Atlanta Area Chapter Appraisal Institute

4th Quarter Chapter Newsletter

Chapter President's Message

Hugh "Bo" Bass, Jr., MAI

Greetings everyone! What a successful year it has been for our Chapter as we have accomplished so much TOGETHER! I must start out by thanking this year’s leadership team. When you have a team of forward thinkers with a shared vision, all working together on the same page, they become unstoppable. This belief resonated from the group that served this year. A big thank you to Suzanne Brockway for bringing our ideas to life! Suzanne, you are a great friend, mentor, and make our roles and accomplishments so much easier. Thank you so much!


The focus of this year’s team was to provide educational and social opportunities for members, and I commend them on their successful efforts. One of the new educational opportunities this year was the State of Georgia seminar held via Zoom. While the State of Atlanta has been a phenomenal event for the past 23 years, this team was eager to also create an opportunity for Appraisal Institute members across the state. Our Chapter partnered with the Savannah Area Chapter and a team of AI members from across the state was created to develop State of Georgia. The amount of positive feedback from this seminar was incredible!


State of Atlanta continues to be the highlight event of our Chapter and this year was no different. Thank you to this year’s Chair, Patrick Adamson, MAI, SRA, for making this event once again a premier opportunity for education and networking. A highlight this year was having the Appraisal Institute’s National President Craig Steinley, MAI, SRA, and the Appraisal Institute’s new CEO Cindy Chance in attendance.


In addition to State of Georgia and State of Atlanta, our Chapter provided a variety of in-person and Zoom educational offerings by some of the Appraisal Institute’s most sought-after instructors.


Our Chapter offered Candidates for Designation a comprehensive exam study session this year. Thank you to Andy Sheppard, MAI, for putting this together and hosting. Also, thanks to Matt Albigese, MAI, Chris Calhoun, MAI, Chris Farrell, MAI, and Keith Nelson, MAI, for taking part and offering support to the Candidates. We recently received an email from one of the Candidates in attendance who stated he has since passed the comp and attributes the session to helping!


Our Chapter was extremely well-represented at the Appraisal Institute’s Leadership Development Advisory Council (LDAC) in Washington, DC. David Griffin, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS, Rick Kenny, MAI, SRA, and Peter Lamas, MAI, all had strong showings during the breakout sessions. I was fortunate enough to serve as a Discussion Leader this year and was blown away at the number of people from across the country that approached me with so many positive comments about the activity of our Chapter. Many of them stated that they observe our Chapter for ideas to implement into their own. We set a standard! So be proud of yourselves for all you do to make that happen!



For social opportunities this year, we started with an outing at Scofflaw’s Brewery at The Works. A big thank you to John McCullough for organizing this event! We also had a well-attended outing at an Atlanta Braves game, in which our Chapter had 40 attendees. Thank you to David Chamberlain, MAI, AI-GRS, for making that event happen! A new social opportunity this year was our first ever Bass Fishing Tournament at Piedmont Driving Club. Thanks to Lamar Ellis, MAI, SRA, John Cherry, MAI, and Mike Hunter, MAI, for putting this great event together! Most recently we had a ladies’ happy hour and dinner with about 20 in attendance, including the Appraisal Institute’s new CEO, Cindy Chance. Thank you to Suzanne Brockway for making this event happen!


As you can tell, we have had a tremendous year thanks to all who pitched in. I am so excited about the upcoming leadership for this Chapter and cannot wait to see what the future holds for us! While I am grateful for the leadership team and all their hard work in creating so many educational and social opportunities for our members, these events are not possible without support from the membership. So thank you for making these events so successful. 


I was recently reminded that we have only one life on this earth. Each and every one of us…that’s all we get. Question is, how are we going to live it? Are we going to make a positive difference? We all have that power deep inside; we just have to find it, believe it, and take action. I urge each of you to get involved and make a difference! Whether it be in your home, your office, your church, your community, this Chapter, or AI National. I promise you, the rewards of giving back and making a positive difference are incredible.


Thank you so much for the opportunity to serve as Chapter President this year. From the bottom of my heart, I am extremely grateful, and it has truly been an honor.




Bo Bass, MAI

2023 Chapter President

Q1 2024 Atlanta Area Chapter Meeting & Education

Workforce Housing: Bridging the Gap in Our Communities

Thursday, January 25, 2024

at the Hotel Indigo Atlanta Vinings, 2857 Paces Ferry Rd., SE, Atlanta, GA, 30339

Get ready for an unforgettable afternoon and evening of networking and 4 hours of AI and GA approved continuing education. This is an event you will not want to miss! Developed by Sandra Winter, MAI, AI-GRS, "Workforce Housing: Bridging the Gap in Our Communities" is an insightful seminar where we will discuss how workforce housing differs from affordable housing and how it offers innovative solutions and strategies for bridging the housing gap for employees. Gain valuable insights into sustainable development and community-driven initiatives to foster a thriving workforce environment.

Click Here for More Details & Registration!

Upcoming Education

Workforce Housing: Bridging the Gap in Our Communities

Instructor: Sandra McAlister Winter, MAI, AI-GRS

January 25, 2024 Details and Registration Here

2024-2025 USPAP Update (7 hours)

Instructor: Jeff Miller, MAI, AI-GRS

February 13, 2024 Details and Registration Here

Aerial Inspections for Real Estate Appraisers (7 hours)

Instructor: Lamar Ellis, MAI, SRA

March 13, 2024 Details and Registration Here

Complex Valuation (7 hours)

Instructors: Randall Bell, PhD, MAI & Michael Tachovsky, PhD

July 11, 2024 Details and Registration Here

More Course & Seminar Offerings To Be Announced


Meet Our New Designated Members!

Timothy Kim, MAI

Houlihan Lokey

Real Estate Valuation & Advisory Services

Mr. Kim is a member of the Real Estate Valuation and Advisory Services practice within Houlihan Lokey’s Financial and Valuation Advisory business. He has nearly two decades of experience providing real estate valuation, consulting, and advisory services throughout the U.S. and abroad. More About Timothy Here

Peter Luxemburger, SRA

Luxemburger Appraisals

Peter Luxemburger is a certified residential appraiser based in Atlanta, GA. He has been appraising in Atlanta for the past seven years. Prior to that he had a career in international corporate finance with Cargill, Philip Morris, and WR Grace & Co., and was based in Switzerland, France, Belgium, and Ukraine. He has an MBA in finance from Columbia University, an MS in Building Construction from Georgia Tech, and a BA in English from the University of Georgia.

Welcome New AI Professionals!

Practicing Affiliates

Scott E Hirons, Gainesville, GA

Case Krause Nichols, Decatur, GA

Connie Thomas, Atlanta, ga

Sherry Regina Turner, Lawrenceville, GA

Hugh Carleton Williams, Atlanta, GA

Student Affiliates

Braden Heintz, Cumming, GA

Ase King, Atlanta, GA

General Demonstration Report - Capstone Program 2024

Complete your Demonstration of Knowledge requirement today!

The General Demonstration Report-Capstone Program is an option that general Candidates for Designation may choose to complete their demonstration of knowledge requirement for their MAI designation. Like the traditional requirement, the same skills and knowledge base are required to produce a complete demonstration appraisal report. However, this program was designed to offer an option that accelerates the completion. Before registering, required prerequisites must be completed before general candidates for Designation can register. No exceptions. CLICK HERE for more information.

Member Spotlight

Joe W. Ball, MAI, Non-Practicing (Retired)


Began my appraisal career with James H. (Jim) Pritchett & Co., November 1971. The firm name ultimately became Pritchett, Ball & Wise, Inc., where I retired at year end 2014.


Duration in the profession

53 years


Hometown/Currently live

Greenville, SC, from 1956, 4th grade through high school in 1965, away to college at Mississippi State University, 1965-1969, then Army Basic Training, then Grad School at UGA, then to Atlanta, GA, from November, 1971 through retirement in 2014. Home is now in Fannin County, GA, near Suches.



Jeannine and I together are blessed to have a wonderful extended family of three children, seven grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. I truly love all of them as if they were my own! I have three siblings, and lots of nephews and nieces, all of whom are my favs.!



Turkey hunting, fishing, golf (I hung up my clubs a few years ago!), and writing and reading; keeping up the grounds where I live with Jeannine.

What is (or was) your primary line of appraisal work?

Conservation Easements; Condemnation and Acquisitions, including MARTA when they were acquiring rights-of-way to construct the rapid transit system; DOT when they were acquiring right-of-way to build I-20; USFS, NPS, USFS. Other special-purpose valuations; and mentoring newcomers to the profession.


What are the biggest issues facing the appraisal profession?

As always, among the biggest appraisal profession issues include: making every effort to develop reasonable, well-documented, supported, and unbiased value conclusions; diversification of membership should continue to be addressed. Good recent progress has been made. Keep it up!


What do you see as the biggest strengths of the Appraisal Institute?

AI’s biggest strengths include: excellent educational offerings, advisors and instructors (we need more Nancy Morales’ (at AI) and Jim Vernors!) and, maintaining and expanding leadership development attendance, such as LDAC, one of my best AI memories from about 25 years ago! Thanks to Ted Anglyn for encouraging me to pursue that opportunity and engage in chapter leadership.

Another great strength of AI is seeking and employing exceptional chapter leadership and guidance. The best of the best is our own Executive Director, Suzanne Brockway. Where would we be without you, SB! Don’t you dare delete this!

2024 Chapter Officers & Directors Installation

at the Cobb Energy & Performing Arts Center, Atlanta

October 19, 2023

Marie Ikizler, MAI (Director); David Griffin, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS (Director); Patrick Adamson, MAI, SRA (Director, Ex Offcio); Bo Bass, MAI (Director Ex Officio); Talani Casariego, MAI (Treasurer); Peter Lamas, MAI (Secretary); and

Rick Kenny, MAI, SRA (Vice President) (Left to Right)

Mike Hunter, MAI

2024 Chapter President

Hugh "Bo" Bass, Jr., MAI

2023 Chapter President

Mike Hunter, MAI

2024 Chapter President

Craig Steinley


2023 National AI President

Highlights from the Atlanta Area Chapter Meeting

at the Cobb Energy & Performing Arts Center, Atlanta

October 19, 2023

Congratulations Taylor Malcolm, MAI (right)! Designation presented by

Greg Malcolm, MAI (left)

Congratulations Justin Poisson, MAI (right)! Designation presented by Dan Carlson, MAI (left)

Congratulations Stuart Gregg, SRA (right)! Designation presented by

Scott Murphy, SRA, AI-RRS (left)

Congratulations Lamar Ellis, MAI, SRA (right) for receiving the Appraisal Institute's Outstanding Service Award!

Hugh "Bo" Bass, Jr., MAI; 2023 Chapter President;

Craig Steinley, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS, AI-RRS,

2023 National Appraisal Institute President;

Cindy Chance, CEO, Appraisal Institute; and

Mike Hunter, MAI, 2023 Chapter Vice President (left to right)

State of Atlanta Conference

at the Cobb Energy & Performing Arts Center

October 19, 2023

Practical Applications of Real Estate Appraisal Mentor Program
Create the future of residential appraising! Become a mentor to participants enrolled in the Appraisal Institute Practical Applications of Real Estate Appraisal (AI PAREA) on a contract basis.
Providing an alternative to the traditional supervisor and trainee model for experience for licensed residential and certified residential appraisers, AI PAREA is an online program covering appraisal theory and methodology in real-world simulations, with mentoring from expert appraisers like you!
Mentors benefit from the AI PAREA program, too. Mentors gain a multitude of personal development benefits including:

  • Advancing the profession and paying it forward through this legacy program.
  • Exposure to new and different perspectives.
  • Leadership skills.
  • Communication and feedback skills.
  • Network growth.
  • Increased self-awareness.

Be a part of this exciting new initiative! Learn More Here

Appraisal Institute Education & Relief Foundation (AIERF) Scholarship Opportunities

AIERF offers numerous scholarships for AI Candidates for Designation as well as undergraduate and graduate students who are pursuing degrees in the real estate field, on a quarterly basis. The next deadline is July 1, 2023. Learn More Here.
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Chapter Employment Forum

Visit the Atlanta Area Chapter's website for employment opportunities and data sharing requests.

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2023 Atlanta Area Chapter Leadership

Hugh "Bo" Bass, Jr., MAI, - President
Mike Hunter, MAI - Vice President
Rick Kenny, MAI, SRA - Secretary
Peter Lamas, MAI - Treasurer

Patrick Adamson, MAI, SRA
Immediate Past President (Ex Officio)
George Petkovich, MAI (Ex Officio)
Dori Bower, MAI, (Ex Officio)
David Griffin, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS
Robert Mancini, MAI
Marie Ikizler, MAI
Christina Thoreson, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS
Adam Trammell, MAI, AI-GRS

2023 Regional Representatives

Mike Hunter, MAI

Matthew Albigese, MAI

Peter Lamas, MAI

Greg Malcolm, MAI

Matthew Smith, MAI

Sandra Winter, MAI, AI-GRS

2023 Alternate

Regional Representatives

Michael Brady, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS;

Jarrett Schleyer, MAI; Ashley Jernigan, MAI, AI-GRS; Carolyn Sawyer, MAI, AI-GRS; Ryan Kiefaber, MAI; James Griffin, MAI, SRA

Andrea Deeds, SRA; Tamika Whitted, SRA; Keith Nelson, MAI; and Alonzo "AJ" Bryant, Jr.

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