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November 5, 2018
Committee of the Whole Meeting
Good News
Principal Pokorny from Hinsdale South and Principal Walsh from Hinsdale Central shared recent good news from their respective schools.

Student Liaisons to the Board
Lilianna Bone from Hinsdale South and Sara Draddy from Hinsdale Central presented their reports to the Board.

Consent Agenda
The Board approved the consent agenda as amended. The consent agenda includes personnel, stipends, board bills, and meeting minutes. Click on the link to access the meeting agenda and then scroll down to see Consent Agenda items beginning under number 4.

Memorandum of Agreement with HHSTA and HTHSSSA
The Board voted to adopt a memorandum of agreement (MOA) that modifies Article XV, Section of the HHSTA 2016-2020 negotiated contract and Article XII, Section 12.3.1 of the HTHSSSA 2016-2021 contract that determines the amount of annual increases the Board contributes to major medical insurance plans.

Decrement Changes
The Board voted to authorize Human Resources to implement decrement changes to the major medical insurance options the Board offers employees.
Policies for First and Second Read
At the October 15 meeting the Board directed Administration to revise transportation language in Policy 7:31 School Attendance Areas and to review Policy 7:32 School Attendance Areas in light of changes to Policy 7:31 to ensure the two policies are consistent with each other. Those policies were reviewed for a second reading. Administration also brought for first read Policy 4:110 Transportation and Policy 7:30 Student Assignment and Intra-District Transfer with changes that are consistent with revisions to Policies 7:31 and 7:32. The policies will return to the November 19 Regular Action Meeting for a vote.

Appoint Board Members to Negotiations Committee
Board President Bill Carpenter appointed Member Hirsman, Member Camden, Member Pollak to the Negotiations Committee. The Committee will begin working on a new contract with the Hinsdale High School Teachers Association. The current contract expires on June 30, 2020.

Superintendent’s Report
Sterigenics Update
Superintendent Dr. Bruce Law provided the Board with an update on the testing to be done by the Village of Willowbrook inside Hinsdale South High School. Legal counsel is reviewing the agreement granting temporary access in order proceed with the testing.

Program of Studies Changes
Assistant Superintendent Dr. Carol Baker presented the Board changes to the Program of Studies for the 2019-20 school year. For the first time, she also presented the District 86 Program of Studies, which reflects the course descriptions that are shared by the schools.

Academic Report
Dr. Baker presented the annual academic report on student performance and achievement measures that include SAT scores, AP scores and data from the Illinois State Board of Education School Report Cards.

Annual Financial Report (AFR)/ Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) Update
Every November the District’s auditors present the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and the Annual Financial Report for fiscal year 2018 to the Board. The Office of the Auditor General advised school districts October 19 that an error was found in the Teacher Health Insurance Security Fund. Once the state fixes its error, representatives from Klein Hall will present the District’s audited financials at the next available Board meeting.

Five-Year Forecast
As part of the annual levy process, Administration presented to the Board an update of the Five-Year Financial Forecast. The forecast is built from the fiscal year 2019 budget adopted by the Board in September and from the assumptions Administration presented to the Board in October. 

Estimated Levy for Fiscal Year 2018
As is required by law at least 20 days before adopting a levy, the Board is required to estimate the amount of money “necessary to be raised by taxation” (35 ILCS 200/18-60) . Voting on the estimated aggregate levy affirms that the District is requesting less than 105 percent of the previous year’s levy amount and therefore no Truth in Taxation hearing will be required in December. Although no hearing is required, Administration will advertise a levy hearing on December 17. The Resolution Estimating Aggregate Levy for the Year 2018 will be brought back to the Board for approval at the November 19, 2018 Regular Action Meeting. The levy adopted in December 2018 will be applied to fund the 2020-21 school year.

Annual Capacity & Utilization Report
Administration presented an updated report on capacity and utilization at Central and South based on 2018-19 school year enrollment data. As announced in January 2018 with the 2017-18 capacity and utilization report, Administration will annually provide an update that reflects that school year’s building usage, enrollment data, and courses students have selected.

Investment Procedures
As discussed at the September 25 Finance Committee, Administration presented updated investment procedures for the Board’s consideration. The item will come back for a vote on November 19.

The meeting adjourned at 7:58 p.m.
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