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BoSacks Speaks Out: Proof that Print is Dead and Why it Should Be


As you might be able to determine by the title of this rant, I am mighty angry right now. We are sometimes, as an industry, our own worst enemy. 


Today I read Samir Husni's listing of new publications for February. A very nice list of pubs, and I wish them all the best of luck. The one that really caught my eye was Disney's new Frozen magazine. I have a 5-1/2 year old granddaughter, who loves the Frozen franchise. As any loving grandfather would do, I ordered a subscription for little Lena from the Disney site. After the entire process of ordering I received a message that I should expect Lena to receive her first magazine in 7 to 9 weeks. HUH! It is the 21st century and Amazon delivers to me damn near anything I want in two days or less, if I ask. This past Friday I ordered shoelaces and a keyboard and received them on Monday morning.


If after all these years the print magazine industry can't deliver a new magazine subscription in under one week or less, then it dies with the knife of its own making. A pox on rate base and other tricky subscription business plans that hold a magazines delivery that isn't almost instant.  What are you guys thinking? 9 weeks is the path to print publishing's success? OMG!


I want answers. All the big guys read this newsletter and the middle guys and the small publishers too.  Please are you telling me that a new subscriber still has to wait 7 to 9 weeks for a first issue? The exact same battle plans that we had in the 1980s?  How's that working out for ya? Please, please say no.


No wonder print is crashing and burning. The subscription process is an ancient antique creaking in its own self-imposed death throws. It's the damned 21st century. Doesn't the circulation department know that? Perhaps not. This kind of sloppy process proves that some print is not only dying but isn't even trying to live. Tell me one other living industry that makes the public wait over two months for delivery? Name just one!


To those titles and publishers that still insist on a 8 or 9 week delivery cycle, I say, Sayonara. So long. It's been good to know ya. You can't possibly survive with 19th century thinking and decrepit old business life cycles in the digital age of instantaneous everything else. 



Death is the welcome cessation of idiocy.

Stephen Evans 

I welcome your thoughts and responses to this essay. If you are a proponent of the 9 week cycle, I'd like to hear about that too.  

In This Issue

New Launches & Weather Gave Us A February 2015 To Remember - 65 Total New Titles On The Marketplace - With 16 Promising Frequency

Posted by Samir Husni in New Magazines



While most of us have had a 'Frozen' February and had to 'Sift' through quite bit of snow and ice; new magazines have kept right up with Mother Nature's upheavals. From Disney's new children's bi-monthly magazine, Frozen, to the epicurean delight of Sift; new titles offered a warm haven to escape to during a cold winter month that for most of us went beyond the mere chill of wintry winds and cold temperatures.

February 2015 saw 65 new titles hit newsstands, with 16 of those launches promising regular frequency. Specials were once again diversely niche, offering everything from March Madness to The Sound of Music. Cooking and eating healthy remained a strong voice in new magazines and also book-a-zines devoted to notable topics such as The Civil Rights Movement, Science & Entertainment.

So, I hope you enjoy the beautiful covers for February 2015 and are getting ready for spring renewal with warmer temperatures and sunshiny days and more new magazines to discover in the marvelous month of March!

Up first, our frequency covers:

Automotive Dreamz-8Double Runner-2Dr. Mercola's Health & Nutrition-3Enjoy Every Day-6Frozen-7High Five-9Home Defender-7Mid Century Mod-5My Wedding-1Riot of Perfume-3Sift-2Stars on Parade Word Search-4Tactical Training-4The Navigator-5The Window-10Vintage Beautiful-6

And now for our specials:

5-Ingredient Recipes-195-Star Recipes-813x9 Taste of Home-1640 Years of Saturday Nigt Live-2050 Shades of Grey-175 Years of March Madness-14200 Stars Behind Bars-31865-4A Century of Change-25Arm knittingBaseball's Greatest-22Blue Ribbon Crochet-12Cook heathyCottage Gardener-18Daytona 500Everyday Hair Extensions-5Fantasty baseballFive Star Desserts-7Foods to Live Longer-17Guide to Eating Gluten Free-2Just in Time Knits-5Legends of Wrestlemania-2March Madness-21Mob Kings-13National ChampionsNature's Best Remedies-13Off the Grid-28Playboy-24Quick Family Dinners-20Recommended Components-11Shop Healthy for Less-19Skillet Suppers-10Small Space Style-4Smithsonian-12Sports Illustrated The Buckeyes-17Storage ideaSurvivor 30 Seasons-15Tampa Bay Tennis-23The 100 geartest hip-hop songsThe Best of 2015-23The Civil War-16The New Universe-18The Sound of Music-3The World's Best Tattoos-6TIME 100 New Scientific Discoveries-15Weekly meal plannerWomen in the Bible-11Yoga-22Your Baby's Brain-1




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