"AT THE BLUFFS" Market Report 
I hope you’re enjoying your summertime activities! For those of you who are away, two of the Bluffs Communities and our Beach area have had some ongoing projects. Here is an update on what’s happening. The Marcinski Beach parking lot located on the south side of the Bluffs Ocean South has been getting a facelift that includes demolition to the existing bathroom structures, new roofing, ADA upgrades, new plumbing fixtures, interior wall construction, parking lot improvements, re-paving and re-striping of the parking lots. Also, in consideration at this time is a proposal by the Town of Jupiter to install a 100-foot communication tower for the same parking lot. The Jupiter Police department say it is a communication dead zone that risk lives because of not being able to communicate in Jupiter’s southeast corner. Most people support the police department’s need for better communications; however, they believe another location away from immediate residences and the beach area will preserve Jupiter's image as an “oceanside, beach town”.  Here is a link to an recent article about the proposed tower that was in the Palm Beach Post PB Post Artical. To voice your concerns on this issue, here is the contact information for the Jupiter Town Council  Towncouncil@jupiter.fl.us . 

Over at The Marina at the Bluffs, roof replacement continues, buildings 1701, 601, 1001,1101 and 1201 have been completed to date. They are currently working on building 1301. Also at The Bluffs Marina, they have started the much needed restoration/repairs on the seawalls. While this is not an assessment to The Marina at the Bluffs homeowners, it will impact them during the construction. You may want to contact the office if you are a resident of the Marina at the Bluffs and have not been receiving regular updates. 
At the Ocean South balcony restoration continues for building 601 and 701.  The latest update I have for an estimated completion date for the balconies is the first week of October, and the catwalks some time in November 2021.
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Bluffs Ridge-Sold
Address           Sale Price  Sale Date  Dom
101 Sand Pine........776,000...7/06/21.....1
149 Beach Summit 650,000 ...06/16/21..12
147 Sand Pine ... ...800,550 ...05/19/21...5
146 Sand Pine .... ...770,000...05/17/21...6
114 Ridge Rd ...... ...775,000 ..05/13/21 ..3
311 Ridge Rd ..... ....715,000 ..05/10/21 ..3
107 Sand Pine .... ...658,000...04/16/21 .13
106 Sea Stepps.. ... 850,000 ..04/08/21 ..4
Bluffs River-Sold
Address            Sale Price_Sale Date_Dom
251 River Park ....630,000......08/02/21.....5
313 Leeward........790,000.....07/27/21.....65
245 River Park ....774,000 ....06/17/21 .....3
212 St Charles ....740,000 ....06/14/21.....38
374 River Edge ...820,000......06/10/21.....8
203 St Charles.....660,000......06/08/21.....1
386 River Edge ...682,000 .....05/27/21 ....4
217 River Psrk ... 715,000 .....05/13/21 ... 2
River North Townhouses-Sold
Address     __Sale Price  Sale Date  Dom
2821 28Th Ct... 379,000.... 06/15/21.... 6
3075 30Th Ct... 365,000.... 03/29/21.... 6
3103 31St Ct ....300,000.... 03/04/21.... 4
The Lakes-Sold
Address         Sale Price   Sale Date  DOM
2306 23rd Ct.....396,000......07/22/21.....8
2429 24th Ct.... 330,000..... 06/21/21.... 2
2121 21St Ct ....365,000 ....6/01/21......18
3226 32Nd Ct ..310,000 .....05/07/21 ....7
1104 11th Ct.... 335,000..... 04/09/21.... 3
Bluffs Marina-Sold
Address           Sale Price  Sale Date  Dom
1301 Seafarer 204 ....350,000....07/11/21.19
601 Marina Isle 506 ...610,000...07/16/21. 5
1401 Seafarer 405 ....409,000...07/14//21..4
1301 Seafarer 504 ....510,000....07/11/21.19
1101 Seafarer 105 ....510,000... 06/11/21 ..7
2301 Marina Isle 502...410,000..06/11/21..41
1501 Marina Isle 404 ..420,000 .06/08/21 ..1
901 Seafarer 105 .......545,000 ..06/04/21.14
1801 Marina Isle 303 .475,000.. 05/28/21.. 6
801 Seafarer 203 ......440,000 ...05/26/21 .58
1801 Marina Isle 406 .467,500...05/26/21 .64
801 Seafarer 502 .......440,000 ..05/26/21 .58
2501 Marina Isle 503. 370,000...05/26/21 ..8
801 Seafarer 505 .......535,000 ..05/21/21 .68
Bluffs Ocean South-Sold
Address        _ Sale Price  Sale Date_DOM
401 S Seasr 305 ...585,000 ...07/01/21 ..5
201 S Seas 106 ...549,000 ...06/22/21 . 1
201 S Seas 103 ...535,000 ...06/22/21 .6
301 S Seasr 105 ...499,000 ...06/02/21 .18
201 S Seas 501 ...598,000 ...04/26/21..78
601 S Seas 304 ...405,000 ...04/19/21 .21
201 S Seas 201 ...540,000 ...04/01/21 .35
Bluffs Ocean North-Sold
Address           _   Sale Price  Sale Date DOM
401 Ocean Bluffs 306...440,000 ..06/08/21 .51
101 Ocean Bluffs 203  .490,000 .06/03/20  .69
401 Ocean Bluffs 201...505,000 .05/06/21. .31
101 Ocean Bluffs 505...610,000..03/18/21....3
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Ridge Pool Home
2501 Marina Isle Way 503
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1701 Marina Isle Way 405
2121St Ct
Thinking of selling?

If you have been in Iceland for the last 16 months seeking to hide from the Covid pandemic and are just returning to your home in northern Palm Beach County, you might be surprised by the brisk real estate market. Some have opined that we are even more heated now than we were just prior to the great recession of 2008/2009.
There are many reasons for this. Palm Beach County has long been a landing spot for retirees from the Northeast and other parts of the country. But, as a result of the limitations on the deductibility of state and local taxes (SALT) that were part of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, taxpayers in the Northeast and other states that levy state income taxes (i.e., California), people are moving to Florida at a velocity that I have not witnessed in my entire career as a real estate lawyer.
Compounding the activity of these internal migrants was the pandemic. Suddenly, in the face of quarantines, people living in urban areas wanted to be in suburbia, and people in all areas needed more space to conduct work from home.
In the face of all of this demand for housing is a market with very limited supply. Simple economics tells us that when demand is high and supply is short, prices increase – and this is what has happened and continues to happen in our north Palm Beach County real estate market.
The dynamics of this market allow for sellers to be rigid and unyielding. And, this market forces buyers to make less complicated offers (no contingencies) and to be more flexible in accepting a seller’s terms.
As an example, I have seen sellers reject offers that contain financing contingencies. I have seen sellers shift closing cost expenses to buyers. I have seen sellers refuse post-occupancy arrangements. I have seen sellers require larger earnest money deposits. 
Likewise, I have seen buyers waive inspection periods (and thus waiving the right to cancel the contract under the standard As Is contract). I have seen buyers agree to pay for the cost of title insurance (it is customary – but not required – for the seller to pay for the cost of title insurance in Palm Beach County). I have seen buyers who require financing agree to waive financing contingencies.
This is a 2006/2007 redux. Sellers have the upper hand and some might argue are getting unreasonable. I have had sellers contact me asking if they can cancel a binding, pending contract because they received an unsolicited offer for substantially more than the pending contract. Likewise, I’ve had buyers suddenly “wake up” after the right to cancel has expired and realize that they are overpaying for a property and seeking counsel on whether they can cancel the contract and get their earnest money deposit back.
Now more than ever it is pertinent to have a strong realtor guiding you through the Byzantine process of buying or selling a home. And, if things get sticky, get a real estate lawyer involved quickly to learn your rights under the contract.

Andrew Pineiro, Esq., Pineiro Byrd PLLC, 4600 Military Trail, Suite 212, Jupiter,
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