July 21, 2022

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Guillermo Diaz for HD1

Guillermo Diaz knows Colorado House District 1. He has spent most of his life in southwestern Denver County and currently works in the construction industry in the area.

Diaz is a first-generation American and recognizes how the United States is the best place to live. He believes HD1 is still a great place to raise his kids.

Guillermo is campaigning to be the next Representative of House District 1. Although he is new to politics, he has always voted with his conservative values. He believes many Latinos are conservative.

Walking door to door, he has been encountering Spanish speakers and is talking with them about their concerns. Latino citizens of Colorado have the same complaints as everyone else: Crime is at the top of everyone's list.

People who have lived in the area reminisce about a time when HD1 was red. But control by the Left has taken its toll. Guillermo Diaz is willing to fight for less nonsense in our government, including bolstering law enforcement, auditing state agencies for corruption and waste, and passing pro-school choice legislation at the state level.

"Democrat policies have failed our community for the past twenty years. Constituents are ready for Republicans to restore public safety, affordability and expand educational choice around Colorado. Our time is now."

Guillermo is currently looking for volunteers to help him turn Southwest Denver red.


Happy Hour at Blue Bonnet Cafe

Denver GOP is hosting happy hour! Join your like-minded friends Thursday, July 28 at the Blue Bonnet for some delicious Tex-Mex fare. This is a casual event, so no business, but the conversations will be filled with the buzz of current events.

The Republican Party is growing larger and unaffiliated voters are leaning in our direction more than ever before. We welcome anyone new to politics to join us at happy hour. The in‑person conversations can be uplifting.

Blue Bonnet Cafe has a private space for us to use. There will be candidates dropping in to say hello at this informal, social event. Some of the Denver County Republican candidates who might be attending:

Guillermo Diaz (HD1)
Stephanie Wheeler (HD2)
Marla Fernandez (HD3)
Jack Daus (HD4)
Johnnie Johnson (HD5)
Hilleary Waters (HD8)

Blue Bonnet's Tex‑Mex has been a Denver favorite for decades. Enjoy a cold margarita, a smothered burrito, and relax with your conservative neighbors.

Blue Bonnet Cafe
457 South Broadway
Denver, CO 80209
Thursday, July 28 @ 5:30 p.m.
Plenty of free parking available.


Denver Adds Trash Fees Early 2023

Did you know that Denver has a Chief Climate Officer and an Office of Climate Action, Sustainability and Resiliency (CASR)? This office is behind Denver's move to begin charging over 180,000 households for trash collection next year.

Residents will be charged for the size of their trash receptacle. Small, medium, and large containers carry a $9, $13, and $21 cost respectively.

To encourage more recycling, Denver's government will drop the charges for recycling and compost collection. At this time, Denver does not recycle cardboard, which can be a large portion of household waste.

In a related article, Denver is planning on increasing recycling by 100%. They believe charging more for larger sizes of trash receptacles will encourage people to recycle more.

"Through focused efforts over the last ten years, Denver has been able to increase its diversion rate from 13% in 2010 to 26% in 2020," said Grace Rink, Denver's Chief Climate Officer.

"While we have made progress, this rate has remained stagnant and falls well below the national average of 34%. Reaching a higher diversion rate will require new strategies, and this plan will get us there." (Rink does not site where she obtained the 34% national trash diversion figure.)

An alphabet of government agencies are pushing for 70% diversion rate for recyclable items by 2032. They believe these efforts are akin to removing 600,000 cars from the roads, another statistic they do not source.

On its face, diverting trash to be recycled is a noble idea. However, we know recycling does not pay for itself and can be expensive. There is no such thing as free recycling, so we believe those trash receptacles prices will increase.

Reference Articles:
Sustainable Management Resource Plan


Denver Initiative Petition Update

Waste No More, approved 9/10/21 - will appear on General Election Ballot. gives the government the ability to force property owners, renters, and business owners to recycle by giving the government the right to access your property to inspect the area to ensure recycling is taking place.

No Eviction Without Representation, approved 10/12/21 - will appear on General Election Ballot. If passed the tax would raise $11,986,875 in revenue each year to pay lawyers to defend tenants. In successive years, it would charge all landlords $75 per year, per rental unit. The landlord tax/fee would be raised each year according to the Colorado Consumer Price Index (CPI). Endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of America.

Denver Deserves Sidewalks, approved for circulation 4/15/22 - must be filed by 7/11/22 to appear on General Election Ballot, if found sufficient. Otherwise, due 10/12/22. has a goal of taxing (although they call it a fee) Denver residents an estimated $41,000,000 extra dollars a year to place the responsibility of sidewalks on the City of Denver. This tax/fee will NEVER sunset and be adjusted (raised) every five years.

My Spark Denver, approved for circulation 6/9/22 - must be filed by 7/11/22 to appear on General Election Ballot, if found sufficient. Otherwise, due 12/6/22. hopes to take $1,000 of Cannabis tax revenue and spend it on each Denver Public School student, because they are falling behind in math, reading, and guitar lessons.