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River Homes get a New  Face-Lift
Great news for the Bluffs River homes, the River home owners association recently approved 12 new color schemes for their residents. What a great addition to the River homes! Here is the link to the different color schemes.  Sherwin Williams River Color Selections

Fredrick Small Bridge Update
People frequently ask me about the proposed Frederick Small Bridge.  Here is the link below to an recent a rticle published in the Palm Beach Post.  Palm Beach Post Frederick Small Bridge Update

Current Inventory of Properties at the Bluffs

Ridge-  2 homes for sale out of 618.
River- 4 homes for sale out of 363.
River North- 5 townhouse for sale out of 312.
Lakes- 4 townhouses for sale out of 392.
Marina- 8 condo for sale out of 660 units.
Ocean South- 2 condos for sale out of 198 units.
Ocean North- 5 condos for sale out of 120 units.
Inventory still remains low in all the Bluffs communities which has been keeping prices at a premium.

Regards from Paradise!
Tom Waidelich
Jupiter Coastal Properties  

Bluffs Ridge-Sold
Address                    Sale Price     Sale Date     Dom  
332 Ridge Rd             516,000       10/22/2019      59
145 Sand Pine Dr       545,000       10/15/2019      52 
112 Ridge Rd             515,000       10/03/2019      48
132 Dunes Edge Rd    530,000        10/03/2019      9
113 Sand Pine Dr       520,000        09/30/2019     44 
167 Sand Pine Dr       490,000        09/13/2019     10
316 Ridge Rd             775,000        08/16/2019      8
108 Ridge Rd             557,000        08/15/2019    134

Recent  Rentals         Rented Price     Rented Date
200 Ridge Rd                $2,800              11/01/2019
161 Ocean Pines Terr    $3,100              10/01/2019     

Bluffs River-Sold
Address                     Sale Price     Sale Date        Dom  
331 Leeward Dr          851,000        11/13/2019      18
188 Harborside Cir      480,000        10/08/2019      90
183 Harborside Cir      480,000        09/17/2019      28
243 E River Park Dr     660,000        09/10/2019       83
162 Harbourside Cir   1,070,000      08/06/2019      205

Recent Rentals        Rental Price     Rental Date
234 River Park Dr     $2,950              11/04/2019

River North Townhouses-Sold
Address             Sale Price      Sale Date     Dom     
3208 32Nd Ct        304,000         10/30/2019       52
2425 24Th Ct         260,000         09/09/2019        3
3213 32Nd Ct        275,000         07/26/2019       13

Recent Rentals      Rented Price      Rental Date
2920 29Th Ct         $1,475             09/24/2019 
2514 25Th Ct         $1,800             09/01/2019

The Lakes-Sold
Address             Sale  Price    Sale Date     DOM
1152 11Th Ct      280,000        10/04/2019    65
2101 21St Ct       300,000        09/27/2019    66
2017 20Th Ct      299,000        08/02/2019    23

Recent Rentals      Rented Price       Rental Date 
1305 13Th Ct           $1,750                09/24/2019
1944 19Th Ct           $1,795                07/01/2019

Bluffs Marina-Sold
Address                     Sale Price    Sale Date    DOM
1401 Tidal Pointe 403     315,620        11/26/2019    15
901 Seafarer Cir 504       450,000         10/30/2019    7
2401 Marina Isle 301      325,000         10/23/2019    3
1501 Marina Isle 206      375,000         09/17/2019   84
2001 Marina Isle 502      405,000         08/23/2019    52
1201 Seafarer Cir 103     250,000         08/20/2019    34
1201 Seafarer Cir 405     405,000         08/07/2019    2
801 Seafarer Cir 505       495,000         08/09/2019    80

Recent Rentals           Rented Price       Rental Date 
1401 Tidal Ponite 402    $1,800               10/21/2019

Bluffs Ocean South-Sold
Address                 Sale Price     Sale Date     DOM
701 S Seas Dr 406       410,000        11/08/2019     12
401 S Seas Dr 303       325,000        09/30/2019      23
201 S Seas Dr 404       330,000        08/05/2019       6

Recent Rentals         Rented Price       Rental Date 
301 S Seas Dr 203         $2,300              06/10/2019

Bluffs Ocean North-Sold
Address                     Sale Price    Sale Date    DOM
301 Ocean Bluffs 105      335,000      10/18/2019     298
201 Ocean Bluffs 403      410,000      03/14/2019       5 

Recent Rentals            Rented Price       Rental Date   
301 Ocean Bluffs 405         $2,000             07/17/2019   
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Q:  As a buyer of a house in Florida, if the property is rented and occupied by a tenant, what are my rights before and after closing on the property?

A:  The FR/BAR "As Is" Residential Contract For Sale And Purchase ("Contract") is most commonly used for Florida real estate transactions.  That form Contract contains provision at paragraph 6(b) and 18(D) that govern the rights of the parties in the event that the property is subject to a lease or occupancy after closing. 

Paragraph 6(b) states:
(b) CHECK IF PROPERTY IS SUBJECT TO LEASE(S) OR OCCUPANCY AFTER CLOSING. If Property is  subject to a lease(s) after Closing or is intended to be rented or occupied by third parties beyond Closing, the  facts and terms thereof shall be disclosed in writing by Seller to Buyer and copies of the written lease(s) shall
be delivered to Buyer, all within 5 days after Effective Date. If Buyer determines, in Buyer's sole discretion, that  the lease(s) or terms of occupancy are not acceptable to Buyer, Buyer may terminate this Contract by delivery  of written notice of such election to Seller within 5 days after receipt of the above items from Seller, and Buyer
shall be refunded the Deposit thereby releasing Buyer and Seller from all further obligations under this Contract.  Estoppel Letter(s) and Seller's affidavit shall be provided pursuant to STANDARD D. If Property is intended to  be occupied by Seller after Closing, see Rider U. POST-CLOSING OCCUPANCY BY SELLER.  Paragraph 18(D) states:  D. LEASE INFORMATION: Seller shall, at least 10 days prior to Closing, furnish to Buyer estoppel letters from  tenant(s)/occupant(s) specifying nature and duration of occupancy, rental rates, advanced rent and security  deposits paid by tenant(s) or occupant(s)("Estoppel Letter(s)"). If Seller is unable to obtain such Estoppel Letter(s)  the same information shall be furnished by Seller to Buyer within that time period in the form of a Seller's affidavit  and Buyer may thereafter contact tenant(s) or occupant(s) to confirm such information. If Estoppel Letter(s) or
Seller's affidavit, if any, differ materially from Seller's representations and lease(s) provided pursuant to Paragraph
6, or if tenant(s)/occupant(s) fail or refuse to confirm Seller's affidavit, Buyer may deliver written notice to Seller  within 5 days after receipt of such information, but no later than 5 days prior to Closing Date, terminating this  Contract and receive a refund of the Deposit, thereby releasing Buyer and Seller from all further obligations under  this Contract. Seller shall, at Closing, deliver and assign all leases to Buyer who shall assume Seller's obligations

These clauses pertaining to leases provide for the following 
1. Seller shall deliver copies of the lease(s) and a written disclosure of the facts and terms thereof to the buyer within 5 days after the Effective Date.
2. Buyer may terminate the contract by delivering written notice to seller within 5 days after receipt of the lease(s) and written disclosure if buyer is not satisfied with them for any reason.
3. Seller shall furnish Estoppel Letter(s) (or seller's affidavit if seller is unable to obtain an Estoppel Letter) to buyer at least 10 days prior to closing.
4. Buyer may terminate the contract by delivering written notice to seller within five days after receipt (but no later than five days prior to the closing date) if an Estoppel Letter or seller's affidavit differs materially from the lease(s) or representations in seller's written disclosure just described in point 1 above.

Unless otherwise provided for in the contract, a buyer takes title to the property subject to the existing lease.  If you are a buyer of real property and you come across a property that is subject to a lease, it is recommended that you consult a real estate attorney for advice to determine your rights and obligations under the contract and the lease(s).  apineiro@pblawfla.com

             Andrew A. Pineiro, Esq. * Pineiro Byrd PLLC
4600 Military Trail, #212 * Jupiter, FL 33458 * 561.799.9280
Andrew A. Pineiro is a real estate and business litigation lawyer, licensed in the state of Florida since 1997. Based out of Jupiter, Pineiro Byrd PLLC has handled thousands of real estate transactions throughout Florida.


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Bluffs Ridge

113 Sand Pine Dr -Sold

Bluffs Marina

1801 Marina Isle Way-406-Fully Renovated

901 Seafarer Cir 406-New on the Market

2401 Marina Isle Way 301-Sold

1901 Marina Isle Way 404-Sold

1101 Seafarer CIr 105-Sold

2101 Marina Isle Way 203-Sold

501 Seafarer Cir 506-Rented

Jupiter Lakes Townhouse
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Thomas J. Waidelich

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1801 Marina Isle Way Unit 406
New on the Market

901 Seafarer Cir Unit 406
New on the Market

            113 Sand Pine Dr
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         2401 Marina Isle Way 301                                Sold
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