Please share this article with your colleagues who are risking eye damage by working with an extreme cool LED headlight.

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Blue Light Hazard with LED Lights - Fact or Fiction?
B.J. Chang, PhD

*ANSES (French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety) confirmed that the prolonged exposure to blue light from extreme cool LED headlights can damage the retina, causing early-onset, age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

*SurgiTel can evaluate your current LED headlights against our true color neutral LED headlights to ensure that your headlights are safe for your eyes.

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Please share this article with your peers, especially if they are risking eye damage by working with an extreme cool LED headlight!

Testimonials from Clinicians We've Helped

"I've converted to doing all open surgery with my SurgiTel loupes. The wide field of vision makes it easy to see the entire operative field. As a taller guy, I used to get neck pain with my old loupes, but that has completely resolved with the steeper declination angle offered by SurgiTel. The mini high intensity light has also been a game changer, allowing me to avoid heavy traditional headlights and still see clearly deep in the pelvis. The battery life is impressive and provides full intensity for even for the longest, most complicated cases. Would recommend these loupes and headlight to all surgeons!"
Dr. Petar Bajic, MD

"Shortly after school and residency training, I started getting neck pain and headaches... One of my colleagues said that it might be the loupes I'm using ... My friend told me to check out SurgiTel ... I contacted [SurgiTel] and my life has never been the same!"

-Dr. Katherine Staniek, DMD
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