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With the warmer weather here already, I thought I would share some helpful, energy savings tips.  

When closing up your home for the summer time, here are some best practices from FP&L for A/C settings tips for seasonal, home owners.
If you have a manual thermostat
FPL recommends setting your air conditioning system to 80 degrees for detached homes and townhouses and 77 degrees for condos and apartments. These measures control the relative humidity (RH) in your vacant home by providing dehumidification to help prevent mold growth.
If you have a programmable thermostat
A programmable thermostat is a more energy-efficient and effective option. FPL recommends programming thermostats at 72 degrees for just two hours each morning before sunrise and at 88 degrees the rest of the time. This will help prevent mold by removing moisture from the air during the cooler hours, when relative humidity (RH) is highest and your A/C runs most efficiently.
Energy efficiency tips 
  • Always set the A/C fan switch to the "auto" mode.
  • Ceiling fans are not necessary since your A/C already circulates the air.
Mold prevention
The most energy-efficient option to help prevent mold from developing in vacant homes is to use stand-alone dehumidifiers instead of the air conditioner.
  • Use one dehumidifier for every 1,000 square feet of floor area.
  • Set the controls to 58 percent RH, and locate them by the kitchen sink or bathroom shower so water from the drainage tube can go down the drain.
  • Keep the doors to each room open to help the dry air mix with other air throughout the house. A floor fan set on low speed can help circulate dehumidified air to other rooms.
  • You can add timers to the dehumidifiers and fans to limit their operation to 9 pm until noon each day.
Other ways to save while you are away 
  1. Save more by turning off the circuit breakers to the water heater and refrigerator. Make sure the refrigerator is clean and you have a way to keep the door open while you are gone.
  2. Unplug electronics to save money and protect them from lightning strikes during the rainy season. Remember, if it feels warm to the touch when it is plugged in, then it is consuming energy -- even when you are not using it. 
  3. If you have cable or a satellite for your TV: When the TV is off, put your hand on the box that tunes the channels. If you feel any heat, keep it unplugged until you need it again when you return. 
I hope that you find these energy savings tips helpful.  I welcome the opportunity to be the expert resource for all of your real estate-related needs. Call or text me today at 561-373-9653.

Regards from Paradise!
Tom Waidelich
Jupiter Coastal Properties  

Bluffs Ridge-Sold
Address                       Sale Price     Sale Date       Dom  
310 Ridge Rd                 550,000       05/25/2018    167
238 Ridge Rd                 444,000       05/16/2018      1
108 Ridge Rd                 430,000       04/30/2018      6
107 Seashore Dr            500,000        05/16/2018     14
103 Knoll Way               645,000        05/15/2018     24
121 Seashore Dr            640,000        04/13/2018     12
116 Seashore Dr             569,000       03/16/2018    119
120 Seashore Dr             491,751       03/15/2018      2

Recent  Rentals         Rented Price     Rented Date
196 Cape Pointe Cir      $2,650              03/30/2018
256 Ridge Rd                $2,800              03/01/2018

Bluffs River-Sold
Address                   Sale Price     Sale Date        Dom  
373 River Edge Rd      450,000       05/31/2018       7
113 Inner Harbour       595,000       05/15/2018       2
208 River Park Dr        480,000       04/16/2018      53
125 Harbourside Cir    553,000        04/02/2018         5

Recent Rentals        Rental Price       Rental Date
322 Leeward Dr         $3,000              06/01/2018

River North Townhouses-Sold
Address             Sale Price      Sale Date       Dom     
3057 30Th Ct      275,000        05/01/2018       40
2734 27Th Ct      220,000        04/16/2018       50
3245 32nd Ct      245,000        01/22/2018        1 
3245 32nd Ct      245,000        01/22/2018        1
2726 27TH Ct      259,000        01/10/2018      10

Recent Rentals      Rented Price       Rental Date
3068 30Th Ct         $1,675             05/23/2018 

The Lakes-Sold
Address             Sale  Price     Sale Date      DOM
1923 19Th Ct       241,000       04/20/2018       37
1139 11Th Ct       260,000       04/16/2018       14
2028 20Th Ct       255,000       04/04/2018       46 
1824 18Th Ct       265,000       04/03/2018      101
2012 20Th Ct       270,000       02/22/2018        2 

Recent Rentals      Rented Price       Rental Date 
2028 20th Ct            $1,700                06/01/2018
2115 21St Ct            $1,550                05/01/2018

Bluffs Marina-Sold
Address                        Sale Price     Sale Date    DOM
2501 Marina Isle 302        310,000    06/14/2018      68
2201 Marna Isle 105         290,000    06/08/2018     211
2501 Marina Isle 106           279900     05/31/2018      49
701 Seafarer Cir 202             273,000    05/31/2018       40
2601 Marina Isle 105         320,000    05/22/2018      36
1 9 01 Marina Isle 30 4         305,000    05/18/2018     108
1801 Marina Isle 304            285,000     05/16/2018     494
2401 Marina Isle 304        300,000    05/16/2018      45
1101 Seafarer Cir 20 5        355,000     05/15/2018       34
1101 Seafarer Cir 402       290,000    05/14/2018     118
2601 Marina Isle 202        320,000    04/27/2018       396
1601 Marina Isle 105        350,000     04/25/2018     129
1001 Seafarer Cir 501    510,000   04/24/2018      46
1801 Marina Isle 106        269,000   04/02/2018      50
1801 Marina Isle 404        307,000   03/30/2018      25

Recent Rentals           Rented Price       Rental Date 
501 Seafarer Cir 106      $1,550                 05/01/2018
1701 Marina ISle 301      $1,600                 05/15/2018

Bluffs Ocean South-Sold
Address                   Sale Price     Sale Date       DOM
401 S Seas Dr 20 6        370,000         05/30/2018      204
401 S Seas Dr 505       449,900        05/01/2018      41
601 S Seas Dr 306       440,000        04/05/2018      7
201 S Seas Dr 205       385,000        04/03/2018     332
201 S Seas Dr 303       395,000      03/29/2018      64
301 S Seas Dr 203       345,000      02/28/2018      65
101 S Seas Dr 502       522,000      01/29/2018      74

Recent Rentals         Rented Price       Rental Date 
401 S Seas Dr 105         $2,100               03/01/2018

Bluffs Ocean North-Sold
Address                     Sale Price  Sale Date     DOM
301 Ocean Bluffs 50 4    490,000        05/31/2018     30
301 Ocean Bluffs 401   332,500     05/10/2018  118
401 Ocean Bluffs 204   325,000     03/29/2018   96

Recent Rentals            Rented Price       Rental Date   
101 Ocean Bluffs 402         $1,750             05/01/2018   
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Q:  In a real estate transaction, the buyer has      the ability to negotiate certain          "contingencies" into the contract.  If properly written, a contingency enables the parties to cancel a contract if certain conditions occur or do not occur.
A: A
 common contingency is the financing contingency ("FC") which allows the buyer to cancel for reasons related to being unable to obtain financing.  If the FC terms are not adhered to, a buyer can find themselves in a bad situation.  For example, a buyer obtains a Pre-Approval letter from his lender to present with the offer which states, "this Pre-Approval letter is not a loan commitment."  Once the offer is made and accepted, all intentions are for the lender to issue the commitment letter and the contract specifies a date by which this must happen.  If the loan commitment is not issued by that date, the buyer may cancel the contract utilizing the financing contingency with written notice to the seller, typically at least 7 days prior to closing.  The dilemma for buyers is if the issuance of the loan commitment is delayed past the deadline to give notice to the seller, the buyer will not be able to timely 
cancel the contract.  In this situation, the buyer would still be obligated to close or 
breach the contract by not closing and risk losing their earnest money deposit. 

A real estate lawyer can guide you through the intricacies of the financing 
contingency.  As a buyer, it is always prudent to hire a lawyer to represent you from contract to closing.

             Andrew A. Pineiro, Esq. * Pineiro Byrd PLLC
4600 Military Trail, #212 * Jupiter, FL 33458 * 561.799.9280
Andrew A. Pineiro is a real estate and business litigation lawyer, licensed in the state of Florida since 1997. Based out of Jupiter, Pineiro Byrd PLLC has handled thousands of real estate transactions throughout Florida.

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Bluffs Marina

2601 Marina Isle Way 105-SOLD

2501 Marina Isle Way 106-SOLD

1001 Seafarer Cir 501-SOLD

1401 Tidal Pointe Blvd 106 -Price Reduced to $279,900

1701 Marina Isle Way 205-UNDER CONTRACT

Bluffs Ridge

200 Ridge Rd-Offered at-$512,500

109 Beach Summit Ct- SOLD

Bluffs Ocean South
2016 20th Ct Seasonal Rental Furnished $3,250 per month

101 S Seas Dr 202-$2,300 per month-Annual Lease Furnished
101 S Seas Dr 202-$4,200 per month-Seasonal Furnished

1127 E Seminole Ave 4D-Annual Lease $1850.00 -Rented

2319 23rd Ct-$1,645 per month-annual lease-Rented

2201-Marina Isle Way 204-Seasonal Leased-Rented

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            200 Ridge Rd
        Offered at $512,250
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1401 Tidal Point Blvd 106
Offered at $279,000
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1701 Marina Isle Way-205
Under Contract

   2601 Marina Isle Way-105
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 2501 Marina Isle Way-106
1001 Seafarer Cir 501
109 Beach Summit
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