Real Estate Market Trends in The Bluffs:

A Reflection on 2023

The real estate landscape in The Bluffs underwent notable changes in 2023, offering insights into market dynamics and buyer behavior. A comprehensive analysis reveals a shift in key metrics compared to the previous year, reflecting broader trends affecting the housing market.

Overall Market Activity- During the year, a total of 81 properties were sold in The Bluffs, representing a 15% decrease from the previous year's figure of 95 properties sold. This decline can be attributed to various factors, including an overall increase in property values in the last few years and low inventory in some of the Bluffs communities.

Buyer Trends- One intriguing aspect is the prevalence of cash transactions, with a staggering 80% of buyers opting for this method of payment. The preference for cash transactions over financing signals strong buyers for the Bluffs communities.

Contract Timelines- Another notable shift was observed in the time it took for properties to go under contract. In 2023, properties were under contract within 48 days on the market, showcasing a significant increase from the 15-day average recorded in 2022. This extended timeframe suggests a more deliberate decision-making process by buyers or potentially a reflection of market conditions.

Challenges Faced by the Market- The dip in the number of resales across most communities in The Bluffs during 2023 can be attributed to escalating property values. This hurdle created a more competitive environment, influencing the overall number of properties changing hands.

Record-Breaking Sales- Amidst the challenges, some communities in The Bluffs saw noteworthy achievements in terms of sales records. Notably, a property in the Bluffs Ridge achieved a record sale at $1,600,000, the River $1,550,000, River North $505,000, the Lakes $540,000, the Bluffs Marina $750,000, and the Bluffs Ocean North $850,000, all setting new highs this year for their respected communities.

Conclusion- The real estate market in The Bluffs in 2023 demonstrated a nuanced interplay of challenges and successes. While overall sales declined, the prevalence of cash transactions and the establishment of new sales records in specific communities suggest a resilient market. As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of real estate, these insights provide a valuable glimpse into the factors shaping The Bluffs' property market.

2023 Sales by the Numbers: 

The Ridge at the Bluffs: 16 homes sold in 2023

compared to 19 homes sold in 2022; prices ranged from $850,000 to $1,600,000.


The River: 13 homes sold in 2023 compared to 15 homes

sold in 2022; prices ranged from $839,000 to $1,550,000. Additionally, one home sold on the Intracoastal for $2,500,000.


The River North Townhouses: 9 sales in

2023 compared to 7 homes sold in 2022; sales prices ranged between $406,000 to $505,000 in 2023.


The Lakes at the Bluffs: 9 townhouses sold in 2023 compared

to 10 in 2022; sales prices ranged between $415,000 to $540,000 in 2023.


Bluffs Marina: 24 units sold in 2023 compared to 27 in

2022; sales prices ranged from $435,000 to $750,000 in 2023.


The Ocean South: 6 condos sold in 2023 compared to

12 units in 2022; sales prices ranged between $560,000 to $750,000 in 2023.


The Ocean North: 4 condos sold in 2023 compared to 5

condos sold in 2022; sales prices ranged between $585,000 to $850,000 in 2023.


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Bluffs Ridge-Sold

Address..............Sale Price Sale Date DOM

132 Beach Summit. .975,000.. .11/15/23.....9

100 Sea Steppes......950,000.....09/20/23...56

159 Beach Summit.1,200,000... 08/31/23...51

101 Dunes Edge.....1,006,656....07/31/23....3

108 Seashore Dr........945,000....07/31/23....1

Ridge-Homes for Sale

Bluffs River-Sold

Address.......... Sale Price Sale Date DOM

228 E River Park...1,530,000..12/12/23...20

255 E River Park.....885,000...08/25/23...17

105 Landward..........899,000...08/22/23....3

103 Landward.......1,415,000...08/04/23...72

150 Harbourside ..2,500,000...08/01/23...79

River-Homes for Sale

River North Townhouses-Sold

Address........Sale Price Sale Date DOM

3051 30nd Ct...435,000.....11/17/23......10

3038 30nd Ct...505,000.....11/09/23.......7

3240 32nd Ct...433,000.....08/11/23......58

3239 32nd Ct...435,000.....08/03/23.......4

River North-Townhomes for Sale

The Lakes-Sold

Address   ..Sale Price  Sale Date  DOM

1208 12th Ct....459,000....11/03/23….7

1225 12th Ct....540,000....08/11/23…28

1804 18th Ct....432,000....06/05/23....7

1822 18th Ct....444,000....06/01/23…30

Lakes-Townhomes for Sale

Bluffs Marina-Sold

Address.............. Sale Price Sale Date DOM

2601 Marina Isle 203..625,000...12/18/23...18

2001 Marina Isle 404..749,000...12/11/23...34

901 Seafarer 205........515,000...11/30/23...32

1301 Seafarer 505......615,000...10/31/23...91

501 Seafarer 203........480,000...10/24/23.106

Marina-Condominiums for Sale

Bluffs Ocean South-Sold

Address       ... Sale Price  Sale Date DOM

201 S Seas 201...725,000...12/29//23....7

101 S Seas 102...621,900...06/23//23...101

101 S Seas 404...750,000...03/30//23.....7

201 S Seas 302...645,000...03/01//23....64

Ocean South-Condominiums for Sale

Bluffs Ocean North-Sold

Address................ Sale Price Sale Date DOM

101 Ocean Bluffs 501 ..850,000..12/15/23..13

301 Ocean Bluffs 302 ..605,000..11/30/23..140

401 Ocean Bluffs 303 ..585,000..09/15/23...25

301 Ocean Bluffs 406 ..673,000..08/04/23..196

Ocean North-Condominiums for Sale

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Q: My home is listed with a real estate agent. I am under contract. The Buyer’s lender is requiring an appraisal. As the Seller, can I speak with the appraiser before, during, or after the appraisal?


A: The role of the appraiser is to provide an independent and impartial analysis of real property. An appraiser’s client is the person or entity ordering the appraisal. Typically, the Buyer’s lender is the party that engages the appraiser and orders the appraisal. Notwithstanding, anyone with an interest in the property (owner, tenant, real estate agent, etc.) can communicate with the appraiser before or during the appraisal process. Obviously, those communications cannot coerce, intimidate, bribe, or harass the appraiser into making or changing a valuation.


Interested parties, including agents, may talk with appraisers and provide additional property information, including a copy of the sales contract for purchase transactions.


If a Buyer, Seller, or agent disagrees with the appraiser’s valuation of the property, they generally cannot speak with the appraiser post-appraisal without permission from the client (again, usually the lender). If, after the appraisal is complete, a party wants to communicate a fact or comment to the appraiser, the party can use the lender as an intermediary to make that communication.


Because of the difficulty in challenging an appraisal, we advise our clients to provide all relevant information to the appraiser prior to the appraisal. Especially when it comes to information that is not readily available in the public record. Information commonly provided to an appraiser prior to the appraisal would be deeds, surveys, association documents, floor plans, comparable property sales, upgrade information, remodel information, improvements of any kind, etc.

If you have any questions regarding Florida association laws, contact a real estate or condominium law lawyer to better understand your rights and/or obligations. 


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