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WHAT'S SELLING AT THE BLUFFS                                                 April 2018     Vol 79
New home buyers are still in a very competitive market for single family homes these days,  It is not unusual to place an offer on a home and find out that someone has beat you to the punch, especially if the house is priced right at current market value, has improvements/upgrades and is in move in condition.
It is rare to find the perfect home in perfect shape. Before you start home shopping, here are a few tips:
  • Spend some time making a wish list of the most important features you are looking for.
  • Get Pre-Approved if you're going to be financing the property. Speak with a qualified mortgage professional to find out how much you can qualify for. A pre-approval letter is critical when submitting your offer to the seller.
  • Take the time to review a blank contract when you start shopping for a new home. Ask your realtor questions or have your attorney review it. This will help eliminate the anxiety and hesitation of signing an agreement when the time comes to put in an offer.
  • Take notes on the MLS printouts when viewing each property. It can get very confusing after looking at multiple properties, so keep track of features and benefits of each property as you view them.
By following these simple steps, it will help reduce much of the anxiety associated with purchasing a new home. It will also help you stay on track for making the right buying decision!

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Regards from Paradise!
Tom Waidelich
Jupiter Coastal Properties  

Bluffs Ridge-Sold
Address                       Sale Price     Sale Date       Dom  
116 Seashore Dr             569,000       03/16/2018      119
120 Seashore Dr             491,751       03/15/2018        2
159 Sand Pine Dr            625,000       02/28/2018       23
129 Dunes Edge Rd         489,000       02/23/2018        2 
144 Beach Summit Ct     530,000       02/14/2018        1
152 Cape Point Cir         597,500       02/13/2018        22
113 Sea Steppes Ct        560,000       02/06/2018      143
202 Cape Point Cir         460,000       01/26/2018      173
225 Ridge Rd                 655,000       01/23/2018      130
105 Sand Pine Dr           550,000        01/05/2018     158

Recent  Rentals         Rented Price     Rented Date
196 Cape Pointe Cir      $2,650              03/30/2018
256 Ridge Rd                $2,800              03/01/2018

Bluffs River-Sold
Address                   Sale Price     Sale Date         Dom  
110 Landward Dr         430,000        03/22/2018    155
322 River Edge Rd       460,000        02/28/2018      28
160 Harbourside Cir    550,000        01/05/2018       1
102 Inner Harbour       575,000       12/08/2017      114
160 Harbourside Cir   1,300,000      12/08/2017        1

Recent Rentals        Rental Price       Rental Date
235 River Park Dr       $3,300              02/01/2018
382 River Edge Rd      $3,000             02/01/2018

River North Townhouses-Sold
Address             Sale Price      Sale Date       Dom     
3245 32nd Ct      245,000        01/22/2018        1 
3245 32nd Ct      245,000        01/22/2018        1
2726 27TH Ct      259,000        01/10/2018      10
2412 24Th Ct      268,000        12/15/2017       42

Recent Rentals      Rented Price       Rental Date
3054 30th Ct          $1,700             04/11/2018

The Lakes-Sold
Address             Sale  Price     Sale Date      DOM
2012 20Th Ct       270,000       02/22/2018        2 
1925 19Th Ct       241,000       01/31/2018        2
1142 11Th Ct       259,900       01/25/2018       40
1305 13Th Ct       257,500       01/16/2018       15
1942 19Th Ct       235,000       01/10/2018       16
1233 12TH Ct       265,000      01/08/2018        20
1206 12Th Ct       255,000       12/18/2017       10
2016 20 Th Ct      263,500       12/12/2017        9

Recent Rentals      Rented Price       Rental Date 
1305 13Th Ct           $1,800                02/15/2018

Bluffs Marina-Sold
Address                        Sale Price     Sale Date    DOM
1801 Marina Isle Way       269,000   04/03/2018      50
701 Seafarer Cir 405        330,000   02/23/2018     256
2101 Marina Isle 505        305,000   01/09/2018     101
801 Seafarer Cir 403        290,000   12/06/2017      26
701 Seafarer Cir 306        250,000   11/13/2017       4
901 Seafarer Cir 103        289,000   11/06/2017       7
1001 Seafarer Cir 201      325,000   09/29/2017       4
1601 Marina Isle 205        300,500   09/26/2017     100
501 Seafarer Cir 405        372,500   09/07/2017     231

Recent Rentals           Rented Price       Rental Date 
1201 Seafarer Cir 201      $1,650                 01/12/2018

Bluffs Ocean South-Sold
Address                   Sale Price     Sale Date       DOM
201 S Seas Dr 205       385,000        04/03/2018     332
201 S Seas Dr 303       395,000        03/29/2018      64
301 S Seas Dr 203       379,000        02/28/2018      65
501 S Seas Dr 406       392,000        01/10/2018     180

Recent Rentals         Rented Price       Rental Date 
401 S Seas Dr 105         $2,100               03/01/2018

Bluffs Ocean North-Sold
Address                            Sale Price  Sale Date     DOM
401 Ocean Bluffs Blvd 204   325,000     03/29/2018   96
301 Ocean Bluffs Blvd 502   470,000     09/21/2017   25
201 Ocean Bluffs Blvd 301   320,000     09/15/2017   462

Recent Rentals             Rented Price        Rental Date   
101 Ocean Bluffs 201           $1,975             06/15/2017   
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Q:   What happens when a residential property is damaged after the effective date of the Contract but before the date of closing? 
A:  The FARBAR "As Is" Residential Contract For Sale And Purchase ("Contract") is most commonly used for Florida real estate transactions.  That form Contract contains a risk of loss provision that governs the rights of the parties in the event of damages sustained to the property by fire or other casualty which states in pertinent part: 

"I f, after Effective Date, but before closing, Property is damaged by fire or other casualty ("Casualty Loss") and cost of restoration . . . does not exceed 1.5% of Purchase Price, cost of restoration shall be an obligation of Seller and Closing shall proceed pursuant to terms of this Contract.  If restoration is not completed as of Closing, a sum equal to 125% of estimated cost to complete restoration (not to exceed 1.5% of Purchase Price) will be escrowed at Closing.  If actual cost of restoration exceeds escrowed amount, Seller shall pay such actual costs (but, not in excess of 1.5% of Purchase Price).  Any unused portion of escrowed amount shall be returned to Seller.  If cost of restoration exceeds 1.5% of Purchase Price, Buyer shall elect to either take Property "as is" together with the 1.5%, or receive a refund of the Deposit thereby releasing Buyer and Seller from all further obligations under this Contract."
A common example of Casualty Loss to a residential property is water damage due to water leak (this can be a plumbing leak, roof leak, or other unintended water intrusion).  Upon assessment of the damages, if the cost of restoration does not exceed 1.5% of the Purchase Price, then the cost of restoration shall be bourne by the Seller. 
If the cost of restoration exceeds 1.5% of the Purchase Price, Buyer can elect to take the property "as is" together with a credit for 1.5% of the Purchase Price, or, Buyer can receive a refund of the earnest money deposit thereby releasing Buyer and Seller from all further obligations under the Contract...."
Sometimes, there is a dispute as to the cost of restoration, thereby blurring the 1.5% threshold. Disputes often occur when the cost of restoration is at or near the threshold - a Buyer that wants their deposit returned argues that the cost of restoration exceeds the threshold (which allows the Buyer to elect to cancel the contract); conversely, a Seller argues that the cost of restoration does not exceed the threshold (which effectively keeps the Buyer in the deal and forces the Buyer to close).

These types of disputes can be lengthy and costly if not resolved early.  For any type of real estate contract dispute, it is imperative that you consult a real estate attorney for advice to determine your rights and obligations under the contract.

             Andrew A. Pineiro, Esq. * Pineiro Byrd PLLC
4600 Military Trail, #212 * Jupiter, FL 33458 * 561.799.9280
Andrew A. Pineiro is a real estate and business litigation lawyer, licensed in the state of Florida since 1997. Based out of Jupiter, Pineiro Byrd PLLC has handled thousands of real estate transactions throughout Florida.

Jupiter Coastal Properties 

Bluffs Marina

2601 Marina ISle Way 105-Renovated-$339,000

2501 Marina Isle Way 106-End Unit-Marina View

1001 Seafarer Cir 501-Under Contract 

1401 Tidal Pointe Blvd 106 -Price Reduced to $279,000

1701 Marina Isle Way 205-Price Reduced

1801 Marina Isle Way

Bluffs Ridge

200 Ridge Rd-New on the Market-$529,000

109 Beach Summit Ct- SOLD

Bluffs Ocean South
501 South Seas-406-SOLD

Bluffs River
102 Inner Harbour Way-SOLD

Bluffs River North
2802 28Th Ct-SOLD

101 S Seas Dr 202-$2,300 per month-annual lease.
101 S Seas Dr 202-$4,200 per month-seasonal lease.

2319 23rd Ct-$1,645 per month-annual lease-Rented

2201-Marina Isle Way 204-Seasonal Leased-Rented


Dockominiums for Sale or Lease
Dockage for Vessels up to 130'

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   2601 Marina Isle Way-105
           1:00 TO 3:00 PM
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            200 Ridge Rd
  New on the Market $529,000
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2501 Marina Isle Way-106
  New on the Market $290,000                
1001 Seafarer Cir 501
Under Contract 
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1401 Tidal Point Blvd 106

1701 Marina Isle Way-205
1:00 TO 3:00 PM
      501 South Seas Dr 406
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109 Beach Summit
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1801 Marina Isle Way-106
102 Inner Harbour Way
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