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Latest Blue Ray Channel: 

Galactic Light Signals are Contacting You with the Shambhala New Earth Mission

Blue Ray Transformers: 
Time-Out to Prepare for Ground Zero
The Blue Ray Hermit Shell 
and the Need to be with the Trees

To the Ultra-Sensitive Empathic Starseed, your connection with Gaia is essential in feeling her response within you which empowers your spirit deeply. It is an empathic exchange that recharges, balances and stabilizes your energy field. If you have been exposed to toxic energy, overwhelmed or fatigued, this is how it can be released, recalibrated and make sense within your energy field.
Many Blue Rays and sensitive empath starseeds have a powerful strength in their Gaia connection of having a life as a Native American, indigenous and/or elemental being. Your innate connections to the elementals, faeries or fairies, mermaids, dragons, unicorns, sprites, gnomes, trees and Earth spirits are now essential in the raising of the frequency and ascension of the planet.22
Through your energetic empathic essence, Nature calls you to tune into the sacred divine feminine healing of Gaia, the planetary grid of the cosmic field. Gaia and Nature are sending signals to your etheric blueprint field of awakening codes that are ready to be activated in your light body.333

A tendency for the Blue Ray is to go into their hermit shell, going deeper into the separation of self from the outer worlds. As this has served as protection in your past while here on the Earth plane, now you are learning new ways that empower your abilities and strengths. 

Experience the allowance of the harmonization of your energy field which can require being alone and quiet and at the same time start sensing the unified field and Divine Principle of One. Using your intuiting and sensory awareness, be open to the unified field through Nature. Nature and the realms you have been part of on a grander scale will support and nourish you.

The Empath Ultra Sensory Integration

In the New Earth, Heaven on Earth integration requires the ultra-sensitive forerunners and Blue Rays to take some private and alone time. Taking periods of time to be in your own energy field will allow for your new sensory multidimensional upgrade integration. Many of you, the New World Servers, Light Bearers and Blue Rays, are the first in experiencing and carrying these expanded resonance field vibrations through for the New Earth. 333

Ascension Symptoms, Ultra Sensitivity and Emotions

For some Blue Rays, you may find yourself being ultra-sensitive and emotional, not being able to hold back, speaking your truth and not being silent anymore. The Blue Ray of Creation is healing the emotional body through the sacred divine feminine and male integration to strengthen your inner being and heart center.33

At times you may feel alone due to the increase of sensitivity, emotion and the frequency dimensional shifting that can appear as a division. This space is taking you to your deeper core essence where you connect in the unity field.13

 Blue Rays work empathically on many dimensions and sensory levels at the same time and when going through a shift, it can feel overwhelming. You may feel more psychically and emotionally vulnerable to outside influences and negative emotions can affect you. You may vacillate between happy and sad, feeling fine and then not so well. You may one moment want to be in "company" and the next seek solitude. Resist nothing; accept it all as part and parcel of the great internal transition, allowing you to receive, embody and retain higher and higher frequencies every 24 hours of the day for near-future transmission.

Gaia, the Trees, elementals. Archangels and the devic kingdoms are calling you to experience enhanced resonation with Source and consequent empowerment of your crystalline blueprint. You will bring a higher light field to the planet and harmonic communications from multidimensions, including planetary and galactic cooperation.

 Be still/silent so that you may hear and heed your ever-strengthening intuition, as you are being gently guided every step of the way. Relax. Breathe deeply; relax again, knowing you are fulfilling your piece of the divine plan and you are right on point. 13-33-333

November 11, 2017  Sedona, Arizona - 
 " Activating the Starseed Global Mission". 

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For the Starseeds and Blue Rays 

9:00 am to 5:00 pm 
with the 11:11 am starseed Blue Ray Ceremony 
 activation with Gaia in the Sedona Vortex ley lines to the Galactic Center with the Pleidians of peace 

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At the Sedona Community Center
2625 Melody Lane[corner of Harmony Drive &
Melody Lane] Sedona, AZ  86339

This will be a event, conference, and ceremony for the Blue Ray's and StarSeeds.  As we gather there will be particular en codements and information that can be shared for shifts on the planet and in you. For you are the code carriers, transmuters and Peace Makers!  Note There will be  limited seating. 

Meet the Pleaidians of Peace in a sacred ceremony on the 11:11 with the Blue Ray 33 anchors for the New Earth United Alliance,
Image result for dove flying gifAwaken your galactic gifts and star mission purpose, meet your star family. 

Hear the Star language song codes for the angelic human template that opens a divine portal to the angels and angelic star tribes for higher telepathic communications. 

Find out why the Blue Ray's and starseeds are here and theirspecial mission. 
Receive  a special energy attunement from the Stars for their unique energy system.

Experience, meet and share in the Star Seed Blue Ray circle and panel.

 I am so excited this can finally happen on the planet for the Blue Ray and starseeds the starbeings, emissaries and volunteers.  

 lead by:  Shekina Rose,  Angelic Blue Ray Starseed, 
Peace Emissary  and Channel of the Blue Ray,  Harmonic Vocalist  for the language of Light in the 528 Hz Miracles and Love

With many other gifted, highly empathic, starseed guests of honor from all over the world ~ "You" 



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Shekina Rose, Angelic Blue Ray, Star Seed, Harmonic Vocalist for the  Language of Light 528 Hz LOVE, MIRACLE ancient Solfeggio frequency, Channel of the Blue Ray, Co-executive producer host and  intuitive empath for Sacred Sedona Video series, 



To see more  StarGate Pendants  

Shekina's physical contact and on going relationship with the Pleaidians occurred on the 11:11. Where she recieved an activation
a to the higher realms for months and where she was shown divine blue prints and technologies for humanity.  This would raise the vibrational frequency for humanity and activate divine dormant codes of the DNA Blueprint. 

Shekina receives the design and personally makes each stargate pendant. Inside of each one has the actual codes that come from the Pleaidian Light portal that awakening your Divine Original blueprint and attunes you to those communions with higher beings and higher intelligence and have been attuned to the frequency.  

Blue Ray Princess of Royal blue codes of light
Blue Ray Priestess Stargate  ~  $244.00

3CT Swiss Blue Topaz 
Blue Ray strength codes of light for the empath sensitive

Blue Ray Crystalline DNA Healer Code
Blue Ray Crystalline DNA Healer Codes $233.00

Aquamarine & White Topaz  
Assist in aligning all of the chakras and enhance the aura."Stone of Courage and Protection". Throat Chakra enhance spiritual communication and clear communication blocks, Ocean~ water ~dolphins Peace



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Oct 13, 14 & 15th



Mother Mary Rose Ray of Sedona 

In person sessions 
Language of light Divine Angelic human template at the Cathedral Rock Vortex, Sedona AZ.  At the Rose Ray Mother Mary sacred circle where you become anointed, it s a very small walk into the other realms and activation of your angelic mission at the winged tree.  I bring the archangel metatron disc to use as well, this is also the place of the pleaidian portal.  In person vortex Session

Blessings of the Blue Ray Orb. Downloaded in 2008 with the information that she was from the Blue Ray, Shekina received sacred knowledge on the Blue Ray and has been sharing the Blue Ray Transmissions on ascension, the ancient sacred technologies, to empower the ultra-sensitive empath starseeds on the planet, letting them know they are not alone and assisting them with their mission of light on the planet. For years, the Blue Ray Orb has appeared regularly to Shekina and manifests in photos. It is a Light Transmission generator from the higher planes that acts as a stargate portal of Home Frequency to let us know it's time for our ascension and to unify. Divine Principal of One. 

Shekina does not consider herself a singer, but sings and tones only to bring in the Language of Light, the Holy Frequencies of Creation, where she was attuned when she went to Heaven and back through a near death experience.  

Science has analyzed the voice of Shekina Rose, and verified that her vocals contain the whole lost scale of the ancient Solfeggio scale of 528 Hz, Love "(Solfeggio)" , Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair), they also include the breakthrough mathematical equations of Creation by scientist, Mark Rodin and other frequencies not discovered yet.

She has been anointed in the Rose Ray by the ascended master Mother Mary where the apparitions and appearances occurred at Cathedral Rock Vortex, in Sedona, Arizona. The Rose Ray in the Violet Flame of Supreme Divine Love is back on the planet to restore the balance of the sacred divine feminine that empowers our I Am presence.

Her Star being ET Contact and inter dimensional experiences in Sedona have been the impetus for Supernatural Sedona TV Video series, where she is Co-executive producer, host and intuitive empath guide for the Video series, for FaceBook Supernatural Sedona 
 And also have been published in Sedona: City of the Star
People by Mark Amaru Pinkham. Visit
Shekina Rose, Angelic Blue Ray, Star Seed, Harmonic Vocalist for the Language of Light 528 Hz LOVE, MIRACLE ancient Solfeggio frequency, Channel of the Blue Ray, Co-executive producer , host and intuitive empath for Super natural Sedona Video series, FaceBook Supernatural Sedona

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The Blue Ray Beings are an ultra-sensitive, empathic soul group like the Indigos that came from many different ascended planets and light realms to enlighten the genetic code of humanity and raise the God consciousness on Gaia.
They are the lost ray of the Light Worker.
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