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Dare I say it out loud??? SPRING!!!!! There I said it! Is it just me or is everyone out there already over this winter? I'm sure that Mother Nature will still have a few more tricks up her sleeve but I am hoping that any "weather events" (I don't want to say the "S" word) will go as quickly as they come!

Lots has been happening here at Cornerstone. We are inching our way towards the finish line of the online store. We are starting out online with 12 artists. It sounds really easy but the logistics of an online store requires a great deal of planning, photography, weighing (for shipping) designing and computer knowledge. I'm glad we had BentoSMB helping that's all I can say!

Our Zentangle class was a success with some very lovely ladies that came in for the intro course. I think everyone was happy with there tile and eager to try some more Zentangle!! We will be doing a new Introduction course on April 15 from 1-3 and a "More Zentangle" class April 22 from 1-3.

Learn more about this meditative art form on our website:

Last month we participated for the first time in the national Cupcake Event. We are happy to say that we raised over $500.00 for the Kingston Humane Society! I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to all who gave so generously to this very worthy cause. We will do it again next year!
Lisa and the gang have just finished doing our year end which means lots of counting!!! Thank you ladies for pitching in and doing such an amazing job! As they've been saying at the store all week....1,2,3,4,5!!! (this is how they answer the phone when I call hehe)

This month we won't be having just one feature artist but a few! We will be working with H'art School, a local, not for profit "Charitable hub, that provides people with disabilities and those facing barriers with opportunities to study, practice, create and produce works of art". It is part of our philosophy at Cornerstone to be involved with our community and the schools within it. We thought that the Hart School would be an excellent way to initiate this. Please take a look at their website if you have family or friends that would benefit from what they offer. The show will go up mid March... in the mean time the feature wall will feature... ME! While I've had a couple of photography shows in Toronto it thrills me the most to be at Cornerstone! I'm sure there will be a Zentangle piece or 2 as well!

Easter comes early this month and Good Friday is on March 30. Cornerstone has everything you need to create that special hostess gift.

And speaking of gifts... We have everything you need for appreciation gifts. Realtors & Designers - want to give that special something at the end of your business with a client that will make them never forget you? We have you covered. Lawyers, Doctors, Dental Professionals, Accountants - want to thanks those people for all the amazing client referrals we have you covered for that too! having a speaker at a church function, business meeting or special event and need to thank them for their time & effort? yup - we have you covered there too. Given enough lead time we can even have some of our artists personalize the piece you pick out. Visit our website ( ) for more information or drop into the store.

We are at that exciting time of the year when we are ordering for spring and summer. It's always exciting to see what new lines artists are doing. Sometimes we as consumers and appreciators of art, get fixated on an artist's style. Let's just face it - anyone who has done the same job for an extended period of time usually starts to go a little stir crazy. Can you imagine that you're an artist and you "have" to paint the same subject matter over and over again? Doesn't sound very creative after awhile. So while we may personally not resonate with a new style, I think that it's important that we still support our favourite artists as they continue on their artistic journey in this life. I can't wait to see what you all have been up to over the winter!

Penny & the most amazing staff,
at Cornerstone Canadian Art & Craft
ZIA piece
Zentangle Class
H'Art School
Everyone has the ability to be creative. Whether or not it's art, music or theatre arts everyone's soul yearns to create and to express. Join us mid March and see how this amazing place has encouraged creativity in their own.
Penny Knapp
Always so excited to be up on the feature wall! While I love taking pictures of nature, I love architectural details and love to snap those images the most, whether it be near or far. I invite you to come over and check out my work and maybe connect with a piece and feel you just can't live without it!
Corporate Gifting
Let Cornerstone be your "go to" place for your corporate needs. With gifts from $3.00 and up their is a piece for every budget. What better gift is there to give to show someone how much you appreciate them than a hand made Canadian work of art? Given enough lead time many of our artists can customize pieces. Want to say "Thank you " to that special employee, event speaker, corporate recognition, or referral person? Look no further and our staff loves to help you find that special "thank you " gift Check out our website for the corporate form.
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