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Elbert County Schools
February 2017 Board Brief
Highlights of Presentation and Discussion Items

The following items were presented to the Board:

  • Finance Report –The General Fund Revenue for the month of January was $3,736,642. The General Fund Expenditures for the month of January were $2,031,339. The Cash Balance as of January 31, 2017 was $7,688,003. The projected fund balance for June 30, 2017 is $3,853,270.  SPLOST receipts for January were $192,438.
  • Classified Employee of the Month-The Classified Employee of the Month is Ms. Misti Hughes, paraprofessional at ECMS. She was presented with a plaque of recognition for her service.
  • Discipline and Attendance Data-The monthly attendance and discipline report was reviewed by the Board. The Board received a report of district expenses for substitute teachers from 2012-2013 to the current school year.  The trend shows substantial increases annually.  Possible reasons for the increase were discussed.
  • School Uniforms-The Board was updated on the results from the School Uniform Survey that went out in December and closed February 13th. The seven questions were answered by 621 that responded. The margins were narrow with 51% in favor of school uniforms. Dr. Moton felt that 50% was not statistically enough to move forward. It would need to be at 80% in favor in order to act on school uniforms. It was her recommendation to the Superintendent to not move forward with school uniforms at this time.
  • ICLE-The District is partnering with the International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE). ICLE coaches will observe classrooms and conduct analysis of instructional practices at each school . They will collect data and provide a report that identifies strengths and weaknesses along with priorities and how to move forward with the Strategic Plan.
  • School Nurse Program-Elbert County Board of Education funds and provides a nurse in each of our five schools.  The district’s lead nurses reported to the Board, and shared the challenges of a typical day in the school nurse office. An area of concern was if a nurse is absent, there is a need to have someone qualified to fill in to serve fragile students, dispense medicines, and be prepared to act in a medical emergency. Superintendent Bell stated he would be working with the lead nurses and other to ensure that quality services were available in the event a nurse was on sick, personal, or professional leave.
  • Bids and Quotations-Superintendent Bell presented procedures for Bids and Quotations. The Board policies on which purchasing functions shall operate are found in Policy DJE-Purchasing and Policy DJED-Bids and Quotations. Purchases over $10,000 will require a more formal quotes and invitation to Bid or Request for Proposal process.
  • RFQ For Construction Management-At Risk for upcoming SPLOST Facilities Projects-The School District will be soliciting a Request for Proposal (RFP) for Construction Management At-Risk Services for SPLOST Facilities Projects. The RFP will be posted on February 21, 2017.      

Highlights of Action Items

The following items were approved:

  • Overnight Field Trips-The Board approved five overnight Field Trips, four at ECCHS and one at ECMS.