All Members, (Particularly spouses)

Yesterday I received a phone call, and the accompanying email, from Mrs. Aishwayra Nagy. Mrs. Nagy is the wife of a Fairfax County Police Officer. Mrs. Nagy and 4 other Fairfax PD wives have begun an organization called “Blue Line Families of Virginia”. They, like the VSPA, believe that a unified law enforcement community is needed now, more than ever. They already have over 500 followers. Their mission is described within the accompanying email. Their organization desires to partner with the VSPA in supporting/opposing legislation in the upcoming session of the General Assembly that either helps or adversely impacts the law enforcement community. To that end they are inviting our member’s spouses to join in their efforts. Their website and contact is listed below.

It was obvious from the phone conversation I had with Mrs. Nagy that they are extremely focused on their stated mission and truly hope some of you will join with them. 

Questions should be directed to Blue Line Families of Virginia at the links provided below. 

Direct Email:
“Blue Line Families of Virginia”
We are a grassroots community group founded by FCPD wives - myself, Aishwarya Nagy, Jennifer Dicker, Megan Lowery, Heather Duffet and Mary Ramirez. We formed this organization because during the special session, we galvanized voters throughout Virginia, primarily Northern Virginia to write legislators to shift some of this legislation to more fairly support law enforcement. Our goal is to provide our following with updates on key bills affecting LEO families in the Virginia General Assembly, and most importantly, utilize this group to get meetings and conversations started with legislators. We want to work together to create a better Virginia for everyone.

Our goals over the next few weeks are to kick off an initial email call to action for key democratic legislators that may vote our way on things like qualified immunity repeal or the reduction in charge for assaulting a law enforcement officer. We also plan on reviewing all the bills submitted for the session, and identifying ones that impact law enforcement families and law enforcement officer safety.

We can only do this successfully by reaching Virginians throughout the state, and we were hoping you might be able to help us with this. Do you have any contacts you could connect us with to grow our group?