A Vietnam War Veteran stopped into my store one day. Due to a bomb blast, he suffered all of his life.. He could not sleep and had manic episodes.

His symptoms were due to the mechanical trama his skull and brain suffered from the compression wave, as he was close to the explosion.

He tried my melatonin onset eyewear to see if it would help him sleep, and it REALLY did.

Later, he kept telling me about how the glasses were also calming his mania symptoms. I believed him although I did not know how the glasses could be doing that also.

As I routinely search for new research about light hygiene I finally came upon this research paper entitled " Blue‐blocking glasses as additive treatment for mania: a randomized placebo‐controlled trial "

This paper confirmed what my customer and new friend was telling me was very real.

Fortunately, this research paper is totally free in its entirety and can be found by clicking here.