Blue Light Can Directly Kill Eye Cells

A new research paper was published that technically explains specifically how blue light directly kills cells. The title of this paper is…………. Blue light excited retinal intercepts cellular signaling . It is a free paper and the pdf version is downloadable.

The findings of this paper are now spreading rapidly throughout the Health/Photonics Community because it relates directly to macular degeneration and other eye diseases.

My research into visible light, light toxicity, mainly involved the gross mistiming of light exposure into mice eyes to cause circadian disruption. It has been demonstrated that such gross mistiming frustrates cellular circadian repair, which then INDIRECTLY ultimately leads to cell death. In my research we used very pure cyan light. Cyan is the color of light that is in between blue and green light on the light color spectrum, and is a very effective color to drive or derail the circadian rhythm.

But in contrast to my thesis paper, this new research paper mentioned above IS NOT about cell death from circadian disruption due to light mistiming. It is rather an explanation of how blue light DIRECTLY KILLS cells REGARDLESS OF LIGHT TIMING SCHEMES.

In short, this new research paper demonstrates that if a cell contains the chemical retinal and is hit by blue light, the combination of retinal plus blue light can lead to cell death.

Amazingly, the cones cells on the retina in the eye “see light” by reacting retinal with light. Normally, the cone cells discard this necessary and yet toxic mess on a 24 hour circadian repair rhythm cycle.

This cell killing mechanism (blue light plus retinal) also works in cells that normally do not have retinal in them, but have it artificially introduced and are then exposed to blue light.

As a result of these findings, the authors of this new research paper are now on the record publicly praising those of us who have been warning others of the dangers of blue light pollution in the context of modern night lighting and computer/tv/cell phone screens.

So please, consider the following: the human genome is designed to match the natural realities of planet earth.

This matching also includes earth’s naturally occurring photonics. Earth provides everyone, everywhere on earth, on average 12 hours of daylight per day and 12 hours of weak-night-light per day, when averaged over a year’s time.

If we divide daytime into three time zones, early-day, midday and late-day, we note that the beginning and the ending of everyday starts with yellowed/orange (blue deprived) light, and that blue light content maximizes during midday when the sunlight appears to be least yellowed.

Roughly about 8 hours’ worth, a typical work day.

Therefore comparing two groups of people averaged over the period of one year, persons with only eye exposures to naturally occurring blue-rich bright day sunlight, and blue-weak day start/ending light  and overall-weak-night-light, get only about 8 hours average of toxic blue rich light per day, BUT PERSONS WHO USE MODERN ARTIFICIAL ELECTRIC LIGHT SOURCES AT NIGHT GET ABOUT 16 HOURS ON AVERAGE OF TOXIC BLUE RICH LIGHT PER DAY.

With the mounting scientific evidence about how we are killing ourselves with too much blue light, I see a day in the future where all computer/tv/cellphone screens, and night-street and home lighting will turn yellow or orange upon sunset.

I see a day in the future when Doctor’s will not only nag patients about sugar intake and exercise, but also about their light hygiene habits.