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April 8, 2019
Committee of the Meeting
Future Ready Facilities – Managing Project Construction
Owner’s Representative Dorothy McCarty from Cotter Consulting was present to answer questions and talk about construction management firms so the Board could continue the discussion that began April 3 on managing project construction. The Board directed Administration to proceed with the RFP process for a construction management firm. Ms. McCarty indicated that she expected to have a finalist for recommendation to the full Board at the June 3 meeting.

One element of the RFP for a construction manager is the timeline for the work. Ms. McCarty presented a timeline based on the District’s architect’s date that projects will be substantially complete in August 2021. That timeline can be seen on the District’s new Future-Ready Facilities page here. The Board also reiterated that the 2019 Board would decide the Facilities Oversight Committee’s guiding principles, application process and applicant qualifications. Once determined, information will also be posted on the District Future-Ready Facilities page.

Music Accompanist
Per the Board’s request at the March 18 meeting, Administration presented a recommendation and alternative to laying off a music accompanist at the end of the 2018-19 school year. Given the alternative, the Board accepted Administration’s recommendation to reduce the position.

Student Activity Stipend Reinstatement/Elimination Recommendation
As directed by the Board at the Special Meeting April 3, Administration brought a recommendation to reinstate specific activities based on student interest and involvement. After discussing at length the specifics of the recommendation, the Board arrived at the general position of eliminating any redundant activities but restoring all the activities eliminated at the December 17 Board meeting subject to the regular activities reports Administration brings to the Board showing actual student participation. At last night’s meeting, three class boards were reduced at South and four class boards were reduced at Central, reducing $29,829 at Central and $24,623 at South for a total of $54,452. The Board recommends creating criteria for evaluating programs, budgets, and revisions to current programming.

The next activities report coming to the Board will be in May. That report shows activities and athletics participation for the 2018-19 school year and will serve as the basis for projecting activities that will run the 2019-20 school year and for evaluating the number of assistant coaches needed to support athletics.

Student Liaisons to the Board
Liaisons Sara Draddy from Hinsdale Central and Lilianna Bone from Hinsdale South presented their reports to the Board.

Consent Agenda
The Board approved the consent agenda as amended. The consent agenda includes personnel, stipends, board bills, and meeting minutes. Click on the link to access the meeting agenda and then scroll down to see Consent Agenda items beginning under number 5.

Contract Amendment of Assistant Superintendent of Student Services
The Board voted to approve an amendment to the contract of the Assistant Superintendent in the amount of $15,000 for additional work performed during the 2018-19 school year

Award RFP 19-014 Video Security Management System
The Board voted to award RFP 19-014 IP Video Security Management System to ProCom for $707,793.79.

Engage Baker & Hostetler
The Board voted to engage the law firm of Baker & Hostetler.

Renew Infinitec Assistive Technology Coalition Membership
The Board voted to renew the District’s annual contract with Infinitec, a service that supports students with disabilities and the teachers who teach them.

Request by Corporation for Supportive Housing to Film and Use District Name
The Board voted to approve a request to allow the recording and distribution of a video produced by the Corporation for Supportive Housing that will feature one of our teachers and our young adults in a national training video. Ms. Heather Riggs from the Transition Center answered questions as well as stated that the purpose of the video is to show supportive housing options and to provide training.

Consolidated District Plan
The Board voted to approve the Consolidated District Plan (CDP), a new narrative oversight document that is required of all school districts in Illinois that receive grants from the Federal Government.

Reverse Reductions to the Operating Budget Made December 17, 2018
After voters approved the Bond referendum in April, the Board has been discussing reversing cuts made December 17. Following the discussion of activities earlier in the meeting, the Board referred consideration of the other reductions to the Finance Committee meeting for review before a recommendation is made to the Board.

Superintendent’s Report
Superintendent Dr. Bruce Law told the Board that meetings with end users and the architect will begin soon to ensure the projects constructed from the referendum meet the needs of the people who use them. He also referred the Board to the fiber optics wiring that needs to be upgrades that was not included in the security camera recommendation approved in January. Chief Information Officer Keith Bockwoldt advised that the wiring proposals have come back and it is $95,000, $25,000 more than anticipated due to the increased labor costs of installing the new wiring in buildings as old as ours.

Curriculum Equity
Dr. Carol Baker said that teams in both buildings were looking forward to the pilot eLearning Days on April 9 and 10 and that she would provide a report to the Board describing challenges and successes of those days.

Security Staffing Recommendation
Director of Security Kevin Simpson presented the security staffing recommendation for the 2019-20 school year. This recommendation follows on the improvements to security to the facilities the Board has approved that will be installed in the summer of 2019. This recommendation will be part of the tentative budget that comes to the Board in June.

IT Staffing Recommendation
Chief Information Officer Keith Bockwoldt presented the IT staffing recommendation for the 2019-20 school year. The request is based on the increased demands on IT, including the increased IT role in the new security equipment. This recommendation will be part of the tentative budget that comes to the Board in June.

Contract Extensions
Administration advised the Board that the tentative budget will include extending contracts for the food service provider Quest and for our vending machines.

The meeting adjourned at 9:29 p.m. 
Future Board Meetings
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Hinsdale South High School Cafeteria

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