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October 10, 2019
Committee of the Whole Meeting
Good News
Principals Walsh and Pokorny Lyp introduced student liaisons Jackson Hughes from Central and Nautica Kindred from South, who provided the Board with information and updates from their reports.

The report from Hughes featured information about some of the school's recent and upcoming events and activities, and a summary of accomplishments by several of Central's fall sports teams. It also included feedback students shared with the building administration about proposed facilities upgrades and Flexible Learning Days. You can access Hughes' report by visiting http://bit.ly/2MsDOgj .

The report from Kindred included information about several of the school's events and activities that were held in September. It also featured information about some of the recent academic and athletic accomplishments earned by students from the school. You can access Kindred's report by visiting http://bit.ly/2Oz3Ocn .

Strategic Plan Goal 1: Student Growth and Achievement
Members of the team who are working on Goal 1 of the district’s strategic plan provided the Board with a brief update on the status of their efforts to date. This update included information about the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) they will use to measure and assess progress on their goal, which is to ensure that all students are engaged in a rigorous education resulting in college, career and life readiness . These KPIs include:

  • Grade nine students on track
  • Coursework designed to prepare for college, career and life
  • Readiness
  • Grade-point average
  • Graduation rate
  • Math experience beyond Algebra II
  • PSAT/SAT growth and performance

In addition, they shared information about the work our teachers are currently doing around curriculum alignment, more specifically the efforts being undertaken to help ensure that we are using fair and consistent grading and assessment practices across the district. During the next four Flexible Learning Days, our teachers will be exploring the purpose of grades and what makes them up. They will also be studying the work of researchers in the field of grading in order to inform their thinking and help them organize the district's grading practices.

You can access the update the Goal 1 team shared with the Board by visiting http://bit.ly/2B3mqJL .

Consent Agenda 
The Board voted to approve the consent agenda as amended. The consent agenda includes personnel, stipends, board bills and meeting minutes. Please visit http://bit.ly/2IE2H7q to access the consent agenda items beginning under number four.

Approve Resolution #20.06 Providing for the Issue of General Obligation School Building Bonds Not to Exceed $34,910,000
The Board voted to approve a resolution to sell General Obligation School Building Bonds in an amount not to exceed $34,910,000. You can access this resolution by visiting http://bit.ly/2OBJ6IO . During its meeting on Sept. 18, the Finance Committee received a presentation about the sale of bonds from PMA Securities, which is the district’s municipal adviser.

Approve Agreement with Brian Drelicharz for Dialectical Behavior Therapy Consultation
The Board approved an agreement with Brian Drelicharz to provide classes about dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) for parents/guardians, and also offer consultation to staff members who support students with emotional and behavioral challenges. You can access a copy of the agreement by visiting http://bit.ly/33kkGHX .

Dr. Paul Holmes, who has been instructing parents/guardians on DBT and providing our HAVEN staff with consultation since its inception, is seeking to transition to other professional interests. The agreement with Mr. Drelicharz will help ensure that families and staff members continue to have access to these services.

Board President’s Report
Board President Nancy Pollak talked about her visit to Emily Polacek's class at Hinsdale South in conjunction with the classroom visit initiative the Board launched this year.

Board President Pollak mentioned that Board members will be participating in Hinsdale Central's Day of Service on Oct. 19.

In accordance with policy 2:150 (Committees) , Board President Pollak appointed new members to the district's Parent-Teacher Advisory Committee (PTAC). These new members include Board member Cynthia Hanson, Brad Verthein, the district's assistant superintendent of student services, and Hinsdale South student Jenny Pantoni. The PTAC, which was created by the Board in January 2016, assists with the development of policies and procedures related to student behavior. It reviews and discusses a variety of issues, including administering medication in the schools, reciprocal reporting between the District and local law enforcement agencies regarding criminal offenses committed by students, student discipline, disruptive classroom behavior, school bus safety procedures and the dissemination of student conduct information.

Policy Committee Report
Members of the Policy Committee provided the Board with a report from their meeting on October 7. The topics discussed during the meeting included policies that required an expedited review, the 2019 IASB Resolutions Committee Report and dates for future meetings about the policy manual customization. In addition, the Board voted to approve the release of the draft minutes from this meeting.

Policy Approval
The Board approved changes to policy 6:100 (Using Animals in the Educational Program) after reviewing and discussing them during the meeting. The changes will help address the academic and instructional limitations created by the previous policy. For example, under the new policy, students will be able to participate in more science experiments. In addition, students who take part in AP Research and SIR will be able to compete in regional and state science competitions under the category of Zoology. You can access the information about the policy that was in the Board packet by visiting http://go.boarddocs.com/il/hinsdale86/Board.nsf/goto?open&id=BGRJYY4F7851 .

First Reading of Policies
The Board conducted a first reading of proposed changes to three policies, including 2:230 (Public Participation at Board of Education Meetings and Petitions to the Board) , 7:190 (Student Behavior) and 7:270 (Administering Medicines to Students) . The Board also discussed a recommendation from the administration to create policy 4:16 (Information Security) . Policies 4:16, 7:190 and 7:270 will be brought back to the Board at a future meeting for a second reading and approval. Policy 2:230 is being sent back to the Policy Committee for further review and discussion. You can access the policies the Board reviewed by visiting http://bit.ly/2IE2H7q and scrolling to item 12.

Superintendent’s Report and Sterigenics Update
Superintendent Tammy Prentiss shared the following dates for the strategic plan goal updates that are being provided to the Board during its meetings in October, November and December.

  • Goal 1 - Oct. 10
  • Goal 2 - Oct. 22
  • Goal 5 - Nov. 14
  • Goals 3 and 4 - Dec. 12

Superintendent Prentiss asked Chris Jasculca, who is the district's director of communications, to provide a brief preview/overview of the communications portal created by Pepper Construction that will feature information and updates about the projects being undertaken in conjunction with our Future Ready Facilities plans. That portal is now live and can be accessed via the district's website (Pepper 360 Web Portal link on https://d86.hinsdale86.org/domain/425 ) or by visiting https://www.pepper360.com/public/hinsdale/

Superintendent Prentiss discussed the kick off to her Superintendent's Roundtable, which took place on Oct. 3 and was attended by 20 teachers. During the first meeting, the group started its book study of "The Happiness Advantage" by Shawn Anchor , and brainstormed discussion topics for its next meeting on Oct. 22.
Superintendent Prentiss talked about her most recent Wednesday Walkthroughs at Hinsdale South and Hinsdale Central, which included visits to self-contained special education classrooms, science labs, English classes , the Technology Support Internship desk and the Devils' Advocate student newspaper.

Superintendent Tammy Prentiss also provided an update regarding Sterigenics. On Sept. 30, 2019, Sterigenics issued a press release announcing its plans to exit its operations in Willowbrook due to its inability to reach an agreement on the renewal of the lease for its Quincy Street facility. The company also announced that it will not seek to reopen its facility on Midway Drive. In terms of contacting former employees from Hinsdale South, the Board expressed its support for the administration's recommendation that the district reach out using information it has collected via the Quarter Century Club retiree group.

Summer School Report
The administration provided the Board with a report about the district’s 2019 summer school program that included information about the number of students served, the classes offered and the budget. In the report, which you can access by visiting http://bit.ly/35qnTI4 , the administration shared details about the progress the district made on the goals it set for the summer, which included:

  • Recover credits lost through course failure in order to stay on track to graduate, or to move forward in a course sequence without doubling up on two courses.
  • Remediate deficient math and reading skills in order to ease the transition to high school level work for incoming freshman who are academically at-risk, and also narrow the performance gap for current students by providing targeted interventions and continued practice.
  • Enhance skills and develop strategies in order to succeed in a course that is a level higher than the student has experienced before.
  • Fulfill graduation or elective requirements in order to open space in the student’s schedule for an elective during the academic year.
  • Explore elective areas through workshops and enrichment offerings.
  • Begin online registration and tuition payments using PushCoin and the webstore.

The report also included recommendations for the 2020 program that included:

  • Making improvements to the process and timeline for registration
  • Continuing to provide transportation
  • Continuing to identify ways to make the program more cost efficient
  • Continuing to offer enrichment courses and opportunities

In addition, the administration presented the Board with the proposed dates for next year's program, which you can access by visiting http://bit.ly/33khEDK .

Forecast Assumptions
As it has on an annual basis in October, the administration presented the Board with forecast assumptions that are used to update the district’s five-year financial projections. This is the first step in the annual levy process. After the Board approves the forecast assumptions, the administration will update the five-year financial projections and present them to the Board in November. You can access the forecast assumptions analysis that was presented to the Board by visiting http://bit.ly/2B3Cxa2 .

Operational Calendar and Future Agenda Items
The Board reviewed and discussed its operational calendar for the year and possible agenda items for future meetings. You can view the operational calendar by visiting https://d86.hinsdale86.org/domain/435  and the log of future agenda items by visiting http://bit.ly/2mhjUeP .

The meeting adjourned at 8:11 p.m. You can watch the video of the meeting by visiting http://bit.ly/32hRzoV .
Future Board Meetings
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Regular Action Meeting
Hinsdale South High School Cafeteria

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Hinsdale Central High School Cafeteria

Monday, November 25, 2019 at 6 p.m.
Regular Action Meeting
Hinsdale Central High School Cafeteria