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February 7, 2024

We Need You to Be a Delegate!

We're bringing you this special edition of the Blue Review to let you know that we've re-opened registration for your ward's pre-primary delegation election. The new deadline is Friday, February 8 at 6 pm.

We're doing this for one simple reason: We want to make sure everyone has the chance to get involved!

We know it’s been a busy year and you may have missed the opportunity to register last week. But, we need your help to wield DPBC's grassroots power in New Mexico!

So, we are putting the challenge to you: will you help us get 50 more delegates?

That means:

If you haven't already self-nominated as a delegate candidate, we need you to register ASAP!

Becoming a delegate is easy and makes a huge impact on both our county and state parties. If you've been looking to get your foot in the door of our grassroots operation, this is a great way to do it!

If you already registered to run as a delegate, find another person in your precinct or ward to run and send them the registration link. Registration takes less than a minute!

You may also nominate someone in County-Wide Ward Meetings scheduled for February 8, 2024, but please make sure you have obtained their consent and can provide identifying contact information for them before the meeting.

If you're a ward chair or SCC member:

  1. Register to vote in your ward's election, if you haven't already.
  2. Send the registration link to your precinct chairs, CCC members, or other Democrats in your community.

For the amended timeline and County-Wide Ward Meeting Zoom links, read the Chair's Call to the Pre-Primary County Convention.

FAQ and Adjusted Timelines

What are delegates?

The delegates elected at your ward's pre-primary election will go on to vote to determine what U.S. Senate and Congress candidates will appear on June's primary ballot. Delegates can also attend the virtual statewide convention on March 9th.

What's the time commitment to run for delegate?

You can be an active, engaged delegate with only a few minutes of your time over the next couple of weeks. 

It takes less than a minute to register. There's little to no campaigning. Elections are virtual. Even the statewide convention is held virtually. You can fulfill your delegate responsibilities without leaving your bedroom. (Though, we hope to keep you active and engaged throughout this election year!)

Who has already self-nominated in your ward?

To see candidates in your ward and how many delegates your ward will elect, click here. (Wards that sit in two Congressional districts will have their allocation split between CD1 and CD2.)

What happens next in the pre-primary?

Because we've re-opened registration, we've had to adjust the pre-primary timeline:

  • Friday, February 8
  • Noon. County-Wide Ward Meeting #1 on Zoom. Sign up to attend.
  • 6 pm. County-Wide Ward Meeting #2 on Zoom. Sign up to attend.
  • 6 pm. Registration for your ward's pre-primary election closes.
  • Sunday, February 11. DPBC emails registration certifications and voting PINs to registrants who haven't already received them.
  • February 24. County pre-primary convention. (More info coming soon.)
  • March 9. State pre-primary convention. (UPDATE: This event is now being held virtually.)  

For a full listing of the adjusted timeline, read DPBC Chair Enriquez's amended call.

Still have questions?

We know this can be a confusing, unintuitive process. So, if at any point you have questions, please use these resources:

Don’t know who your Ward and Precinct Chairs are? Email [email protected] with your name and voter ID, which you can find here, and we can help.

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