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Wireless Vending Machines
Casey Edwards DEXes a machine.
Blu-DEX, a handheld Bluetooth device that wirelessly DEXes vending machines, makes DEXing easier and saves time and money. The device's creator, vending veteran Casey Edwards, isn't the only vending entrepreneur to conceive of using Bluetooth technology to DEX vending machines. But he has seized the opportunity at a time when a large number of people have become familiar with mobile technology, and he has done the necessary ground work to make his device accessible to the market. 
"The industry was going to go to a tablet or a cell phone at some point," says Edwards, who oversees the production of the Blu-DEXes under his recently-formed company, Bulldog LED. "We're just at the very beginning of it now."
A user can sync a Blu-DEX device to a single Motorola MC70 or MC7596/98 series handheld which will allow wireless DEXing, which is easier, if not faster, than using a DEX cable. The plastic-shelled device comes with a charger and lanyard that can attach to a retractable key ring. The rechargeable lithium battery lasts for 24 hours in standby mode and can also be charged with any mini USB charger. The battery is replaceable.

Wireless Vending
Blu-DEX currently works with Motorola and Android handheld devices. Devices compatible with Apple I-phones should be available in a few months, Edwards says.

When properly maintained, the Blu-DEX device can last for years. Since DEX cables cost between $65 and $80, it doesn't take long for the Blu-DEX to pay for itself.

"When you plug it into the vending machine, it's already linked to your handheld, and you're able to DEX it with no wires," says Edwards.
Image Sensing/Human Condition Recognition Software Advances, Brings Vending Applications

Omron Human Vision Component
The human vision technology recognizes facial attributes from a 20-inch distance.

Omron Corp., a sensing technology provider based in Kyoto City, Japan, has introduced a human condition recognition unit dubbed a "Human Vision Components" (HVC) system, with a maximum recognition speed 10 times greater than previous models. The company cites vending as a key application for its human condition sensing technology.

The unit, HCV-P2,  is an image-sensing unit incorporating proprietary technology for recognizing human facial expression, gender and age, into a camera module. The HVC-P2 boasts a maximum recognition speed 10 times faster than a model introduced in March 2014, making it possible to detect a human body four times per second within a detection area.  Recognition data includes angles, age, facial expressions, gender and more.

Apriva Card Processing
Apriva processing supports closed card systems.

Apriva, a provider of end-to-end wireless transaction processing solutions, has established a direct integration to ITC Systems for campus card transaction processing. This relationship expands upon Apriva's direct connections to all of the leading campus card processors, as well as enables access to new campuses throughout North America utilizing ITC Systems' campus solution.
Apriva's campus card platform provides schools with an opportunity to accept campus card payments everywhere, expand shared revenue, and create a seamless shopping experience. Apriva's Gateway connects a variety of payment devices to multiple processors, creating one secure control point with integrated reporting and management across the campus environment.

The all-in-one payment solution meets the latest EMV and PCI standards.
Castles Technology Co., Ltd., a Taipei, Taiwan- based manufacturer of global payment technology solutions, has introduced an all-in-one payment solution to the United States that will enhance self- service environments such as vending, automated retail kiosks, parking and hospitality with expanded payment capabilities.
The UPT1000   offers customers a secure, flexible and future-proof unattended payment terminal that meets the latest EMV and PCI security standards. It is certified to First Data's Nashville platform via Code and Go, Castles' semi-integrated direct-to-host solution. This allows customers application management flexibility without extensive certification requirements. Additional processor certifications are expected later this year. Website Design _ Marketing
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