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WHAT'S SELLING AT THE BLUFFS                                            January 2019    Vol 86
It's been another busy year here at the Bluffs Communities. Below is the data to compare 2018 sales to 2017 sales for the different Bluffs Communities. Inventory remains on the low side, and sales prices have been stable.  The average days on the market during 2018 were 67, well below the average of 85 days on the market in 2017. 
The Ridge at the Bluffs had 28 homes sold in 2018 compared to 31 homes sold in 2017. Sales prices ranged from $430,000 to $670,000 in 2018.
The River had 14 homes sold in 2018 compared to 17 homes sold in 2017. Sales prices ranged from $430,000 to $575,000 and one home sold on the Intracoastal for $1,300,000.

The River North townhomes had 13 sales in 2018 the same amount as for 2017. Sales prices ranged from $220,000 to $265,000 in 2018.

The Lakes at the Bluffs had 15 townhomes sold in 2018 compared to 17 townhomes sold in 2017. Sales prices ranged from $241,000 to $270,000 in 2018.

Bluffs Marina had 36 units sold in 2018 compared to 35 units sold in 2017. Sales prices ranged from $269,000 to $510,000 in 2018.
The Ocean South had 15 condos sold in 2018 compared to 13 units sold in 2017. Sales prices ranged from $310,000 to $550,000 in 2018.

The Ocean North had 6 condos sold in 2018 compared to 4 condos sold in 2017. Sales prices ranged from $240,450 to $490,000 in 2018.

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Bluffs Ridge-Sold
Address                     Sale Price     Sale Date      Dom  
138 Cape Pointe Cir     639,000      12/20/2018      11
186 Ridge Rd               549,000      12/14/2018       8
310 Ridge Rd               585,000      11/05/2018      21
129 Cape Pointe Cir     508,000      10/31/2018      62
197 Ridge Rd               600,000      10/10/2018     108
323 Ridge Rd               595,000      09/28/2018      14

Recent  Rentals         Rented Price     Rented Date
169 Ridge Rd               $2,550               12/14/2018
148 Cape Pointe Cir     $2,800               10/12/2018

Bluffs River-Sold
Address                      Sale Price     Sale Date      Dom  
336 River Edge Rd        1,300,000     01/11/2019     47
138 Harbourside Cir       535,000      12/17/2018      83
158 Sandbar Dr              559,000      11/08/2018      1
372 River Edge Rd          670,000      11/01/2018     11
207 St Charles Ct           475,000       09/28/2018     96

Recent Rentals        Rental Price       Rental Date
103 Landword Dr      $2,850                 12/08/2018
324 River Edge Rd    $2,900                  09/28/2018

River North Townhouses-Sold
Address             Sale Price      Sale Date      Dom     
2813 28Th Ct        265,000        01/04/2019     2
2517 25Th Ct        265,000        11/01/2018    10
3055 30Th Ct        258,000        10/22/2018     9
3030 30Th Ct        245,000        09/17/2018     8

Recent Rentals      Rented Price       Rental Date
2608 26Th Ct         $1,750             11/17/2018 

The Lakes-Sold
Address             Sale  Price     Sale Date       DOM
1809 18Th Ct         260,000        11/21/2018      90
1946 19Th Ct         260,000        11/13/2018     27
2325 23Rd Ct         270,000        11/02/2018     14
1822 18Th Ct         257,500        08/24/2018    105
2009 20th Ct          260,000        07/30/2018     36 

Recent Rentals      Rented Price       Rental Date 
2302 23Rd Ct           $1,750                12/08/2018

Bluffs Marina-Sold
Address                        Sale Price     Sale Date    DOM
1701 Marina Isle 503       455,000     01/08/2019      53
1601 Marina Isle 503       430,000     12/13/2018      22
1701 Marina Isle 104       290,000     12/03/2018      21
2001 Marina ISle 101       290,000     11/16/2018     127
1901 Marina Isle 506       365,000     11/08/2018      59
801 Seafarer Cir 505       310,000     10/30/2018       2
1801 Marina Isle 401       315,000     10/15/2018      60
1401 Tidal Pointe 106      277,500     09/26/2018     43
2201 Marina ISle 503       420,000     09/14/2018     118
2401 MArina ISle 405       310,000     08/31/2018       3

Recent Rentals           Rented Price       Rental Date 
601 Seafarer Cir 205      $1,650               11/01/2018
701 Seafarer Cir 104      $1,600                9/25/2018

Bluffs Ocean South-Sold
Address                   Sale Price     Sale Date       DOM
201 S Seas Dr 105       340,000        12/27/2018    147
601 S Seas Dr 406       407,500        11/09/2018     31
201 S Seas Dr 201       368,000        08/30/2018     94
101 S Seas Dr 102       310,000        07/31/2018      6

Recent Rentals         Rented Price       Rental Date 
501 S Seas Dr 105         $2,400              9 /28/2018

Bluffs Ocean North-Sold
Address                       Sale Price    Sale Date      DOM
201 Ocean Bluffs 103      240,450      12/28/2018      47
301 Ocean Bluffs 202      250,000      09/20/2018      14
201 Ocean Bluffs 504      439,000      06/25/2018      80
101 Ocean Bluffs 106      330,000      06/15/2018     145

Recent Rentals            Rented Price       Rental Date   
301 Ocean Bluffs 205         $2,000             10/01/2018   
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Hurricane Michael has raised awareness of potential claims and issues that may arise when a storm affects a property while it is under contract and prior to closing.  Here are a few things to be aware of:
Under the most recent version of the standard "as is" FARBAR real estate contract (the "contract"), if the inspection period has elapsed, there is no right to reinspect.  Notwithstanding, the Seller has a duty to "maintain the Property, including, but not limited to, lawn, shrubbery, and pool, in the condition existing as of the Effective Date."
The contract does contain a force majeure clause that provides for additional time to perform certain obligations in certain circumstances. 
Specifically, Standard G states, "Buyer or Seller shall not be required to perform any obligation under this Contract or be liable to each other for damages so long as performance or non-performance of the obligation, or the availability of services, insurance or required approvals essential to Closing, is disrupted, delayed, caused or prevented by Force Majeure.  "Force Majeure" means:  hurricanes, floods, extreme weather, earthquakes, fire, or other acts of God, unusual transportation delays, or wars, insurrections, or acts of terrorism, which by exercise of reasonable diligent effort, the non-performing party is unable in whole or in part to prevent or overcome.  All time periods, including Closing Date, will be extended a reasonable time up to 7 days after the Force Majeure no longer prevents performance under this Contract, provided, however, if such Force Majeure continues to prevent performance under this Contract more than 30 days beyond Closing Date, then either party may terminate this Contract by delivering written notice to the other and the Deposit shall be refunded to Buyer, thereby releasing Buyer and Seller from all further obligations under this Contract."
If the property is damaged by a storm while the contract is pending, the contract makes provision for these risks of loss.  Standard M states that if the cost of restoration exceeds 1.5% of the Purchase Price, Buyer can elect to take the property "as is" together with a credit for 1.5% of the Purchase Price, or, Buyer can receive a refund of the earnest money deposit thereby releasing Buyer and Seller from all further obligations under the Contract.
These are just some of the many issues that can arise when a major storm affects a property while a contract is pending.  Navigating the terms of the contract can be tricky.  If you are a buyer or seller and come across a storm related contract issue, be sure to consult a real estate attorney to determine your rights and obligations under the contract.  Andrew Pineiro, Esq., Pineiro Byrd PLLC, 4600 Military Trail, Suite 212, Jupiter, Florida 33458, apineiro@pblawfla.com.

             Andrew A. Pineiro, Esq. * Pineiro Byrd PLLC
4600 Military Trail, #212 * Jupiter, FL 33458 * 561.799.9280
Andrew A. Pineiro is a real estate and business litigation lawyer, licensed in the state of Florida since 1997. Based out of Jupiter, Pineiro Byrd PLLC has handled thousands of real estate transactions throughout Florida.

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