Blue Butterfly Tea NOW Available! 

Firsd Tea is pleased to announce our new product offering: Blue Butterfly Tea! This caffeine free tisane is also known as Asian Pigeonwing, a plant native to Southeast Asia. 

Why is it called "Blue Butterfly Tea"? When infused/steeped with water, the flowers open and resemble a butterfly while infusing the water with a deep blue hue. 

In recent years, Butterfly Tea has gained substantial popularity within the U.S. due to its exquisite attributes and versatility utilized in tea/beverages and cooking! 

A notable attribute of Butterfly Tea is the ability to change the color of the tea liqueur  by adding lemon or lime juice (any acidic substance); add a couple drops of lemon/lime juice and watch the tea liqueur change from blue, to purple, to pink, you choose the ratio! You may also change the color of the tea liqueur by infusing/blending various substances such as tea (i.e. green tea) and herbs (i.e. hibiscus).

Did you know the hospitality industry (bartenders) is a keen user of Butterfly Tea in their cocktails? 

Please let us know if you'd be interested in a sample (we have limited stock) or have any questions/concerns, we're here to help!

Wishing you a wonderful day & week! 
Your partners in tea,
The Firsd Tea Team
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Infused Butterfly Tea

 Infused Butterfly Tea with a Fresh Squeezed Lemon 

Various Butterfly Tea Infusions with Green Tea and Hibiscus
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