"AT THE BLUFFS" Market Report 
Window of Opportunity, How Long Will it Last?

We have several Buyers interested specifically in Bluffs’ single-family homes! We would love to introduce these prospective Buyers to you if you are interested in selling! Inventory remains extremely low for all the Bluffs' communities. This low inventory is driving up sale prices, which are now exceeding record levels! We have not seen a market like this in over 15 years (2004 to 2006). The big questions is, “How long will this hot market last?” If you are considering selling your home, this low inventory has created a great window of opportunity to realize the best sales price for your home. Why not get in front of this hot trend instead of catching it on the way down? Additionally, the next 60 days, statistically, year after year, has been the best time of the year to sell.

Please contact me for a free consultation, or even if you just want to talk about our market. Listed below is the current inventory for each Bluffs community. For more detailed information, please click on the purple links below. These links are updated 24/7 to provide you with the latest information.  
Ridge-1 home for sale out of 618.
River- 2 homes for sale out of 363.
River North- zero townhomes for sale out of 312.
Lakes- zero townhomes for sale out of 392.
Marina- 5 condos for sale out of 660 units.
Ocean South- 4 condos for sale out of 198 units.
Ocean North- 2 condos for sale out of 120 units.

For a limited time, Home Depot is having a sale on PGT Windows. The prices I have been hearing sound terrific. We are not promoting this company and suggest you do your due diligence with HD and other companies as well before hiring anybody, but we are making you aware of the special pricing so that you may take action to protect your home in a windstorm.

Regards from Paradise!
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Bluffs Ridge-Sold
Address             Sale Price  Sale Date  Dom 
126 Seashore Dr ..770,000 ...02/01/21.....27
107 Seashore Dr ..595,000 ...01/14/21.....51
151 Ridge Rd ...... 785,000 ...12/31/20 ...192
155 Seashore  ..... 735,000 ..12/30/20  ....63
118 Dunes Edge .. 530,000 ..12/28/20 .....1
137 Beach Summit 715,000  12/07/20 ....29
145 Sand Pine  ......635,200  12/04/20 . .. 8
Bluffs River-Sold
Address              Sale Price Sale Date Dom
389 River Edge .....740,000 ..02/16/21 ....64
116 Inner Harrbor ..610,000...02/12/21 ....20
306 Leeward Dr .....829,000 ..01/15/21 ....12
118 Inner Harbour. .589,000  12/15/20    ...5
River North Townhouses-Sold
Address     Sale Price    Sale Date  Dom
2727 27Th Ct  332,000   .01/27/21 ....1
3241 32Nd Ct  280,000   12/10/20  ..48
2430 24Th Ct  340,000   11/18/20 .. ..5
3205 32nd Ct  280,000  .10/23/20  . ..3
The Lakes-Sold
Address         Sale Price   Sale Date  DOM
3019 30Th Ct ...280,000 ....02/05/21 ....71
1012 10Th Ct... 350,000 ..02/08/21 ....4
1947 19Th Ct    300,000     12/18/20   106
2120 21St Ct    .270,000     11/13/20   23
1926 19Th Ct   .275,000     10/29/20    2
Bluffs Marina-Sold
Address                 Sale Price Sale Date  DOM
2101 Marina Isle 302 .510,000 ...02/10/21 ..25
1301 Seafarer 401 ....450,000 ...01/29/21 ..30
2201 Marina Isle 301 467,500 ...01/29/21 . .22
501 Seafarer 205 ......280,000 ...01/15/21 . ..6
1501 Seafarer 306 ....400,000....01/11/21 ... 1
2301 Marina Isle 103 370,000 ...12/30/20 ..188
Bluffs Ocean South-Sold
Address               Sale Price   Sale Date  DOM
701 S Seas Dr 101 ..376,000 ...02/12/21 ...23
501 S Seas Dr 105   431,500   .02/09/21  ..62
301 S Seas Dr 302   495,000   .02/08/21 ... 3
201 S Seas Dr 502 ..455,000 ...01/04/21 ..153
Bluffs Ocean North-Sold
Address                  Sale Price  Sale Date DOM
401 Ocean Bluffs 502 467,150 ...01/29/29 ..22
401 Ocean Bluffs 506 610,000 ...12/29/20 ...4
201 Ocean Bluffs 504  550,000  ..11/06/20  38
Featured Listings
Bluffs Marina
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1501 Marina Isle Way -306
The Lakes
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Bluffs Ridge
118 Dunes Edge Rd

Five Interesting Things about Foreclosures in Florida:
  1. Service of Process. If the bank cannot locate the borrower to personally serve the borrower with the Complaint (the document that commences the foreclosure case upon filing at the courthouse), the bank can use an alternative to personal service known as “publication.” Publication is a process whereby notice of the commencement of the foreclosure is published in a local newspaper to give notice to the borrower or other potential defendants named in the law suit. Before a bank can resort to the publication process, it must perform a diligent search for the borrower and make all efforts to obtain service of process personally. Once all efforts have been exhausted, the bank can use the publication process to get service on the borrower or other defendants who cannot be found. This process can significantly delay the foreclosure process.
  2. Defenses. Once a borrower is served with process, the borrower must (typically) respond to the Complaint within 20 days. Responses to the Complaint can be in the form of a motion to dismiss (which attacks the allegations in the complaint as being procedurally or substantively defective), or, an answer and affirmative defenses. Affirmative defenses are written defenses that attempt to avoid the claims being made by in the Complaint. As an example, if the bank is seeking to foreclose, a common defense is that the bank failed to comply with a condition precedent to filing the complaint. Often times, mortgages or other loan documents have specific requirements that banks must follow before a foreclosure action can be filed. If those conditions are not performed, the borrower can potentially defeat the foreclosure action by lodging this defense.
  3. Rents. If the property being foreclosed on is rented, the bank may have the right to “sequester the rents” while the foreclosure action is pending. For the bank to have this right, an “assignment of rents” would have been granted by the borrower to the bank when the loan documents were signed. Sometimes an assignment of rents is included in the terms of a mortgage (not a separate document). The assignment of rents is additional collateral granted to the bank to make the bank more “secure” when underwriting the loan. Rent sequestrations are controlled by Florida Statutes s. 697.07.
  4. Receivers. During the foreclosure action, lenders have options to try to preserve the value of the underlying collateral and to minimize further losses. One of those options is the appointment of a receiver. A receiver is generally appointed to conserve and maintain the status quo of property during the foreclosure process. 
  5. Right of redemption. In Florida, the “Right of redemption” is the ability of a mortgage holder (or other interested party) to stop a foreclosure sale by all paying amounts due under the note, including attorneys’ fees and costs that have been incurred. The redemption payment is made to the clerk of court and it must be made before the later of the filing of a certificate of sale by the clerk or the time specified in the final judgment for foreclosure. The redemption process is controlled by Florida Statutes s. 45.0315.

These are just a few of the complexities that we regularly deal with in our residential real estate practice. When it comes to one of the largest investments a person can make, it is always recommended to have a real estate attorney on your side. 

Andrew Pineiro, Esq., Pineiro Byrd PLLC, 4600 Military Trail, Suite 212, Jupiter,
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