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October 25, 2017
Florida Blue – The Brand

As we enter AEP & OE this year, it is important for all RHG Florida Blue agents to understand that you have a significant advantage in the marketplace by being an authorized Florida Blue agent. The Blue Cross Blue Shield brand carry’s tremendous consumer confidence and you can be proud to know your clients are getting the ‘ best of class ’ products across all product lines RHG and you represent: ACA, Medicare Advantage/Supp, Dental, Accident, Critical Illness and Small Group. 
USABLE Products = Affordable Value
for all your ACA clients
Our partnership with Florida Blue offers us many opportunities in the market place we did not have in the past; one of which is the opportunity to offer the USABLE portfolio of unique individual ancillary products. Only Florida Blue agents can offer these great products in the state of Florida.

USABLE is a company owned by 8 different Blue Cross companies across the US, including Florida Blue which is the largest producer of the products. 

I want to take this opportunity to focus on the two (2) products that are the USAble ‘bread and butter’ and offer ‘best in class’ value for your clients. It is very important that you ‘bundle’ these products with every Florida Blue ACA sale you make this OE and all year round.  
Accident Elite:  An individual accident fixed benefit product offering a price point any one can afford . Whether your client is On or Off the exchange, protection against everyday accidents is an absolute necessity to protect your clients from having to cover their deductible, co-insurance and out-of-pocket expense.

Critical Illness Elite:  The addition of USABLE Critical Illness Elite plan is another great product that provides affordable protection for anyone’s budget and specifically your lower to middle income ACA clients. USABLE’s Critical Illness Elite offers amounts from 10k to 50k payable directly to your client upon diagnoses of a specified critical illness
The #1 Dental Network in Florida!
Our Copay and Choice PPO dental networks lead the industry as the #1 and #2 in effective discounts in Florida, providing your clients the dental networks that save them the most money.
The MOST important
measure of a network
Discounts only matter if members use the dentists in a network! Quality dentists lead to higher utilization. Effective discounts incorporate this utilization to show how much your clients will actually save.
The Power Behind Florida Blue’s SMARTER Network
Florida Blue ensures that we have the right number of the right dentists – at the right discounts. This means that consumers and employers will pay less by using our high quality, in-network dentists compared to the lower network utilization rates of other carriers.

Be sure to use this information when selling the Florida Blue Dental plan to every ACA sale this OE!
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