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BoSacks Speaks Out:  Yesterday I told you that I would compile my notes from the PBAA-MPA conference on my train ride home and then send them to you.  Due to several unforeseen traveling circumstances, I have not been able to do that, but I will tomorrow night.  I am brimming with reactions from three days of association and focus on the retail end of our business.  Surely second only in importance to producing the greatest reading product possible, is the actual art and act of selling it to the public.  That is what the annual PBAA-MPA meeting is all about, and why it is of such critical importance to an industry that has seen a major downturn in newsstand sell through these past few years.  So I am holding off for another day to make sure that my interpretations of what I heard are accurate and also that my analyses are firm and sound.  From where I was sitting, I heard some serious-minded comments worth thinking and talking about. 


Serious sport (or publishing) has nothing to do with fair play. It is bound up with hatred, jealousy, boastfulness, disregard of all rules and sadistic pleasure in witnessing violence. In other words, it is war minus the shooting.

George Orwell 

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Area Man Outraged His Private Information Being Collected By Someone Other Than Advertisers

The Onion



VIOLA, NY-After a government whistleblower revealed last week that the U.S. National Security Agency is collecting phone records and other data as part of an authorized domestic surveillance program, area man Michael Landler, 46, told reporters Monday that he is outraged his private information is being collected by someone other than advertisers. "I can't express how infuriated I am that my credit history, phone activity, and online browsing habits are being systematically collected and archived without my knowledge by undisclosed organizations that aren't trying to sell me products," said the visibly disturbed man, adding that if his private information isn't being used by advertisers to create a targeted consumer profile, it shouldn't be used at all. "As a law-abiding resident of this nation, I have the right to do whatever I want without a shadowy organization recording my every move, unless of course it's part of an electronic campaign designed to figure out, based on all of my emails and phone conversations, what types of clothes, shoes, and housewares products I like. Then it's fine." Sources later confirmed that Landler had posted a Facebook rant on the issue, which had generated a pop-up ad from a company that restores lost PC data.

Notes from the PBAA-MPA - More Magazines are Sold on Friday,Saturday and Sunday and 13 Other Fun Facts About Magazines at the Newsstands...

 Posted by Samir Husni




At the MPA/PBAA Retail Marketplace conference in Philadelphia,Gil Brechtel, from the Magazine Information Network (MagNet)presented 14 fun facts about the magazine business at retail outletsin the United States. His fun facts, all based on research and analysisfrom MagNet, were so intriguing, I asked him for permission to postthem on my blog... so here are 14 fascinating and educating funfacts about the magazine business at the newsstands:


1. About 50% of all magazine copies are sold on Friday, Saturdayand Sunday. The lowest selling day of the week is Wednesday, withonly about 11.5% of the total sold on an average week.


2. November is the weakest month for magazines sales, even thoughthe day before Thanksgiving is among the best magazine sales dayseach year.


3. Bookazine sales typically spike during the first few weeks of July,where the average cover price of all magazines sold during thatperiod has ballooned by about 12% in recent years.


4. Average monthly sales in June, July and August are 7% higherthan the rest of the year, helped by a spike in teen and childrenmagazine title sales!

December is a good month for those categories also.


5. On average, the biggest week to week sales gain comes duringweek 13, around the last week of March, where sales areconsistently 8-10% higher during this week compared to week 12.


6. Friday, followed by Sunday, are the two best days for magazinesales in airport terminals.


7. Although Saturday is generally the best magazine sales day of theweek, in July, Sunday sales outpace Saturday sales by almost 8%.


8. In the fall, celebrity title sales usually dip, while titles in the Food,Health and Automotive categories spike during the 4th quarter.


9. The computer category has the highest overall cover price ofcopies sold. The average cover price peaked at about $10.70 in Dec2012. That is a 20% increase over 2010 prices.


10. Sales tails matter! Bookazines and other SIPS on sale for 2months or longer sell nearly 20% of their copies after they've beenon the shelves more than 6 weeks.


11. Supercenters show strong seasonal magazine sales increases inthe summer, experiencing up to a 50% average surge in sales in thefirst three weeks of July!


12. Based on MagNet's sample of non-bookstore retailers, 20% ofall books sold in 2012 were sold on Saturdays. Friday is the secondhighest sales day.


13. Only 10% of Newsstand COT sales occur on Saturday, asopposed to nearly 20% at Bookstores.


14. How important to the industry are celebrity titles? Celebritymagazines sell more copies than the total sales of titles in the Food,Games, Health, Automotive, Home, Lifestyle and Teen categoriescombined.


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