Blue Oak's weekly newsletter
Issue #5
October 6, 2017
A message from Administration

Monday night the Facilities Committee met and discussed how we could best use Measure K funds to support our current facility needs. A sub-committee was established to review potential Play Structure designs and prepare a proposal. Though it was agreed that this will be supported by Measure K funds, the committee wishes to preserve these funds as much as possible and will be collaborating with the Parent Council Fundraising Team to look at grants, Donors Choose and other options, in order to pull as little as possible from Measure K.  
> Heather Bonea, Trevor Williams, and Brian Lindaman will act as the Sub Committee to choose the design.  Please connect with them for input into the planning.

We are aware of parent concerns regarding playground safety and please be assured that all play structures and equipment are continually evaluated for safety.  We are working to prioritize the list of maintenance issues and identify staff jobs and volunteer jobs.  We will be coordinating with our Parent Community Liaison to plan Volunteer work days to address these concerns.

Going forward the Facilities committee will be continuing to evaluate our facility needs and how we can best utilize the Measure K funds to improve our current school site for our children.

If you have any further immediate concerns please see the front office staff for a “Request Form” and they will get it to the right staff member that same day.  If you would like to join the ongoing discussion on our facilities, we invite you to attend the regularly scheduled Facilities Committee Meetings held on the first Monday of each month at 6 pm in the Parent Center.  They are open to the public and your participation is welcome.

Many thanks to the Festival Team for providing our community with a warm and inviting festival.

Special thanks to Jackie Hammer for leading the team and to Emily Swanson for organizing a very sweet talent show!

These festivals are a major undertaking and we are deeply grateful to have such present and engaged parent volunteers who make it all possible.

Mark your Calendars! 
Next Week

  • 10/10, Tuesday @ 4 pm - Finance Committee Mtg. (Board Committee)

  • 10/12, Thursday 8 am to 2'ish pm Live SCAN mobile service

Save the date

  • 10/16, Tuesday @ 6 pm - Charter Council Mtg. (Board)

  • 10/18, Wednesday @ 9 am - School Tour (call front desk to sign-up, tell your friends)

  • 10/19, Thursday - Make Up Picture day
Mobile LIVE SCAN Service
October 12th - Thursday

You can get your Live Scan (fingerprints) done on Blue Oak School campus.
The mobile service provider will be set up on campus from 8 am until about 2 pm.
The cost is $62. No appointment necessary. Drop in service.

You may contact her with specific questions or to schedule an appointment for another time.
CONTACT: 530.387.4540 website:
email: Kate Carmichael-Buell

Once you have your fingerprint clearance on file with Blue Oak School you do not need to do it again.
Live Scan's done with other organizations do not transfer. We must have a clearance on file that has been specifically done through Blue Oak School. We need this clearance on file before you can Volunteer around any students.

General questions about volunteer requirements please contact or
879 7483 ext. 2001. * We do not want anyone to be deterred from volunteering because of the cost - please let Summer know if you need assistance with this expense *
Yard Duty Volunteers/substitutes
Who? at least 1 parent
When? upper grades recess. M,T, W, F 10:45-11:15 am and/or 1:10-1:55 pm
We are looking for one more adult to be out at Upper Grades recess.
We are also looking for a few more parents to be trained as Yard Duties that would be willing to be called in as a substitute from time to time.

Garden Club assistance
Who? 2nd and 3rd grade parents
When? contact garden club @
Our school gardens are a teaching tool for our children.
During 3rd grade the children are studying practical living skills, so this is a perfect task for 2nd and 3rd grade parents to help with. But of course anyone can help!

Chess Club assistant
Who? 1 volunteer
When? Wednesdays 3:15 - 4:15 pm
Kevin Brightling (volunteer parent coach) is looking for some assistance with Chess Club this year. It is VERY popular and he has a lot of interested kids this year. NO CHESS experience needed, he just needs and additional adult in the room.
You can contact him directly 530.354.4715 or

Reading Aide substitutes
Who? 3-5 volunteers
When? MW 10:50-11:30,T TH 11:35-12:15, F 10:50-11:30
We are hoping to train a few volunteers on how to lead our 2nd & 3rd grade mid-level reading groups. Last spring we often had to cancel reading groups when an aide was out sick. This loses our fidelity in reading instruction. 

School Site Council members
Who? At least 4 parents
When? Approximately 6 meetings this school year - Meeting #1 in late October (schedule t.b.d.)
 The School Site Council is the oversight committee for Title 1 and is required by Federal Law. The focus of this committee will be Student Achievement to advise the board on Student Achievement and the use of Title 1 funds. The Council will be composed of staff members, students, parents, and community members.
The scope of this work includes: review of test scores, demographics, ELD, professional development and parent community engagement. 
This Council requires a parity between parent/community/students and school staff. 
Please let us know if you are interested OR if you would like to nominate someone.
A school wide vote will determine who sits on this council.