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October 1, 2018
Committee of the Whole Meeting
Filling Board Vacancy
The Board voted to approve Robert “Bo” Blackburn as the candidate to fill the vacancy on the Board . Mr. Blackburn was sworn in immediately following the vote and by statute he will serve until the April 2019 election, when the seat is on the ballot for a two-year term.

LEAP South African Teachers and Central Choir Perform
Choir Director Jennifer Burkemper and members of Hinsdale Central’s Chorale and Chamber Choirs performed Sisi Ni Moja, or We Are One, by composer Jacob Narverud to honor our LEAP South African guest teachers.
Good News
Principal Walsh from Hinsdale Central and Principal Pokorny from Hinsdale South shared recent good news from their respective schools.

Student Liaisons to the Board
Sara Draddy from Hinsdale Central and Lilianna Bone from Hinsdale South presented their reports to the Board.

Consent Agenda
The Board approved the consent agenda as amended. The consent agenda includes personnel, stipends, board bills, and meeting minutes. Click on the link to access the meeting agenda and then scroll down to see Consent Agenda items beginning under number 4.

President’s Report  
Board President Bill Carpenter provided the community with the news that the OCR complaint filed by the Village of Burr Ridge School Committee June 1 was dismissed by the Office of Civil Rights on August 24 . The Board received word on September 13 that the complaint was dismissed but learned the date of the dismissal from the September 20 response to a FOIA request to the Office of Civil Rights for the letter dismissing the complaint. District 86 had to submit a FOIA request to the Office of Civil Rights because the Village of Burr Ridge School Committee made no effort to publicize the fact that the complaint was dismissed August 24, despite many publicly reported efforts to publicize the complaint when it was originally filed.

Mr. Carpenter then read a statement summarizing the OCR letter dismissing the complaint against District 86 and indicating all the reasons the Office of Civil Rights said the complaint was without merit. Mr. Carpenter’s statement was followed by a detailed rebuttal from Hinsdale South Science Department Chair Dr. Julie Gaubatz and accompanying supporting data on student outcomes. Chief Financial Officer Josh Stephenson then provided the dollar amount of per student spending between each school showing that District 86 spends more per pupil at South. Links to all documents are embedded above.  

Policies for First Read
The Board reviewed for first read Policy 4:20 Fund Balance as discussed at the September 25 Finance Committee meeting. The District’s Municipal Advisor recommended the District adopt a policy with the following parameters: to have a fund balance to revenue ratio of 15-20 percent; 180 days of cash on hand; and include a reference to the deferral of early property tax receipts. The language about the deferral of early property receipts will also be added to Policy 4:80 Accounting and Audits .

The Board also considered a revised Policy 7:31 School Attendance Areas and a new school attendance area policy, Policy 7:32. These policy changes memorialize in policy decisions the Board has already made. 

The policies could come back for a vote at the October 15 meeting.

Superintendent’s Report
Sterigenics Update*
Superintendent Dr. Bruce Law provided the Board a brief update on the information he has received about Sterigenics testing. The Village of Willowbrook has contracted to do its own testing of air quality in eight sites, including Hinsdale South. Dan Cronin in a media release announced that the US EPA will conduct ambient air testing again without specifying a timeframe for it. Dr. Law said he will bring test results or additional information back to the Board as it becomes available.
*On October 2 just before sending Board Briefs, ABC7 reported that the Illinois EPA ordered Sterigenics to cease operations in Willowbrook until safety the review is complete.

Alternatives to Referendum Funding
Per the Board’s request, Administration presented to the Board alternatives to funding projects in the referendum if the community rejects the November 6 ballot proposition. The presentation of a “Plan B” includes which projects would have to be cut from the referendum list and which ones could remain, and for the projects that remain, where the money would come from to pay for them. As part of the presentation, Dr. Law highlighted areas in the instructional program where the District and students go beyond what is required as targets for potential reduction if money needs to be taken from the instructional program to put more money toward facilities.

New Course Proposals
The Board reviewed the proposal to add the course Introduction to Calculus . This course is designed to provide students an opportunity to extend and synthesize their previous math coursework through an introduction to the fundamental concepts of calculus. This course meets the needs of students who want to take a fourth year of math but are not interested in taking the AP Calculus course.

Summer School 2018 Report
Outgoing Assistant Superintendent for Academics Pam Bylsma and Interim Summer School Principal Michael Smith presented the Board with a summary of the 2018 Summer School program, including information on course offerings, enrollment, financial trends and budget analysis.

Bid 19-002 Janitorial Supplies
The Board will review the recommendation to award Bid 19-002 Janitorial Supplies to Warehouse Direct for three consecutive one-year contracts. The item will come back for a vote at the October 15 meeting.

Quest Contract Extension
The Board reviewed the Finance Committee’s recommendation to enter into a one-year contract extension with Quest Food Services for the 2019-20 school year. The item will come back for a vote at the October 15 meeting.

Forecast Assumptions
Chief Financial Officer Josh Stephenson presented to the Board forecast assumptions that will be used to update the five-year financial forecast. This is done every October and is the first step in the 2018 levy process. The Board will approve the assumptions at the October 15 meeting and then the updated five-year financial forecast will be generated and presented to the Board at the November Committee of the Whole Meeting.

MBS Direct Contract Extension
The Board reviewed the recommendation to enter into a one-year contract extension with MBS Direct for virtual textbook services for the 2019-20 school year. The one-year extension will enable teachers and administrators to better evaluate future needs for a multi-year contract after a full year of the 1:1 Learning Environment. The item will come back for a vote at the October 15 meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 9:26 p.m.
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