Blue Ridge Bulletin -October 2019
  Community News, Events and Board Reports

Calendar of Events
Family Halloween Party- October 31st

Holiday Open House-December 5 th
The Next Board Meeting is:

Date: Monday, October 14th
Time: 7:00 pm
Place: The Clubhouse

On the agenda is:
  • Director Reports
  • Review draft budget for 2020
  • Ratify approval of $6,400 proposal from Tree Solutions for permits and a revegetation plan for the Mary Ave. parcel.
  • Old Business: Approve $12,004.27 transfer from reserves to operating for asphalt projects.
  • Executive Session – Association Manager 2020 salary & performance.
  • Additional items as directed by chair

Board President Report - Janet Wallace

Hello everyone! With October comes my annual “now we turn to Fall with end of the year planning” column. For some of us, it’s our busier time on the Board. We have begun work on the 2020 budget and have an eye towards Board composition and succession planning. 

Budget 2020

The Board will review a first draft of the 2020 Budget at the October 14 meeting. As part of the process, the Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) met this past month to review the Reserve Study and projects for 2020. Andrea Durbin, Treasurer and Chair of the committee welcomed new members, Jake Burns and Rowan Christmas. Two major reserve projects are earmarked for next year: replacement of the pool deck and the beach park playground equipment. At the October Board meeting, we will discuss the reserve contribution for next year as well as a number of discretionary items so that we can prepare a final budget for board approval at the November 11 th Board meeting. The approved Budget and Ratification Meeting (date still TBD) Notice will then be sent out soon after to the community. 

Board Elections 2020

Every year there are three Board positions that are voted in. This is my last year on the Board. I will finish two 3-year terms with one year as Treasurer and five as Board President. Hard to believe! Next year Andrea Durbin and Jen Henninger will operate as co-presidents while we shift their current roles/responsibilities. Steve Brunette (Grounds & Facilities Chair) and Steve Reich (Legal Chair) will be rolling off the Board too. Bottom-line is that there are 3 open positions.

Conversations took place with individuals over the summer with an eye towards eventual succession in key positions such as Swim and Tennis Programs Chair. We’ve got some verbal commitments to run which is great! If you are interested in learning more about Board service please shoot me an email at . We have particular need for an attorney to serve as Legal Chair. It’s a great way to give back to your community!
 Association Manager Report - Michelle Morgan

The time is frightfully near to harvest the pumpkin patch at Woodbine Park. By October 14, Halloween volunteers will pick a portion for the annual party. After October 14, homeowners are welcome to pick the remaining pumpkins to enjoy at home. Thank you to all the little farmers that helped plant this year’s crop (pictured). Thank you also to Mike and Linda Brooks who have spearheaded this chore for several years. Many hands make light work!
In the Dark
It’s that time of year when our streets become darker. To report a streetlight that is out please complete the Streetlight Trouble Report Form here:  Streetlight Trouble Form . The same form can be used for a glare issue or malfunctioning streetlight such as going on/off constantly or on during the day. Reports can also be made via e-mail  or phone (206) 684-7056.
Please have the following information for all streetlight trouble reports:
  • 7-digit pole number and name of street where the light is located (as shown in the image)
  • Address nearest to the pole to locate correct trouble streetlight
  • Issue that needs reported: out, on all day, on/off, LED glare, pole down, etc.
  • Your name, phone number and/or email for follow-up and status updates

Additional details can be found at:

October to April is pretty quiet around the clubhouse and a great time to stop by in person. A reminder – as the days get darker and spookier, you may find the clubhouse door locked. If my car is here, I probably am too and just knock. Onsite hours are usually Mon-Fri, 9-5 (except legal holidays), feel free to reach out and confirm.

October brings crisp, cool nights and Halloween frights! Best witches!

Michelle Morgan, CMCA , AMS  I  Association Manager
10040 15 th Ave NW  Seattle, WA  98177
206.784.3868   I   I
Events- Sarah Salentine

Happy fall everyone! The beginning of fall in Blue Ridge is marked by our fantastic Oktoberfest celebration at the clubhouse. Thank you so much Jen Henninger for taking on this wonderful event year after year. Big thanks go out to the Oktoberfest team including Jamie Smith, Karen Bombino, Darby Carlisle and Kirsten Duke!

This month marks the end of my time as the events lead for Blue Ridge as I am headed off to my new role as a full-time student. I have had a great experience and I am so thankful for all the volunteers who have helped make our events successful.

Blue Ridge needs a new lead for our events, and we would love for someone to volunteer! If you are interested the role involves:

  • Coordinating volunteer leads for individual Blue Ridge events including Easter, the Fourth of July, Oktoberfest, Halloween, the Holiday party and others. You do not have to manage all of the details for those events, just try to ensure there are leads and volunteers set up to manage those events
  • Working with the annual budget for events
  • Communicating with the Blue Ridge manager and board regarding upcoming events and scheduling
  • Communicating with the Blue Ridge community about upcoming events through the bulletin, Facebook and email

If anyone is interested in taking on the events role, please let me know or contact the board. I am happy to answer questions and help with the transition. It is a great opportunity to get to know your neighbors!

Upcoming Events:

  • Family Halloween Party- October 31st
  • Holiday Open House-December 5th

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer I can be reached at

Pool & Tennis Report-Brooke Walker

Another warm, fun summer has come and gone. The tennis courts are wet nearly every day now and the pool has been closed down for the winter months. 
Beginning in late August, the planning for summer 2020 commenced. 
Pool Staff:
Drew Brennan has agreed to take over the manager role for next summer and Jessica Cary will be stepping into the Lessons Coordinator role. I’m thrilled to have them both back as they are now very experienced and knowledgeable members of our team. Additionally, Glen Bradburn will be stepping in to a full time summer role at our pool. He has agreed ( I only begged a little!) to work in a general manager type role at the pool next summer. He will be there daily to help get both the pool and the guards up and running smoothly. He will then transition over to the head swim coach role. I believe that both the facilitiesand staff will benefit from his many decades of experience and I feel lucky to have him on board!
Pool Season Extension:
Over the last few months, the Board was presented with a proposal by a group of lap swimmers to open the pool for year round swim - similar to the other neighborhood pools. The first proposal included hosting an outdoors swim team in order to offset the costs for our community. We heard from many members of the community who were not in favor of using our neighborhood amenities in this way and the Board challenged the group to present options to extend the season without the additional users. After some deliberation and information gathering, I’m pleased to report that plans are in the works to extend the pool season by 2 months on a trial basis. The pool will open in April and close in October  just for adult lap swimmers and water aerobics where lifeguards are not required.  Exact details of how this will work are still being worked out, but this will be built into our operating budget for 2020. The pool will open to the greater community as usual in mid May with lifeguards. We hope this trial is successful and will be the first step in expanding opportunities for use as we move to single dues in 2021.

Architecture Report-Eric Souder

In September, the Board:

  • Heard the initial presentation for 10530 Valmay Ave. NW – Osaki remodel
In October ,  the Board will:

  • Vote for 10530 Valmay Ave. NW – Osaki remodel
If you have any questions then please let me know as we are here to help.
Thank you,
Eric Souder
Membership Report-Jen Henninger

Hello Friends and Neighbors,

I hope this fall bulletin finds you well and adjusting to shorter days, warmer sweaters and a few rain showers along the way…. I know as I take long weekend dog-walks through the neighborhood, I have been enjoying fall flowers in people’s yards, leaves changing colors in the Carkeek ravine, and the amazing pumpkin patch in Woodbine Park!

Amazingly, we have no new neighbors to welcome since our last bulletin. Which means there are lots of familiar faces to say hello to as you are out an about in the ‘hood.

As always, please don’t ever hesitate to let me know if you have any resident questions I can help with.


Jen Henniger
Pacesetters Report

Our Next Pacesetters Meeting will be on Wednesday, October 16, 2019. Everyone is welcome--Blue Ridge Residents, Family and Friends!


Topic of the Evening:   Building Bridges of Understanding to Conversations about Race  

Our speaker for the October meeting is Denise Malm, the Wallingford Coummunity Center Social Worker. Denise works with a very diverse population, providing consultation and help finding and navigating resourses. Her skills include facilitating conversations and dialogues on diversity issues including race, age, loss of ability/disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, social class and gender. Most recently she developed a Social Justice 101 series of TED talk videos to open up discussions of how people who are different than us experience the world.  
She states that we are surrounded with media informing us about racism and its division across America and that there are many pieces of this conversation that are missing. At our meeting she would like to talk about where we can begin. She provided us with this quote from  Audre Lorde:   "We have to consciously study how to be tender with each other until it becomes a habit."
Please join us for what promises to be a unique opportunity to discuss a topic that is important to our understanding of the human experience across differences and will provoke thought long after the evening is over.
The Evening Agenda:

6:00-6:30   Socializing
6:30-7:15   Potluck Dinner
7:15       Announcements
7:20+/-8:00 Program and Questions
In Memoriam
Tobey Wilkins – Longtime Blue Ridge neighbor and kind friend to all!

Babysitting by Reese : Need a babysitter? My name is Reese Carlisle, I am 13 years old. I am very good with children and I went to a babysitting class at Children’s Hospital. I can do simple housework (washing dishes, laundry, walking a dog, etc.)I am looking for work in the Blue Ridge area. Charge:$8/hour (if you only have one kid it is $6/hour) Contact Info:  (206) 793-0197  
Are you looking for a fun babysitter to entertain your kids? My name is Sam Pinney and I am a 16 year old boy in Blue Ridge looking for babysitting jobs. I’m a sophomore in high school and I have a lot of experience working with kids through babysitting, being a Campfire counselor for 3 years, coaching kids basketball camps and tennis lessons, and helping in my church nursery. I love sports and games and I’m happy to take your kids to play at the parks, pool or tennis courts in the neighborhood. I’ve completed the Children’s babysitting course and a CPR training class so I’m well prepared. I also have my license and can drive to and from babysitting jobs. Please call or text (206) 399-8626 to reach me!
Calling all neighborhood kids who want after-school jobs as babysitters, lawn mowers, pet caregivers and odd jobbers!!   Ads are FREE for Blue Ridge Kids! 
Advertise in Blue Ridge!!
We’re offering advertising opportunities in our monthly bulletin and on ! The site sees considerable traffic from the broad northwest Seattle community, particularly in the summer months with swim and tennis sign-ups and swim team meets. Consider one of the three tiers available:  
  • Sponsors are premiere business card size placements on the left panel throughout the website and in the monthly bulletin. 
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For rates & details please visit our website here .  For questions (or suggestions) please contact:

Blue Ridge Club, 10040 15th Ave NW, Seattle, WA