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September  2013
1st Edition!

A few of the "Dreamers"
There's something different about BlueWater Automation...

Welcome to BlueWater Automation! Over the course of the coming weeks, you'll be invited to participate    in the launch of a brand new packaging company, a company built on a rock solid foundation with progressive designs and unique core philosophies.  We've taken our time to work on our concepts, our company philosophy our manufacturing process and to create an environment different from the traditional packaging companies in the marketplace.  Our team has been carefully chosen and strategically placed.  We wanted to give you a quick look into our company and its people through our full launch in September.  If you have any questions about our company, our products or our vision, please feel free to call us anytime. Looking forward to sharing our ideas and our success with all of you!!




Your BlueWater Automation Team

Jaime Alboim, Brett Payne, Chuck Breshears

 "Proud Dreamers"

So who are we and Why are we different?               

As many of you may already know, BlueWater Automation has existed for a few years now in concept.  We are a group of passionate individuals, striving to design and manufacture the most versatile and agile secondary packaging equipment in the marketplace.  


Today, food safety initiatives are driving much of the innovation we are seeing in both processing and primary packaging equipment. As space utilization and cost reduction are determining factors in ROI calculations, there is also a trend to move secondary/end of line packaging equipment into production areas, exposing the equipment to wash down environments.


BlueWater Automation has responded to the market demand. With almost 100 years of collective design experience specific to this segment of packaging automation, we started from a blank sheet to design and supply wash down protected secondary/end of line equipment.


Our F16-T Fully Automatic Case Former and C16 Fully Automatic Case Sealer are the first of a new generation of packaging equipment and represent what we believe to be the most significant advancement in case erecting/sealing technology in over 30 years.  


BWA has departed radically from tradition and embraced new concepts to help guide us into a new era of packaging automation.  

At BlueWater, we
understand that our designs and concepts are only as good as how they come together in the end. That is why we chose to partner with a group of specialized companies to manufacture our equipment and help take us to market. Our new "Clean" designs are not only suitable for wet environments but more importantly, were designed from the ground up to meet strict sanitary specifications. Our products are manufactured by a team of individuals specifically trained and familiar with food safety requirements including HACCP, AMI, 3A and others.  BWA products are manufactured in Elmira, Ontario, Canada in a 30,000 sq ft facility dedicated to SS fabrication for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Our manufacturing partner has close to 30 years of manufacturing and integration experience working across North America in many of the industry's leading processors.  

BlueWater Automation....the adventure begins!

In the coming weeks, we'll be keeping you updated on our plans and our product announcements.  Our website, facebook and linkedin pages are up and running and we'll be contacting each of you to discuss BWA in greater detail.  Looking forward to sharing our vision and our company with all of you!! 


               "Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible"

               -Frank Zappa

                            Contact us today to find out more about BWA!! 

                      BlueWater Automation- "Clean by Design"