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Colin Andrews
A detailed look at the Conscious Circles and 2012

October 2010
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Crop Circle Mystery
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On October 17 @ 3:00
During this presentation
, Colin Andrews will show evidence that communication is at the center of the crop-circle phenomenon and that while many still focus upon which circles are real versus which are man-made, Colin will show that this is not important any longer.

One design in particular stands out from the several thousands that Colin has researched in the last three decades which he believes is the most important.
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Hello and welcome to one of a kind and totally intriguing presentation at Blue Star!

Straight from presentations at International Conferences in Arizona and Malta, all be it that he lives over the valley next to the Buddha barn, Colin Andrews will be here at Blue Star to discuss his latest finding on crop circles.

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Join this adventure of discovery and broaden your awareness to the many alternative schools of thought on the subjects related to today's reality. Crop Circle phenomenon, UFO's and 2012 and beyond!

Crop Circle

During this presentation, Colin will show evidence that communication is at the center of the crop-circle phenomenon and that while many still focus upon which circles are real versus which are man-made, Colin will show that this is not important any longer.

One design in particular stands out from the several thousands that Colin has researched in the last three decades which he believes is the most important.

Does 2012 figure in the mix? 2012

Colin will discuss this too - and so much more!

Direct experience of these teachings will help to guide you through a more peaceful transition during these uncertain times.

This presentation will discuss revelations from Colin's work that are also subject of a new TV documentary now in its final stages of filming. "The Crop Circles have spoken" - it all began with an orange light and three tall beings in November 1976 and now after 30 years research "The Message".

Read on to find out more!
Colin Andrews
2012 and Beyond
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Colin Andrews

Colin Andrews is best known for his research into the crop circle subject since 1983. He provides the only continuity between the past research era and the present.

His long view of both the genuine formations and the human-made phenomenon provides a unique insight into the subject. Colin's research results highlight the Intelligence behind the phenomenon, as he interacts with both crop circle researchers and many of the people who make the hoaxes, as well as several other interested parties worldwide.

He believes there are serious eco-political implications and that the future direction of the planet is at the center of this phenomenon.

In the final analysis, Andrews believes this phenomenon is challenging people to a higher level of consciousness and Awakening, through human awareness. Some native elders agree with Colin's assessment which is supported by the 2012 Mayan Prophecy.

His latest book 'The Complete Idiots Guide to 2012' co-authored with his wife, expands on this idea.

Colin's twenty-five year investigation continues with growing urgency for openness and honesty in government and private research, respect for divergent opinions and co-operation between investigators in all areas.

Past History

Colin Andrews is an electrical engineer by profession and became involved in the crop circle mystery in 1983 when he saw an arrangement of five circles in a wheat field near Winchester, England.

Intrigued by the engineering aspects, he began investigating the circles with Pat Delgado, a retired NASA engineer and Busty Taylor, a light aircraft pilot. During his years of research he advised Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's cabinet on the mystery, supervised the largest crop circle surveillance project in 1990 named 'Operation Blackbird', and amassed the largest data base in the world on the subject.

'Operation Blackbird' was an effort to film a genuine crop circle forming. It was sponsored by BBC and Nippon television and was authorized to take place on Ministry of Defense land and with British Army assistance.

In 1996 Colin was asked by Laurence Rockefeller to provide information for the Rockefeller Initiative. This Initiative provided the United States government with the 'best available evidence' regarding the UFO, with the purpose of opening public dialogue.


Colin and his wife, Synthia have traveled around the world meeting with indigenous leaders, seeking to understand the larger picture of the crop circle phenomenon.


Colin spent 22 years creating presentations at universities, schools and public venues, as well as participating in government meetings and brainstorming sessions. He has been a consultant to international institutes in many countries.

Publications and Cinema

'Circular Evidence', 1989. Co-authored with Pat Delgado, this was the first book ever written on the subject. It became an international best seller. It was also chosen by Queen Elizabeth for her prestigious "Summer Reading List", the first time a book of this kind has ever been selected.

'Crop Circles: The Latest Evidence', 1990, was also co-authored with Pat Delgado. This was the popular update to 'Circular Evidence' and sold over 100,000 copies in Europe alone.

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'Crop Circles - Signs of Contact', 2003, co-written with New York Times best selling author, Steve Spignesi covering new aspects of the research. The book includes a full catalogue of crop patterns recorded by Colin between 1983 and 2003, which has also been self published separately and called 'The Andrews Catalogue'.

In May 2009 his book 'Government Circles' was published by Archive Publishing. 'Undeniable Evidence' 1990, the first crop circle video ever produced, which showed stunning aerial footage of the phenomenon, and links the mystery to eco-political changes.

'The Truth About Crop Circles', 1995: the live presentation made at Madison Square Garden, New York. Andrews was consultant for Mel Gibson's Disney block buster movie 'Signs' and Marcus Thompson's British movie 'A Place to Stay', which was shown at the Cannes Film Festival in 2002.


Andrews has appeared on numerous well known television and radio programs around the world including 60 Minutes, 20-20 with Barbara Walters, Good Morning America, Sightings, Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack, Coast To Coast with Art Bell, Histories Mysteries, The Shirley Maclaine Show, Dan Aykroyd's Out There, The Sally Jessy Raphael Show, BBC's Daytime Live , The Ray Martin Show, National Geographic, Nippon TV's Thursday Special, The Gloria Hunniford Show, History v Hollywood, American Movie Classics with Mel Gibson and M. Night Shyamalan, CNN Live Today, The Learning Channel's Looking for a Sign, Discovery one hour special, CBS Gateway to the Unknown and many more.

He has lectured extensively throughout the world to a wide range of audiences including the special interest group U.N.S.R.C. at the United Nations, and The Hakui Museum Project in Japan.


'The Toby Award' for 'New Heaven New Earth' for his 'honesty and perseverance' in the face of character assassination during his research of the Oliver's Castle video. Colin's investigation revealed it to be an elaborate hoax, intended to undermine the genuine crop circle mystery.

The 'Maverick Award' from the Bay Area UFO Congress for pioneering scientific research into the Crop Circles.

The 2009 PRG 'Lifetime Achievement Award' - Hall of Fame Inductee.

Andrews coverage by International television and newspapers.

Colin is also an accomplished photographer, having shown his work in art galleries across the United States. His photographs have appeared in numerous television programs, magazines, newspapers, etc. He uses his photography to highlight the importance of nature and the dire need for preservation and conservation on our planet.

Colin Andrews Web Site Here

Date : October 17, 2010
Time : 3:00 pm
Location: Buddha Barn 325 Race Hill Road Madison
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