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September 4, 2018
Committee of the Whole Meeting
Resignation of Board Member Robin Gonzales
Ms. Gonzales submitted her resignation from the District 86 Board of Education to Board Secretary Kathleen Hirsman on Tuesday, September 4. The resignation is effective immediately upon notification of the Board Secretary. The news release announcing Ms. Gonzales’s resignation can be found on the District website here . The process for filling the vacancy can be found under the President’s Report below.

Sterigenics Update
The District’s environmental consultant Kevin Aikman, Ph.D., CIH, FAIHA, from United Analytical Services reported on what he has learned from government reports on Sterigenics and the public forum hosted by the Village of Willowbrook August 29. Dr. Law stated that because Sterigenics has stated it will continue to operate while it tests its controls he is going to request that the EPA conduct testing at Hinsdale South.

Student Liaisons to the Board
Lilianna Bone from Hinsdale South and Sara Draddy from Hinsdale Central presented their reports to the Board.

Consent Agenda
The Board approved the consent agenda as presented. The consent agenda includes personnel, stipends, board bills, and meeting minutes. Click on the link to access the meeting agenda and then scroll down to see Consent Agenda items beginning under number 4.

Policies for Approval
The Board voted to approve Policy 2:105 Ethics and Gift Ban. The policy appeared for first read at the August 20 meeting.

President’s Report
Board President Bill Carpenter led the Board in discussing the process for filling the vacant seat on the Board of Education. The Board indicated they wanted interested candidates to submit a résumé and a letter of interest.

Click on the link below to submit an application. The Board will review all applications and will contact applicants with next steps. Applications may be submitted until the deadline on 5 p.m., Wednesday, September 12.

Superintendent’s Report
Superintendent Dr. Bruce Law returned to a future agenda item raised at a previous Board meeting, what the District’s options are to fix the facilities if the November referendum does not pass. The Finance Committee will be taking up the topic financing options the Board has at its meeting on September 25 at 7 a.m. The Board requested that Administration bring back the costs of education programs to see what could be cut in order to spend more money on facilities in the event the community does not approve the November referendum.

School Attendance Boundary Update
Dr. Law informed the Board that Ericsson Engineering will have a map of the Buffer Zone only showing a line of proximity that is equidistant between Hinsdale South and Hinsdale Central for the September 17 Board meeting. After an extensive discussion of the maps the Board wanted to see, the Board requested to see three maps: One map for reference that shows the Buffer Zone with a line of proximity that is equidistant between Hinsdale South and Hinsdale Central; a map of the Buffer Zone with a line of proximity that is equidistant between Hinsdale South and Hinsdale Central that does not divide properties; and a line of proximity that is equidistant between Hinsdale South and Hinsdale Central drawn along streets. The Board also requested that the second and third maps be drawn in such a way that sends more students to Hinsdale South. 

Compensation and Benefits Reports
As required by the Illinois State Board of Education and the Open Meetings Act , the annual compensation reports have been posted on the District website.

Final Budget Presentation
Administration presented the final budget for fiscal year 2018-19 to the Board. The public budget hearing and approval of the budget will take place at the September 17 Regular Action Meeting.  

Transfer Resolution Debt Services FY 2019
The District has two active capital leases from 2016 and 2018 where the annual payment is made from operating funds but the payment is required to be processed out of the Debt Services Fund. The attached resolution will allow the Treasurer to make the necessary transfers from the Education Fund and the Operation and Maintenance Fund to the Debt Services Fund to process these payments. 

Abatement Resolution FY 2019
As discussed by the Finance Committee and the Board, the District has been managing a negative cash and fund balance in the Transportation Fund by annually loaning funds from the Working Cash Fund. The reason that this resolution was not processed during the prior fiscal year was due to the abatement having to be included in the budget. The abatement is included in the final fiscal year 2019 budget. The attached resolution will authorize the abatement of $2.5 million from the Working Cash Fund to the Transportation Fund. Based on budget projections, the ending fiscal year 2019 fund balance in the Transportation will be positive.    

Summer Construction 2019
Administration presented a list of proposed construction projects to the Board to consider for inclusion in 2019 summer construction. The District addressed all “A” priority items from the 2017 Life Safety Study over the past summer. The focus will now shift to addressing the “B” priority items from the Life Safety Study that are outside the buildings and will not be impacted by projects in the referendum.  

Bid 18-003: Bleacher Service
Administration presented to the Board for review the response to Bid 18-003 Bleacher and Miscellaneous Athletic Equipment Inspection, Installation, Maintenance & Repair Service. Staff recommends awarding Bid 18-003 to BR Bleachers for a three-year contract at a cost of $34,833 per year.

The meeting adjourned at 9:01 p.m. 
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