We ALWAYS have Frozen Blueberries from Tuddenham Farms in our freezer section!
Frozen blueberries make life easier – they’re convenient, economical and so versatile, whether you’re baking up a storm or whipping up an afternoon snack.
A Little Taste of Summer in the dead of winter!
This blueberry quinoa power bowl is something else! Packed with the goodness of blueberries, avocado, watercress and quinoa, the lemon vinaigrette adds a zesty kick to this bowl that’s perfect for spicing up your winter lunches!
We're all stocked up with so many great flavours of Liberte Yogurt - try a new one today! We've got Mocha, Black Cherry, Caramel, Coconut - the list goes on! (And yes, we have Plain and Vanilla, too!)

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Inside Round

Pork Sirloin
Specials in effect January 10, 2019 - January 16 , 2019
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