuition. Have patience. Consider carefully what you want before acting!