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Planning & Zoning Commission
Tuesday, May 7th, 6:00 p.m.

Town Board of Trustees
Tuesday, April 9th, 6:00 p.m.
Work Session 5:00 p.m.

Citizen Advisory Committee

Trails Committee

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Upcoming Trustee Talks

Dessert with the Trustees
Wednesday, May 22nd, 6:00 p.m.
Myla Rose

Bike With the Mayor
Wednesday, June 12 th , 6:00 p.m.
Location TBD

Coffee Talk
Friday, September 27 th , 7:00 a.m.
Coffee Depot

Snowshoe with the Trustees
Saturday, December 14 th , 9:00 a.m.
Boreas Pass

We Survived the Snow Apocalypse
March 2019 will go on record as possibly one of the snowiest in history. Record snow falls and avalanche dangers were of highest priority the first two weeks of the month. Over 10' (feet) of snow fell in Blue River.

The snow brought travel challenges, and snow removal crews throughout the county ran in overdrive on coffee and adrenaline. During the storms, the Blue River snow crews worked to keep the roads open and safe. This included building piles 12'+ high along the sides of many roads. Beginning March 19th, crews finally caught a break and were able to begin work on cutting the snow road pack. Originally scheduled for March 5th, this has proved challenging as there is up to two feet of snow pack on most roads. Crews are working delingently to clear the pack and clean up after. This includes work in front of driveways so you may safely pull in to your home. Additionally, they are working to mitigate the slush mess that has arrived thanks to the cold temperatures.

If you have concerns or quesitons, please feel free to reach out to us at Also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and now Instagram for all the latest updates.

A special shout out to the Town Staff and Plow Crews for the endless hours of work and dedication to the residents of the Town of Blue River!

Stay up to date on emergencies and alerts. Sign up for Summit County alerts at Keep informed on State Hwy and I-70 conditions. Sign up through

Flood Preparedness
*Summit County Swift-Water Safety & Flood Preparedness Guide

Making preparations in advance of a flooding event can make a big difference if an emergency strikes. Review the tips below, and for more information on flood preparedness, visit .
  • Prepare an evacuation plan from your home to a safe area.
  • Purchase flood insurance, if desired.
  • Make a list of personal property to help with insurance claims.
  • Choose a relative or close friend out of the area as a contact person for family members and friends.
  • Prepare an emergency kit:
  • Flashlight with batteries
  • Non-perishable foods
  • Bottled water
  • First aid kit
  • Determine who will be responsible for important documents, clothing, food, family pets, etc.
  • Once you formulate your plan, REHEARSE IT!
Spring Run Off
Heavy snow and record snow pack brings, heavy spring run off. Blue River sits in a valley snuggled next to....the BLUE RIVER. Spring has arrived and warmer temperatures mean that our record snow pack will soon be filling the rivers and water ways.

Take time to plan ahead. Ensure that sump pumps are in working order. If you live next to the rivers, be prepaired with sandbags. Check out the recommendations for flood preparadeness.

While crews are working to cut the snow pack, water will reach our dirt roads and the days of muddy, bumpy roads are in our near future. While the roads remain wet, we will not be able to do major road grading. Where possible without doing more damage, we will address pot holes. As soon as the roads are dry enough, pot hole and initial road grading will take place.

In the meantime, enjoy the sun and warmer temps, know that summer is around the corner and soon you will be fishing on the Tarn.
When Will It Melt?
We are all familiar with the barrel watch on Lake Dillon. Here in Blue River, we want to know when do you think we will see the highway again at Town Hall?
Below: The Johnson Family has started a new Billboard Sign business in town. Designs are customized to your special snow pile.
Blue River Defensible Space Program
2018 was one of the driest summers we have seen in many years here in Summit County. It also had many on alert for wildfires. Creating a defensible space around your home is one of the easiest things you can to do to protect your home in a wildfire.

Since 2011, the Town of Blue River has offered the Defensible Space Program. This program is made possible with grants from the Summit County Wildfire Council and in partnership with Beetlekill Tree Services.

To date, 70 homes have participated in the grant program clearing nearly 3,000 trees.

Applications are now being accepted for summer 2019. This is your opportunity to create defensible space around your home at a 50% discount. The Town of Blue River also offers a $100 incentive for all participants. Deadline for sign up is May 1st .

For more information, please contact Christian Nelson with Beetlekill Tree Guys at 970-485-3632 or Information is also available on our website at
Want to know what to remove, revegetate, or what should be done to protect your home? Plan to attend our FREE Community Education Series-Firewise/Defensible Space on Thursday, May 2nd, 6:00 p.m.

Coming soon..FREE County wide slash program.
Fire Pit Permits
Per the Blue River Town Code, fire pits within the Town require a fire permit.

Section 7-7-30. Special permit requirements .
(a)   Permit required. All fires not specifically permitted by Section 7-7-20 above are prohibited unless a special permit is obtained pursuant to the procedures outlined herein. It is unlawful to start or maintain, either purposely or accidentally, any fire, other than those permitted herein, without having received a special permit for the same.

(b)  Application for permit; approval or disapproval. An application or special fire permit shall be made in writing to the Red, White and Blue Fire Protection District, stating location and purpose of such fire and a description of all safety and precautionary measures planned. Within ten (10) days from receipt of the application for special permit, the District shall give its written approval or disapproval of such application. A copy shall be on hand at Blue River Town Hall.

Regulations and permitting has been modified for 2019. Permits are still obtained through Red, White and Blue at their Station in Breckenridge. There is now a fee for all fire pit permits. New permits are $50 and renewals will be $25. Applications for renewals and new fire pit permits may be submitted beginning March 15, 2019. For more information and to register, visit .

Hwy 9 & Driveway Snow Removal
CDOT Recommendations for removing snow from your property
YES! Move snow from your driveway onto your own property.
a. If standing on your property facing the road, move snow to the right or left of your driveway.
b. Clear the area of your property next to your driveway and near the roadway. This gives plows a place to push snow and helps reduce the change of a snow berm being created across your driveway.

NO! DO NOT push snow into the roadway or right of way. It is illegal!
Colorado law and many local ordinances prohibit the plowing, blowing, shoveling or otherwise placing of snow into public roadways. This includes ditch and right-of-way area along the roadside. Pushing snow on public roadways creates many hazards for CDOT snow plow operators and general public including:
  • drainage problems
  • drifting
  • sight obstruction
  • hindered accessibility
  • slippery areas and
  • frozen ruts or bumps that can contribute to motor vehicle or pedestrian crashes.
The Pooh Fairy Left Town
A friendly reminder that there is not a Pooh Fairy that walks the neighborhoods to clean up after our four legged family members.

Please be respectful of your neighbors and ensure that "business" is not conducted on other's property and that if your fur family member must conduct "business" that you properly clean up, bag and dispose of the issue.

Help to keep Blue River a
"Pooh FREE Community!"
2019 Boat Permits

The Town of Blue River is working on going GREEN! You may now obtain your Goose Pasture Tarn Boat Permits and Resident Stickers online. Permits and stickers, upon request may be mailed to you. Payment for Boat Permits may be submitted online. Boat permits are $20 for each vessal. Please submit one form and one payment for each permit requested., click on the Goose Pasture Tarn tab.
Blue River Resident Stickers

Resident stickers will be available at the end of April. You may apply for your FREE car sticker online or stop in the office. Where requested, stickers will be mailed to you., click on the Goose Pasture Tarn tab.
One of the best assets to the Town of Blue River is its abundant wildlife. Living in an area with wildlife is both facinating and challenging. While trash is usally the most discussed issue, it is important to remember to keep pets either on a leash or within 30' of voice command per the Town Code. Teach your children on what to do if they encounter wildlife. Be mindful of your speed and surroundings while driving in Blue River and NEVER feed the wildlife.

Following a few precautions will ensure your safety and that of the wildlife for years to come.
Photo courtsey of Dave Britton, Blue River Resident.
BEARS!-Colorado Parks & Wildlife

Garbage Kills Bears! Allowing bears to use trash and garbage as a food source creates serious problems for both people and bears. Because the food reward is so great, bears are willing to work hard to get at trash and garbage, and return often in hopes of finding more. These food-conditioned bears sometimes enter homes, garages or even vehicles in search of an easy meal. Bears in pursuit of such a good source of calories can do a lot of property damage, and even become aggressive.
Allowing bears to get into the garbage is one of the leading causes of humanbear conflicts. Being smart about how you handle and store your trash can protect your home and property, and help keep bears alive and wild. 

The bears are w aking and are hungry! Please secure your trash cans. Per Town Code trash may not be placed outside until trash day and must be brought back by 6:00 p.m. that evening.Keep trash and recyclables safely locked inside your home or a sturdy, locked garage or outbuilding constructed of heavy wood or metal. Don’t leave any trash outside overnight; even empty bottles, cans, packages and recyclables have odors that attract bears. Don’t store trash on your deck or screened-in porch, and don’t stash your trash in your car, truck or camper. If you keep trash in your garage or an outbuilding, it should have sturdy doors and windows that lock.
Codes to Know!
There is no parking on Town roads. This is especially important as we move into winter. Plows often work in the dark, before sunrise. There are both Town contractors for all Town roads as well as private contractors that plow driveways. Any cars parked on Town roads will be ticketed and/or towed. Please inform your guests and help to keep the roadways clear.

If you have a concern or question, please email . Please note that the Town Hall phone is not monitored 24 hours a day so email is the most efficient way for staff to receive messages.
The Town of Blue River Municipal Code states that trash may not be placed curbside except pick up day and all receptacles must be pulled back by 6:00 p.m. that evening.

With the busy tourist season, we are seeing an increase in issues of trash being left out. To avoid receiving a notice of violation or ticket, please inform your guests, and property management companies of the Town Codes.

We encourage you to contact the trash companies if your trash has not been picked up and work to ensure compliance. There are two companies that provide trash pickup in Summit County, Timberline and Waste Management.

Recycling is available through the waste companies. Additonally, there is a large recycling drop off in Breckenrige on Coyne Valley Dr.
Lodging/Short-term Rental Owners
Renting your home short-term? Thinking about renting your home short-term? The Town of Blue River requires that anyone renting their home less than 30 days to be registered and pay sales/lodging taxes. Registration is $200 for the initial registration and $75 annually. Sales and lodging taxes in the amount of 12.275% are required on all rentals. Information is available on our website at under the Lodging License tab.

Registrations and taxes may be remitted online. For more information, contact Michelle Eddy, Town Administrator at

New regulations have been enacted in Summit County and surrounding municipalities. These new regulations will help all of the municipalities in Summit County and unincorporated Summit County to work together and hopefully limit confusion. The Town of Blue River has not changed how we regulate or manage our short-term rentals. Our codes address the issues we face in Blue River and enforcement is handled by the Town. If you have a code complaint or issue, please call the non-emergency dispatch number 970-668-8600 and one of the Town Marshals will respond. Emails may also be sent to or you may file a complaint on our website at on the Home page is a CitizenServices link.
Blue River Guests Notes

Visitors to the mountains often are not aware of our unique challenges. Please take time to inform your guests of these important notes and help to be a great neighbor in the community.

  • Trash may not be placed (including empty cans) curbside until pick up day. Bears are not necessarily asleep and some are beginning to wake. Secure trash appropriately and make arrangements for pick up.
  • There is no parking on Town roads. Town Code limits the number of vehicles allowed in a driveway/parking space to five per household.
  • Fire permits are required for ALL fire pits. Please observe any fire restrictions.
  • Be courteous of neighbors. Blue River has many full-time homeowners who work in the area. Please observe quiet hours and be respectful of property boundaries. Please do not sled or ski across neighboring properties.
  • Renters are not allowed use of the Goose Pasture Tarn.
  • Speed limits on all Town Roads is 15 mph.
Submitting Code Complaints
To file a complaint, please visit our website and click on the Citizen Services link on the home page. You may also email If you have a non-emergency issue requiring Police assistance, please call the non-emergency dispatch line at 970-668-8600. Please do not call the Marshals directly or Town Hall. Non-emergency issues include code violation complaints.
911 Addresses are required on all homes within the Town of Blue River. Red, White and Blue Fire District will provide FREE reflective address numbers for your home.

The house numbers are vital to assisting fire and emergency personnel in locating your home in an emergency. Per the Blue River Municipal Code, 911 addresses are REQUIRED on all homes in Blue River. To have a firefighter come install numbers at your home, please email: 
Building In Blue River

In the Town of Blue River, permits are needed for a variety of items. These include: building 
permits; staining and re-staining; sheds; landscaping; roofs; interior construction; electrical; and tree removal to name a few.  

As spring returns, so does construction season. A reminder that construction vehicles may not be parked in the road unless a special circumstance permit has been obtained from the Town. Additionally, construction hours are as follows:
Monday through Friday: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday/Sunday:  9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Information on the Building Department is available on the Town website,

How to apply for a Building Permit?
Permit and building packet information is available on the Town website. It is important to note what is required to obtain a construction permit and what to expect. Below is a list of what is required at each stage of the building process.

All Planning & Zoning submittals are required two (2) weeks prior to the Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting. Planning & Zoning meets the first Tuesday of each month. For questions, contact John McCormick, Public Works Official at 970-485-5193 or via email at

When applying for a new construction project, take time to refer to the Architectural Guidelines on the website. These Guidelines must be followed whether you are doing a stick build, kit home or modular. Please note that ALL contractors, sub-contractors and anyone doing business in the Town of Blue River, is required to obtain a Blue River Business License.
Trails Committee
The Trails Committee continues to work on identifying potential trails in the Town of Blue River. Work is focused on creating a dedicated trail system through Blue River. Work has been narrowed to one section of town and soon the Committee will be working to develop a plan to present to the Board of Trustees. Dedicated easements are necessary to help make this project a success. If you are interested in allowing the Town to have a dedicated trail easement on your property, please contact the Town at

The Committee is also working to identify any improvements necessary. With the approval of funding from the Community Fund, a work day will be scheduled this summer with the Friends of the Dillon Ranger District for trail improvements. There will be an open house in the near future to discuss this and plans for trails in the near future.
Committee Members
Mark Fossett, Chair
Dan Cleary
Joel Dixon
Devon O'Neil
Justin Park
Mike Rupert
Paul Semmer
Committee Members
Kelly Finley, Chair
Tori Aidala
Shanan Cox
Bruce Queen
Martie Semmer
Mandy Webster
Tim West
Citizen Advisory
Thank you to all who took time to answer the 2019 Resident Survey. The Citizen Advisory Committee has reviewed the results and will be working to develop messaging and programs to address the comments made. Below are the results. Look for more information to come in the near future.

Total Responses: 96

  • In general do you support conservation efforts & poloicy development?
  • 85.4% Yes
  • 14.5% No
  • What types of conservation projects or policies would you like to see adopted?
  • Wildlife Habitat: 56%
  • Promotion of Native Vegetation: 28%
  • Removal of Noxious Weeds: 37%
  • Light Pollution/Dark Skies Initiatives: 38%
  • Are you aware of the availability of Defensible Space grants:
  • 81.2% Yes
  • 18.7% No
  • Have you participated in the Defensible Space Grant Program?
  • 25% Yes
  • 72.9% Yes
  • Are you aware of the following programs/events offered?
  • Defensible Space Grants: 77.7%
  • Clean Up Day: 88.8%
  • Trustee Talks: 75.5%
  • Trunk or Treat: 55.5%
  • Energy Audit Grants: 31.1%
  • Cisterns for Fire Protection: 54.4%
  • Community Education Series: 17.7%
  • Founders Day Celebration: 48.8%
  • Winter Coat/Food Drive: 34.4%
  • Would you be interested in volunteering for hosted events or on a committee?
  • Yes: 27%
  • No: 57.2%
What is Your Future Blue River?
**Noted this is a sample of answers and not all responses received**

  • Staying a small town community, I would like to see a restaurant or two added to our community. Possibly a gas station with a small convenience store so trips into Breck would not be necessary.
  • Quiet place to be.
  • "My Blue River is a growing community, conscious of the environment, sustainable and responsible in investment while creating access to wilderness and resources for residents, guests and visitors".
  • A place I can continue to raise my children alongside other families...who know and look out for one another. A place without an overwhelming amount of policies. Our conservation efforts are enough. If residents want to organize further efforts, great. Let them! But the town doesn’t need to spend any more time or money figuring these out and organizing additional events.
  • Small,quite,staying close to its roots.
  • A place to get away and relax
  • I would like to see Blue River be more than a small community located next to Breckenridge. I would like to see paved roads. I would like to see the town create a retail / restaurant area. Blue River should be more than just a sleepy community where people work elsewhere. It should be a destination.
  • My future blue river is a place for my family to grow. We want to know our neighbors and have a sense of community. We want to have access to trails and eventually Breck via a bike path.
  • I would like to see a future Blue River with a safe bike/ped path through the Town running Norh-South and evenutally connecting to Breck and Alma. I would love to see a future Blu Eirver with more communcity gathering events like barbecues, outdoor actvitiy or cultural events. I would like to see more Town pride, updated signage, mapping, as well as well as access and trails around Town Tarn for residents.
  • A community that celebrates and preserves the natural beauty surrounding us. Not sure I have a ton of progressive goals for the town. I think less is more for a simple resident town such as ours.
  • Residential, unpaved, community-led.
  • That it continues to be a great place to live and raise a family. 
  • Keeping our wild spaces in and around our neighborhoods wild, as much as we can in a responsible and defensible way. Maintain the quiet beauty that attracted us to Blue River in the first place. Little to no Major developments, or at least anything slowly planned and discussed so we can all maintain this quiet little heaven. I feel so lucky now with how crazy the county can be that I live in blue river. I turn into my neighborhood, and it’s like a curtain of peace closes in behind me and leaves all of the anxiety behind me. In my future blue river, nothing has changed, and blue river still provides the same magical serenity due to intelligent planning.
  • A beautiful place to live and play. A place with a strong sense of community, and a commitment to conservation and the protection of wild places.
  • My future Blue River is a place that has improved bike connectivity to the Town of Breckenridge, while still being a place where those who don't want to live in a development can feel they have some space. It's a place that feels like home.
  • Quiet beautiful and crime free town where you truly feel you are blessed to be.
  • A pristine, beautiful and exclusive mountain community where the residents are chill and the critters are happy.
  • A Future Blue River that stays green and true to it's surrounding
  • I would love to see: Resident stickers for parking at the end of Blue River Road so we may enjoy the hiking trail and walk to the lake without worrying that our car will be towed. Improvement of the Tarn access road to make it a bit safer. Small community boat house at the Tarn for storing kayaks, cartop boats, SUPs,etc. Work to the Tarn's southend so the blue river is rerouted back to it's original stream bed and into the lake. This will greatly improve the health of the lake and it's critters. Small group of community retail buildings (near your office) for local artisans to display and sell their wares and where the city can make a bit of additional income to pay for improvements within the city. Community garden site. Once completed by the trail's committee, a detailed map of all of Blue River's hiking trails.
  • A peaceful, quite bedroom community with minimal traffic and noise close to work and play. Beautiful forests, streams and trails to access. Local living where people are friendly and living is simple
  • Not much different from my current "Blue River". I think we live in an amazing place in close proximity to outdoor activities. I would like to see less focus on "what needs to change",and more focus on conserving the best parts of what make Blue River such a great place.
  • Remain a small town, trails for biking that are off the highway and safe for children, slower speeds on highway 9, small gatherings for towns people where we have the opportunity to get to know one another
  • Keeping it a small rural mountain community.
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Town of Blue River
Now Blue River Marshal's Office
Ride the Stage!
**Park & Ride Spaces are now available at Blue River Town Hall.**
The first five spaces on the left hand side, designated by signs are reserved for those riding the Summit Stage. Please note that there is NO overnight parking allowed .

COMING APRIL 21, 2019!
Beginning April 21st, the Summit Stage will be adding a route to Fairplay. This will involve some changes to the existing Blue River Route. Most notably, the stop at Calle de Platta will be moved to Sherwood Lane. This should assist residents in that neighborhood to avoid crossing the road on Hwy 9 and board safely. New times and information will be available soon. Watch your Blue River alerts for more information in the near future.

High Country Conservation Center, local municipalities, Summit County and partners have worked over the last year on developing the Summit Community Climate Action Plan: Strategies for a Sustainable Future. The Town of Blue River will be adopting the plan at the April Board of Trustees Meeting. A copy of the plan may be found on the Town website at .
High Country Conservation
 The High Country Conservation Center’s (HC3) Energy Smart Colorado program provides Summit County homeowners with affordable energy audits that identify places in your home where a little extra air sealing or insulation could save you a lot of money on your utility bills. The price for an audit starts at $99 and increases incrementally depending on the size of your home – for a limited time, the Town of Blue River is offering BONUS GRANTS to residents that receive energy audits! If you decide to pursue an upgrade after your audit, HC3 also offers rebates of up to $400 to help cover the cost. Households at 80% AMI and under may be eligible for free audits and retrofit work. For more information, call Cody or Jess at  (970) 668 – 5703 , or visit  the Energy Smart Colorado webpage  to sign up. Let us help you make living in your home more comfortable, more efficient, and more affordable! 
CDOT Hwy 9 Access Plan
The Town of Blue River, Town of Breckenridge, Summit County and the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) are actively working on the development of the CDOT Access Plan for Hwy 9. The plan has many elements including identifying access points, highway safety and the potential of a recreation path along Hwy 9. This plan will help outline needs and potential for the future including funding. In the near future, there will be open houses held to gather community input. Watch for this information and invitations and take time to provide key feedback on the future of Hwy 9.
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